FIFA 21 Award Winner items are assigned to award winner players, including POTS and POTY, of a selection of leagues.
Q: What is an Award Winner item?
A: Award Winner cards are unique items, featuring boosted stats, assigned to award winner players.

Q: Is a POTM a Award Winner item?
A: No. Until FUT 18, Award Winners included POTM but this is not happening anymore.

Q: When Award Winner items were released for the first time?
A: The Award Winner items were released for the first time in FIFA 17.

Q: Which awards are taken into account for FIFA 21 Award Winner items?
A: They are usually assigned to Player of the Year/Season from Premier League, EFL Championship, EFL League One, EFL League Two, Ligue 1, Eliteserien, Airtricity, Allsvenska and Liga MX. Young POTS from England and France and the MLS Most Valuable Player may also receive one of these items.

Q: Are these items available in FUT pack or in the transfer market?
A: No. They are usually untradeable and you can only get them via SBCs and objectives.

Q: Can I own the regular and the FIFA 21 Award Winner item of the same player in my club?
A: You can have both items of the same player in your club. However, you cannot use them in your squad at the same time.
All Award Winner items released so far.