We have created this FAQ to make it easier to understand the FUTMAS event
FUTMas is an event that Electronic Arts organises to celebrate the holiday season. It includes very interesting offers.
It is released on December 13, 2019 (Friday). Usually, it lasts until the end of the civil year.
The FUTMAS event was released for the first time ever in FIFA 13.
It’s an important event because it is the last one before the TOTY release and also because it includes really valuable offers.
The FUTMAS promotion has an impact on the FUT market, especially on days when the best packs are released. On these days lots of packs are sold and many new gamers start playing the game.
No. The only thing they have in common is that they are released during the Holiday season. During the ‘20 Days of FIFA‘, Electronic Arts offers special gifts to their social channels followers.
Just click or tap in ‘Offers’, on the top of this page.
Just click or tap in ‘Offers’, on the top of this page.
All the most popular packs will be available but for a limited time or limited quantity (lightning rounds). This includes 50k, 100k and 125k packs.
Themed SBCs, themed objectives and themed players cards are also available.
Lightning Rounds are new rounds of promo packs, which are available on the store until they run out. On Lightning Rounds there are a global limited amount of packs to be sold. The first to come are the first to be served. On another hand, without a limit of packs for each user, you are free to buy how many promo packs you want as long as they are not sold out.
They are usually released somewhen from December 22 to December 25.
Yes. These packs are usually released during the FUTMAS promotions.
No, it is highly unlikely. The last time they did it was in FIFA 16.
These items are only available via squad building challenges.
Three new players are chosen every day, based on their jersey’s numbers, FIFA world rankings and league position in the previous season.
No. You can not trade FUTMAS items on the transfer market.