FIFA 20 Help – Phone, Mail, Chat and Other Contacts

FIFA 20 Help


Do you need help with your FIFA 20 experience? Are you looking for a way to contact the EA Sports FIFA 20 Support Team, like phone, mail or chat? In this page, you will find out when, where and how to contact them.



When to Contact the EA Sports FIFA 20 Support

The issues the game advisors are ready to deal

When you purchase a game, you are entitled to an after-sales service. In the case of FIFA 20, this is done through the EA Sports FIFA 20 Support.


Game Advisors

They are the bridge of help and adviced between you and Electronic Arts. Their job is to answer all your questions about the game and explain to you what you should do to solve your problems. To specific technical issues, they have the support of the game specialists.

Find out in what situations you should ask for help from a game advisor from the EA Sports FIFA 20 Support:

☑️ If you purchased FIFA Points but you didn’t received them;
☑️ If you got any item stuck on your FIFA 20 Ultimate Team trade pile or watch list;
☑️ If your FIFA 20 players have disappeared;
☑️ If there was a problem with your qualification for the Weekend League;
☑️ If you have problems loading the game or accessing to your account;
☑️ If you have any other billing issue, question, problem, complaint or suggestion about the game.


More Support

Game advisors are not the only way to get support for FIFA 20. You should use the other available channels when your account and your game experiencing are not being strongly affected.


Where Should You Go to Ask for Help

The FIFA 20 support channels available

To contact a game advisor you should follow the steps of the next chapter. However, there are other ways to contact the EA Sports FIFA 20 support team and to find relevant information to help you in the understanding of the game. Here they are the main ones:

If you want to know more about FIFA 20, you need to read our comprehensive guides. They are the best ones!

If you bought the game, you can check the ‘Need Help?’ chapter of your manual and see the FIFA 20 support channels they have available to you.

Depending of your region, you may also find a support phone number in the back cover of your FIFA 20 DVD. This support channel is specific for the region where you bought the game.

This is a website where you can find frequently asked questions about the game.

This is a community initiative to have players share their gaming expertise with other players and that can also be useful to you.

Need a quick tip? Reach out on Twitter of EA Support.

Post on Facebook where the on line game experts are available and ready to help you.

Real time chat with a Game Advisor. It may not work properly if you are not logged on into your Origin account.

You can contact the EA Sports FIFA 20 Support team directly by phone. Just call them during operating hours. Here are the most popular FIFA 20 Support Hotlines:
?? Australia
☎️ +61 3 8820 5177 | Monday-Friday from 9am to 6pm AEST
?? Austria
☎️ +0720 883349 | Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
?? Brazil
☎️ +0720 883349 55+(11) 3958-5683 |
?? Belgium
☎️ +02 808 45 90 | Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
?? Czech Republic
☎️ +420 228 880 676 | Monday-Friday from 9h to 18h CET
?? France
☎️ +04 81 68 08 08 | Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
?? Germany
☎️ +0221 37050193 | Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
?? Italy
☎️ +02 89877571 | Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
?? Japan
☎️ +0570 081800 | Everyday from 11am to 7pm
?? Netherlands
☎️ +020-8083219 | Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
?? New Zealand
☎️ +64 9951 8377 | Everyday from 9am to 9pm AEST
?? Poland
☎️ +48 223 970 840 | Monday-Friday from 9h to 21h CET
?? Portugal
☎️ +308 800 880 | Monday-Friday from 9h to 18h CET
?? Russia
☎️ + 7 (495) 642 73 97 | Monday-Friday from 11h to 23h GMT+3
?? Slovakia
☎️ +421 233 418 468 | Monday-Friday from 9h to 18h CET
?? Spain
☎️ +911 230 490 | Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
?? Switzerland
☎️ +0225 181005 | Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
?? Turkey
☎️ +0870 2432435 | Everyday from 9h to 22h GMT
?? UK
☎️ +44 203014 1818 | Monday-Saturday from 9am to 9pm GMT


How to Contact the EA Sports FIFA 20 Support

What do you have to do to contact the FIFA 20 Support team?

To contact the EA Sports FIFA 20 Support Team and talk with a game advisor that will assist you, just need to follow these three simple steps:

1 Click here and select your platform.

FIFA 20 Phone, Mail and Chat Contacts

2 Select the topic and the issue.

FIFA 20 Phone, Mail and Chat Contacts

3 Choose one of the contact options available. They may vary depending on your region.

4 If you select Get a call, you will need to enter your name, phone number and email address so a Game Advisor can contact you.
5 If you select Chat, you will connect directly to a Game Advisor.
6 If you select E-mail Me, you will be redirected to an incident page in which you will need to fill the subject, the description, the category of the problem and your name.
7 If you select Call EA Help, you will have to wait on hold, until you get an Advisor available to take your call.

FIFA 20 Phone, Mail and Chat Contacts
(1) If you are not from UK, please select your country / language from the top left corner of step 1 screen.
(2) Calls may be charged according to your country rates.
(3) In order to go to step 3, you need to be logged in into your Origin account. In the previous steps, you can check the top right corner to see if you are logged in.


How well does the FIFA 20 Support Work

What can you expect from the FIFA 20 Support team?

First of all, we want to help you to choose the best contact option for your case. In our opinion, you should avoid using e-mail because they take much more time to give you an answer. Many times you don’t even get one. Calling the FIFA 20 support by phone is a better option but the waiting time is large, it may be expensive and you don’t get a proof. That’s why we strongly recommend choosing ‘Chat’ if it is available in your region. It’s free, usually fast and you can read the transcription any time in your Origin account.

To explain how well does the EA Sports FIFA 20 Support work, we need to analyse their effectiveness and the waiting time. Both depend on the type of help you need.

They are supposed to fix your issues in no more than 15 days but they take much more time in many cases. For easy issues, like unblocking a club you erased five times, they are really useful and they can do it on time. However, for more complex issues, like restoring a corrupted club, they take many months and most of the times they don’t fix it. It is really painful to contact their support about this kind of issues because it involves a lot of people from different departments and they just ask us to wait until somebody fixes it, which almost never happens. Avoid these situations, ask for a solution during your contact and, if possible, ask them to contact the specialist while you are connected to them. Don’t blindly trust in the game details provided by this service. Dozen of players reported us wrong information shared by them.

If you are contacting the FIFA 20 support by phone, don’t forget to take note of the number case because you should use it the next time you contact them about that issue. You can consult your closed and opened cases in your Origin account. Just go to, check if you are logged in, select ‘Manage Your Account’ and then ‘My Cases’.

Just a final suggestion: according to EA Support, when you reply to a case in progress from your Origin area, it sends you back to the last position in the waiting list. That’s why we recommend to contact them directly when you are trying to know the progress of your case.

EA Sports FIFA 20 Support Contact

Just one more thing: good luck! You will need it.


58 thoughts on “FIFA 20 Help – Phone, Mail, Chat and Other Contacts”

  1. Adeel Zulfiqar

    Dear Sir,
    I am getting lost connection multiple times my net is working good also ping in game is awesome but i keep getting this message…
    You lost your connection to your opponent. We’ll check the match report to see who won and lost.
    Kindly help me why it’s showing this message.
    My console is PS4.
    Shall be waiting for a response ✌️

  2. I am a long time member of fifa but one I was playing with a guy that I beat some times so he thought I was cheating and said he reported me cheating and I wasn’t. So since then I can barely win a game and so frustrating. Please fix this problem. Thanks

  3. My fifa 2020 on ps4 keeps crashing mid games. Error code ce-34878-0. It is fully updated and I have u installed and reinstalled twice. My PS4 is also fully updated.

  4. I need to verification my FIFA20 is not paying is telling me to verification it so help me please.
    Because I like to play FIFA.
    Please help me please

  5. Game is a disgrace.

    How on earth, similarly to the two users below, can this game continue to go the way it is with people buying it?!

    The scripted elements in this game are thought the roof. EA force people to lose so they think they need to pay for better players in game. Basically funding and fuelling the organisation. How this is not banned is beyond me. FUT champs. 3 games. Lost 3. 9 times off the line which is deeply unrealistic. Losing to players who have 2 shots, where they will win 2 – 1.
    Get it sorted EA, you’re a joke.

  6. Can someone explain to me please why all the time on fut champions my 99 pace players are so lazy that even an average player can take them.
    For me is a mystery

  7. Angry FUT Player

    Playing ultimate is so frustrating since every time I use my 88 overall team I get matched with a 95 overall team. There is almost no way to win against this since there is such a gap in the skill of the players. I know that it is late in the year and more players are out there but I have played over 1000 games and there is no way to earn all the TOTSSF players without having paid for the players. How is it enjoyable to play against people who are at a significant advantage because they paid for their team? I know that EA really doesn’t care about this because if I don’t play it because of this they will easily earn my copy back in micro transactions. I am just disappointed in the matchmaking system online as well as the gradual push towards making everything purchasable online. Has killed all the fun in the game for me and after buying 15 or so FIFAs this might be my last one. RIP to the end of an era. Can’t wait until micro transactions are banned in the US under gambling law..

      1. Adetunji segun

        I already have fifa 21 in my phone but he asked me to verify it before playing it

  8. Hi Rodrigo,

    I hope you are well and in good health during this lockdown period.

    My account is ayks_lfc8 on PS4.

    I am in Malaysia. Been playing Fifa 2019 for more than 1 year now. Have spend time and effort building my Ultimate Team.

    Today, after buying some players from the transfer market, I was logged out and was asked to perform a Captcha challenge. It could not load and I can’t log into Ultimate Team any longer. I really hope there is a solution to this problem as I think EA thinks I’m a bot.

    Really really appreciate your kind assistance to help me resolve this issue and enjoy the game once more.

    Best Regards,
    Adrian (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

    1. Hi Adrian. First of all, let me apologize for the late reply.
      Sometimes, when someone is not able to complete the captcha challenge, it gets banned for a few hours. Maybe it was what happened to you. Can’t you still access your Ultimate Team? Let me know how it is.

  9. I have been playing Fifa for 6 years now and Fifa is getting worse . Patches and glitches and unrealism . I can go and beat Man Utd 3-0 then loose to Norwich 1-0 at home . The sliders don’t really work and The difficulty levels are poor . Stop focusing on lighting And Graphics and Volta And focus on good gameplay, Realism and More Career mode depth. Fifa 21 better be good !

  10. In TOTSSF RESERVES EPL offer , I have bought it 9 to 10 times but it still shows 2 out of 8 , I have reported it on customer services of EA FIFA , If u do not believe I have proofs also , so I request u to help me into this .

  11. Hi, I’ve been playing FIFA for years, career mode, and this year it has definitely improved. Just thought I’d say it would be good to include the lower leagues if possible. I’m sure there is alot of work that needs to go into it but it would be a great feature ! I’m getting sick of waiting for my local team to get promoted, if they go up they will be in the game but don’t look like it’s gonna happen any time soon. Anyway just a thought as even if you don’t do all lower leagues, at least the vanarama national League would be good. Also some people (myself included) like to start with a pretty bad team and improve them over the years, investing in youth etc. I think alot of people would go for it. Also some of the board expectations for the youth development are ridiculous, because I use this feature alot and some of the near on impossible demands get in the way of how I want to use it and improve my team’s youth squad. And example is you could be told to sign three youth academy players, once they have grow ten overall points, play them in ten matches either as part of the starting 11 or coming on as a sub. (That ones not too bad, some are) so you would send out your youth scouts and bring back some players, say you get the players you are happy with maybe potential 69- 91 for example. You begin to grow those three players by ten points. But I’m the mean time you are still scouting for players, you might come across a player with predicted overall of 73-94, obviously you want to make the most of this player but your training is taken up by the other players you are trying to train to comply with the board expectations. And a player who may have been potential to be special, drops to an exciting prospect. Basically, I understand that this is all part of the challenge and part of the game, the point I’m making is certain aspects of it interfere with the team you are trying to create. Just a thought. One more thing is please make it longer, I’ve been made to retire quite a few times and it’s always at the point of my original youth players getting older, and I’m right in the thick of developing my new youth team and they are starting to become part of my starting squad and not the my b or c team. Even if it just another 5 or 6 years that would be great. Maybe it’s something to do with the random player creation but it can obviously be done because the teams end up with all random new players, which is good. So it can be done, just would be better if it could be done for a bit longer. Also naming pools. I always end up with two players with the same name, it’s a bit annoying. There’s other names as apposed to Cox, Hugh’s, Bennet, Miranda, etc.

    Dunno if this is gonna get recognised or not, the game is already obviously brilliant, but this is just my opinion for a few tweaks that I believe would make the game even better.

  12. My game is always blocking in carreer mode. Than I have to start over the game again, I think every 10min.. how can I solve this?

  13. I had packed Messi 95. And when im Comming back i Cut Found him so i hope very much you want give me him back ny name is oliverdansk in FIFA

  14. My user id is rgoel28 and my account was hacked yestwrday. All my team members and fut coins are missing from my account. I have spent hours building my team and all gone for a toss all of a sudden. Please help.

  15. The game graphic/motion weak af. Try to imitate the reality but most of the movements do not make any sense. Can the software engineer/product manager really understand what the shit they are working on and do not trap others buying sth doesnt worth it.

  16. All of a sudden i cant log in to the ea servers so i cant even update squads, its asking for verification from an email that doesnt have anything ro do with me. Made an account on the “companion app” but i cant use the app until i make a team but i cant make a team until i log in on the app which i have with the same email as the one on my xbox account, how has this other email been set as my email? And how can i get my game back? I cant use it at all, and i know you guys don’t do refunds because you can just hide from your customers as they gradually get angrier and angrier.

    1. Vazha Samkharadze

      I have the same issue on my PS4. I just purchased FIFA20 on playstation store, I’m trying to play online, but it’s requires ea verification. On that verification page there is strange email , not mine. I can’t put my email there. Basically it doesn’t let me to sign in with my account! EA sports either you help us or I’m gonna leave this information everywhere, so people will buy pes instead of FIFA! Shame on you!

  17. Luca McCarthy

    this is really dumb, i got packs for different challenges an 100k and 1 rare players and it said i claimed them but they are not showing up in my store!!!!!

  18. Why the game is scripted? This is obvious, we are not stupid. What is the logic behind scripted games? I am very interested to know it.
    I think this is the last Fifa I will buy in my life.
    You went too far and you know it.

  19. I’ve spent £150 on fifa points and the best player I have unpacked is an 85 rated Carvajal. I’m feeling severely ripped off. Is there any method to actually unpacking a decent player or are they just reserved for YouTubers with endless amounts of cash?

  20. In FUT I purchased Road to the final champions league card Mane 89 LW for 1.2 million coin. Liverpool progressed through to the group stages and he upgraded to 90 and I went to sell Mane and it says maximum 500k so couldn’t sell him ? This hasn’t happened to any other player. RTTF BALE is still over a 1 million and even Mahrez is over 500k. Is this a bug.

  21. yo EA…i just want to know what do we hav too do to get a decent player…i spend big cash nd just recieve duplicates…is this game such a fraud that you guys just take from us nd giv nothing back….one big money making scheme…the packs r reay dissapointing nd putting a real big damper on this shit mode you call ultimate team u cant even match teams properly…u match a team with no icon playa with a team with 3 or 4 icon players nd we all know da icon players are way over powering in a game….so do something to make the game enjoyable nd not a money sucking pocket ripping rip off….

  22. I played a draft and my opponent left the game and then the problem with ea servers appeared and now i have finished my draft and get first rewards i think this is not fair because i give my best to win the draft and ea serves destroyed my work. Can i get something back or its all over.

  23. Stevie-hanley

    My fifa 20 keeps freezing in menus and after matches so even if I win it freezes I log out and back in and ended up with a loss. How do i fix this please

  24. Jesper karlsson

    Hi i have Done the Uefa Marquee Barca v Dortmund worked, but now when i Done real v psg i cant submit even when all objekts are Done? Why cant i submit?

  25. I can’t play online as it’s sending a verification code to an email address I have never had. I have played fifa online for ten years and have never had this problem. It won’t let me log in or change the email to verify my account

  26. Javier González

    I don’t know if you are going to pay me attention, I usually play fifa and my little brother (5years old) as a joke use the icon swaps for Gerrard. I try him and dislike him. And I hope that ea could give me my tokens in return, if its neccessary I will do the objectives again, I wanted Zanetti and Schmeichel, not Gerrard, I will be really grateful if you considerate my situation, I really doubt this is a huge problem but I want to enjoy the game more, that’s the reason of my petition. Thanks a lot. Looking forward for your answer.

  27. I need help im in divion 10 in new to the game and im verseing messis and icons need help

  28. hi. I accidentally put one of my swap icons in bronz upgrade, and I WANT o geti back, any advices how to get him back?

  29. so dumb how the defenders run normally but when you switch to them they don’t move, fix this shit

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