FIFA 20 Early Access – How to Play It First

FIFA 20 Early Access - How to Play It First

FIFA 20 is coming and we are sure that you want to play it as soon as possible. In this page you can see the FIFA 20 release date and learn how to get FIFA 20 early access.


FIFA 20 Release Date

When the game will be launched?

Count it down, FIFA 20 officially launches worldwide on Friday 27th September across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. The game will be out everywhere at the same time.

Powered by Frostbite™, FIFA 20 includes an even better European Champions League experience, the return of the street mode and many other important features.



FIFA 20 Early Access

How to play FIFA 20 first?

FIFA 20 will be out on September 27 but there are ways to play it first. Find out how you can play FIFA 20 prior to its official release date with FIFA 20 early access methods. Here we go through the ways you can download FIFA 20 before it’s released and play it first.

You are lucky if you live in the United Kingdom or Canada. EA held confidential FIFA playtesting at their studios in Vancouver (March 28-29) and Guildford (April 9). It was the first time that someone not connected to EA plays the game. Selected participants have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. If you missed these first dates, you still have the chance to play in the next ones. To know the dates and how to register, please visit the Playtesting page.

For most of the players, the FIFA 20 Closed Beta is their first chance to play the new EA’s title. The main purpose of it is to test the game. It’s for players to try out a FIFA 20 game mode and give the developer feedback on anomalies they might find, and also suggest potential alterations. This beta has also got the particularity of promoting the game itself. Just like the playtests, there is a Non-Disclosure Agreement to follow.

The FIFA 20 demo will be a limited version of the full game. It’s designed to show users what the full game will be like, showing off new features and gameplay improvements. Any progress will not carry over from the demo into the full game. There are two game modes available on the FIFA 20 Demo. It also features screens describing the game’s new features and giving you the chance to buy the full game.

By paying and subscribing to EA Access, you will be able to download and play FIFA 20 in advance and play it before non-EA Access member can play it. Through FIFA 20 early access, subscribers may play the full game before the game hits the stores, including online play and FIFA Ultimate Team features. However, there is a 10 hours total limit of gameplay. It is possible to play, trade, sell, buy cards and FIFA Points, which can be a huge advantage over the other players without early access. Saved games and achievements/trophies subscribers earn during FIFA 20 Early Access, while connected to EA Servers, will unlock once they purchase and log into the EA Servers with the final version of the game. EA Access is only available on Xbox One and now on PlayStation 4.

FIFA 20 Early Access - How to Play It First

By paying and subscribing to Origin Access, you will be able to download and play FIFA 20 in advance and play it before non-Origin Access member can play it. Through FIFA 20 early access, subscribers may play the full game before the game hits the stores, including online play and FIFA Ultimate Team features. However, there is a 10 hours total limit of gameplay. It is possible to play, trade, sell, buy cards and FIFA Points, which can be a huge advantage over the other players without early access. Saved games and achievements/trophies subscribers earn during FIFA 20 Early Access, while connected to EA Servers, will unlock once they purchase and log into the EA Servers with the final version of the game. Premier subscribers have early full access to the game without any limitation. Origin Access is only available on the PC-Windows platform.

If you pre-order a special edition (any non-standard edition), you will get three days early access to FIFA 20, enabling you to play from September 24, packs, loan items and other offers. No matter whether you are subscribed or not subscribed to EA Access or Origin access, the pre-ordering of Special Edition includes a 3-Day FIFA 20 Early Access.

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  1. Hi Rodrigo, if i join origin premier, will i receive a code for the standard version? and if i cancel my subscription can i use that code to redeem the standard version of the game and continue with my progress?

  2. I play it from the 19th, with premier access unlimited. Got the ultimate edition. But will cancel after a month, and have a code for the standard edition. Praying all goes well as I didn’t see this option mentioned.

  3. can you have ea access and play fifa 20 as much as you want until you no longer want ea access anymore?

  4. If I have the standard edition for ps4, how can I play online today? Can I purchase ea access online and be able to play FUT

  5. Hey, if I dont have origin prime, can I buy the ultimate edition on sept. 24 or sept 27 ?

  6. Robert Oneill

    So I have a problem I’ve screwed up dates for preordering…. if I still pay for champions edition on the 23rd will I still get the early access? Gutted if I don’t ?

  7. Hello…if i pre ordered fifa 20 standard edition can i cancel it and pre order champions edition ?

  8. Hi Rodrigo, Will the 10 hours count down start as soon as you open the game (menu for example) , or only when you start to play a game ?

  9. Can you only play 10hours on the normal edition with EA access? Or is there an option to do that on the Ultimate Edition one?
    I pre-ordered that on time to get the OTW! Or do i have to wait for that?

  10. Do u have to buy ea access by a certain date to get the 10 hour trail for fifa 20, as its not comimg up in coming soon in my app

  11. i have Standard edition but a have ea access, can I play on 24th? when I preordered it said “*play 3 day earlier”
    but now everyone is saying only the other version can play early.

    1. Have to pre order champions or ultimatenedition to get early access standard edition will launch 27th sep

  12. If I preordered fifa in box (not by ps store) can I still buy ea acces to play for 10 hours? And then after release (27.09) I will be able to play using disc from box?

  13. I bought the ultimate edition but did not subscribe to EA Acces yet, can i play the game on the 19th?

  14. If I bought ea access after buying the ultimate edition, can I still play the 10 hours on the 19th?

  15. I have ea access, I pre-ordered the icon edition from in game on fifa 19 thus giving me 20% discount £72.89 the lesser champions edition is 71.99 with ea access discounts

  16. I have ea access and bought the regular version of fifa 20 digitally. When i go to the “purchased” section to see the fifa countdown it says 10 days! Is this something I should worry about? Shouldn’t it say like 32 hours?

      1. But when is going to be available on the EA access hub, because I do have it and the game is not listed on the hub yet, so it means we need to wait until the 19th to downloaded from the hub and play or hoe does it work?

          1. i don’t see fifa 20 in de ea access hub, is have bought ea access and yesterday fia 20 standard edition…

  17. If I bought the ultimate edition before getting early access, will I be able to play the game before 24th September?

  18. When the main account subscribes and pay for at least one month of EA Acces this gets you 10 hours total limit of gameplay in advance.
    Does any sub-account on your PS4 also gets 10 hours of limit gameplay?

    1. After the 10 hours, it won’t let you start the game, and I think if you are in-game at the time it will kick you away from the game.

      1. Hello there I already bought the ultimate edition and downloaded it; if I get the EA early access, do I have the 10-hour limit during these days or is it limitless?

    2. Nathaniel Lauwen

      Hi i buy the ea acces, but i dont know where to play or download to have the 10 hours

  19. What Time can we start playing actual games on September 19th?

    Pacific Standard Time

  20. Hello,
    If i buy ea acces now… Will i be able to play 10h of fut in the 19sept or am i too late?

  21. I have EA Access subscription under my account. My console is the primary console, and my brother’s is the secondary console. Both of us have individual ps4 profile. Will the 10 hours of early access be shared between our 2 profiles or 10 hours for each profile? TIA

  22. Yeh I have same question can you play on the 19th for 10 house if I buy the standard edition

  23. If i get the standard edition of fifa 20 with premium origin access,can i still play the full game starting from september 19th?

  24. If i pre-ordered standard edition and i have origin acces premier, can i play since 19 september?

  25. Where would i be able to acces fifa20 early on the 19th? Is it through the ea acces hub? Or the ps store? Ive pre ordered the champions edition and subscribed to ea acces but currently all i get is the message on the store that says the automatic expected download is Sept21 .

  26. I already bought the game. Is it too late to buy ea access now or can I still get the 10 hours?: )

  27. Hey, can you download the full game before ea acces comes out so when it comes out you can play? (ps4). Thx

  28. As you probably know, you cannot buy any other version than the standard version in Belgium, so I could play on the 27th at earliest. I was wondering, if I get EA Acces and just pre order the standard one, can I still play 10 hours before the game comes out? I’m hoping you could help me, desperate to know! Thank you in advance.

      1. But even in case of pre-order, we will have 10-hours limit from 19th and 27th, yes?

          1. Hello,
            I bought early access after I purchased the ultimate edition.
            In the library is shown playing date 24th September from calculations.
            Will I be able to play starting 19th? If yes, do I need to do something extra to start from 19th? How will I know that I can start from 19th?

  29. If I buy EA access for 1 month will I be able to use the 10 hours of gameplay at any point? For example could I use all of the 10 hours on the 25th and 26th even with the standard edition of the game?

  30. If i get the standard edition of fifa 20 with basic origin access,can i still play the game for 10 hours starting from september 19th?

  31. I purchased ea access and from the playstation store the standard fifa 20 version for digital download. Will I be able to play on on the 19th?

      1. Do the 10 hrs include hanging out in the transfer market, or does actual game play only count towards the 10 hrs

  32. I have pre-ordered physical version of Fifa 20 Champions edition from Amazon. If i get EA early access and play early, will I be able to transfer my achievements especially achievements in FUT when I get the physical copy?

  33. Seraj Abd Elghany

    (PC_USER) I pre-order the Champions Edition with the Premier Origin Access, can I play the full game at Sept 19th ??

  34. Hello there
    I have bought the standard edition like a month ago. Now I want to play early with ea access. I want to subscribe to ea access for 1 month starting from next Friday. Will i get 10 hours early access on 19/September?

      1. One more question please.
        How can I get unlimited hours of playing time?
        Can you tell me step by step please

        1. Micky Svendsgaard

          Im pretty sure its only 10 hrs until fifa 20 releases. It is impossible to play more than 10 I think. Not sure tho.

  35. can i play the ea access early 10 hours on 19th just by having ea access and not buying the game?! or i HAVE to buy the game in order to play the early access . i mean the early access is a ” trial “?

  36. If you buy fifa 20 ultimate edition on console should the picture that appears right now be hazard , Van dijk or zidane

      1. So I’ve bought the ultimate edition but in my games and apps where everything else is the picture shows hazard

      2. Or will it only show zidane when the money has been taken out my account ten days prior to the launch

  37. Manuel Chicas

    Hello. I bought Ultimate Edition and after subscribed to EA access, will I get my FUT offers during the 10 hours or on the 24th? Thanks in advance.

    1. Também não percebi, gostava que me fosse esclarecido essa questão das 10 horas, principalmente aquando temos direito às mesmas.
      Obrigado, excelente artigo!

      1. A partir do dia 19 de setembro, os subscritores do EA Access podem jogar a versão final de FIFA 20. Porém, só o podem fazer por 10 horas. Se não estiver esclarecido seja mais explícito na sua pergunta, por favor.

    2. I think your referring to the bonus packs you get for getting the ultimate edition, my understanding is when the official game comes out then you’ll start getting your packs and that it has nothing to do with when you actually log in. Once the game comes out you should be getting 2 packs a week for 10 weeks.

  38. If you are from Belgium, can u buy the champion edition in the Netherlands and play it in Belgium ?

  39. Hey guys, FIFA 20 wont be able to play on the 09/19th – It will be available to play from the 23rd if you have ultimate or champions edition or EA Access – EA Access lets you download the game early but it doesn’t let you play until the 23rd of September and you only get 10 hours of game time. This is helpful for the early download date due to you don’t have to wait a few hours for 50GB to download. This means when it’s “early release comes out you can hop on straight away” – I always get EA Access before an release of a FIFA because it allows you to download the game before my actual copy of the $150 version arrives (which is the type that has a 3 day early release date)

    I hope this helped

    1. Hi Krasi, i think you’re wrong. On it says that you can play the 10-hour trial starting from the 19th of sept.

    2. Hi. With all the respect, I don’t know where you took the idea that EA/Origin Access only gives you access to FIFA 20 on September 23. It was confirmed by EA itself that it starts on September 19.

  40. Dr E Sinanovic

    I preordered the Ultimate Edition of Fifa 20 without Ea Access, however I have subsequently got Ea Access. Will I still get to play the Early Access if I preordered before subscribing?

    1. Yes, as long as you have ea access for the month of September it doesn’t matter if you got it before or after buying the game. Since you bought the ultimate edition and ea access, you get 10 hours of game time starting September 19 and get full access from the 23 (3 days early). I hope that makes sense and answers your question.

  41. I’ve pre order fifa 20 and it appears on my console, i also have ea access will the fifa 20 that appears on my console update on the 19 of September so that I can play it

        1. Not the full version the gifa on my console says 200mb I’m asking if that will just update*

  42. If I want to buy fifa points to open packs during ea access, would it be better to buy them for 19 now and transfer them over to 20, or to just wait and buy them when ea access starts? I would be buying through the psn store and want my fifa points ready to go day 1( not sure if this is true but I heard if you buy first day when everyone else is buying they’re delays in getting your points)

  43. Hello everyone , i have 2 questions. Thanks in advance for answering.

    1. When your 10 hours of gameplay finish , are you still able to use web app for trading?

    2. Can you play squad battles on sep 19th?

    1. You can always go on the webapp, you don’t even need to get EA access to get on it & yeah you can play but I would’t do it untill there is proof that there is a glitch like previous years

  44. How can i get 10% discount for Fifa 20 pre order. I already have ea access and when i go to ps store and i have only a pre order discount. Is it ea access discount only for released games, and not for pre order

  45. If i have EA access and ultimate edition, i can start playing in 19th september. But my question is these 10 hours is it only gameplay or is it also time from trading in the web app. So lets say i play 4 hours gameplay in the console and then trade 4 hours in the web app, is it going to count as 8 hour and im going to have 2 hours left? does the web app effect the 10 hours limit?

    1. No the web app does not affect your 10 hour limit – the 10 hour limit is only used when the game is loaded, even if you just leave it on the main menu screen so make sure you don’t leave it on when not playing.

    2. Hi.
      1) The 10 hours is for everything: trading, gameplay, menus, etc
      2) You would still have 6 hours to play.
      3) The Web App has no effect on the 10 hours limit. You should use it for trade, objectives, etc and leave the EA Access for the gameplay.

    1. Samuel Jenkinson

      You can use EA Access without even buying the game but you “only” have 10 hours.

  46. Joydeep Banerjee

    How to make best use of 10 hours of early EA Access in Fifa 20? Should 1 use that time by playing games or by buying packs and trading?

  47. if I get the champions league edition and get a premium origin accsess for one month, do I get to play it on 19 September?

  48. The webapp is active when early access starts? And do you need early access or is it active for Everyone?

    1. Hi if I play fifa career mode with ea access does it save for when the 10hrs Is up or will you have to start over again

  49. Hey admin… if i have the opportunity to play the fifa 20 beta of ultimate team… does my progress keep for the final game or not? Thank you!!!

  50. Can you just subscribe to ea acsess in september then you can play from the 19th or do you have ro buy the 1 year subscription?

      1. Get a 1 month subscription, then cancel it so it doesn’t automatically renew every month. You could even refund it after ea access.

        1. Thank you very much for your confirmation. This means that everyone who play on PS4 or XB1 can have a 10% discount when buying FIFA 20, as long as they cancel the one-month subscription and ask for a refund.

  51. Marshall Karman

    Once I’ve purchased EA Acces i can play Fifa 20 from sept 19 for a limit of 10 hours until release date sept 24 or 27
    Do i need to buy the game then or can i still play if i have EA Acces

  52. What perks I get if I have PS4 and ea access? Because I remember that last year only Xbox users had that thing they could play it before than PS users.

  53. Hi Admin, kindly clarify this issue for me…
    If i sign up for Access Premium today, will I have the full FIFA20 game available for download? And if so, which edition to be exact?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Emmanuel. I believe you are talking about Origin Access Premier. If that is the case, then yes, you will have full and unlimited access to the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 20.

  54. If you pre order FIFA 20 standard edition with EA access premium , can we play full gameplay from sep 19th to sep 27th?

  55. I bought FIFA 20 ULTIMATE EDITION WITH EA ACCESS, when will i be able to play? and unlimited? or for 10 hours?

  56. Javier Ochoa

    Hello, being subscribed to Origin Premier, will I automatically be able to download the Fifa 20 Ultimate with the benefits of early booking? That is to say with the future star player, the icon loan player, the 24 envelopes, early access, etc?
    I await the answer please. regards

    1. Hi I pre ordered Fifa 20 ultimate version but it’s not showing in my library , why is that ?

  57. If I buy any of FIFA 20 editions digitally and use PS4’s share play feature using another ID, will the pre order perks of packs etc be available on both IDs?

  58. So after how long do you think they will put FIFA 20 in the Vault?
    After a couple of months or so?

  59. If you are subscribed to ea acces do you need to buy the game on the 19 of september or can you just download it?

  60. What happens to my FUT team (FIFA 19) when FIFA 20 is released?

    Don’t tell me that I have to start from the beginning and all my players will be gone 🙁

  61. Daren Lockman

    If you pre-order a special edition of FIFA 20 with EA Access, what date can you start using your 10 hours of gameplay? Thanks

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