We have created this FAQ to make it easier to understand how Ones to Watch works
Ones to Watch, commonly abbreviated to OTW, is an In Form item category assigned to a very limited selection of players, replacing their regular cards on specific times.
The Ones to Watch items dynamically upgrade and have an opportunity to increase in ratings throughout the season. If you have a Ones to Watch item in your club, its ratings will automatically match that of the players latest TOTW, MOTM, TOTT, Hero or Record Breaker item. The better the player performs in real life, the higher their ratings become.
Ones to Watch players are released as Live Items. The ratings on this item type update automatically, whether they are in your Club or listed on the Transfer Market.
Ones to Watch players consist of a curated selection of the highest profile and most promising players who have been permanently transferred or on full season loans between clubs in the most recent transfer window.
Yes, it is possible. In the first two years, only players aged under 30 could receive one of these items but EA has changed the rules in FIFA 19.
Usually 23 for both editions. However, depending on how many popular popular transfers occur, the Winter Edition may feature less players.
A few players are announced in late July, while the rest is only unveiled when the game is released.
No. Some players are made exclusively available via objectives and squad building challenges.
You can get an hybrid card in the same way you can get any other card: on packs or on the transfer market. If you want to try your luck on packs, you can go to the store and buy them with coins or FIFA Points.
They can be found in any pack with players cards. Obviously, the chances of finding one of these cards are higher if you open a pack which contains more player cards.
You may get Ones to Watch items from a pack or as a reward which could be tradeable or untradeable. By pre-ordering FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition, you will receive an OTW card for free (untradeable). However, the pre-order must be made before August 5, 2019
No. You may not find that information on the database but they have the same traits and specialities of their NIF cards.
The Ones to Watch event is released when the game comes out.
The Ones to Watch items were a brand new card category in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. Since then, they are being released every year.
Dynamic items, a few squad building challenges and eventually promo packs available on the FUT store.
OTW items are upgraded based on TOTW (until the end of the 2019-20 season), MOTM, Hero, Record Breaker and Team Of The Tournament selections. OTW items will NOT be upgraded based on POTM, Award Winner, SBC, or other in game event selection. Each item’s dynamic ratings will increase based on the players’ real-world performances throughout the season.
Once a player gets a Team of the Week, Man of the Match, European Team of the Tournament, Hero or Record Breaker item, EA only takes a few minutes to update his OTW card.
No, they can’t.
Yes. The OTW cards are like duplicates of the best rated TOTW, MOTM, TOTT, Hero or Record Breaker card.
The Ones To Watch Player Item type attributes and latest applicable in-form rating will be unaffected. However, his OTW player item type will remain at the players previous club until he gets an applicable in-form at which point the player’s club, crest and dynamic image will be updated
The Ones To Watch Player Item type will remain at the club he was previously at and he will not receive any further in-forms. His Ones To Watch Item type will continue to carry the last applicable in-form rating he received.
The Ones To Watch Player Item will be updated with the new nationality as soon as possible.
The player’s position on his Ones To Watch item type will not change. He will, however, continue to receive any attribute upgrades from that and future applicable in-forms.
If you have a Ones to Watch item in your club, its ratings will automatically match that of the players latest applicable In-Form until the end of that player’s domestic league season. At this point, the player’s Ones To Watch Item type will continue to carry the last in-form rating he received through FUT 20.