The digital and the retail copy doesn’t come with the FIFA 21 Manual. Hopefully, on this page you can read the complete and original game manual, for your platform and on your language.


While the FIFA 21 Manual is not available, it will be displayed the Manual for FIFA 20.
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Play Station 4 System

Starting a game: Before use, carefully read the instructions supplied with the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system. The documentation contains information on setting up and using your system as well as important safety information.

Touch the (power) button of the PlayStation 4 system to turn the system on. The power indicator blinks blue, and then turns white. Insert the FIFA 20 disc with the label facing up into the disc slot. The game appears in the content area of the home screen. Select the software title in the PlayStation 4 system home screen, and then press the cross button. Refer to this manual for information on using the software.

Quitting a game: Press and hold the PlayStation button, and then select [Close Application] on the screen that is displayed.

Returning to the home screen from a game: To return to the home screen without quitting a game, press the PlayStation button. To resume playing the game, select it from the content area.

Removing a disc: Touch the eject button after quitting the game.

Trophies: Earn, compare, and share trophies that you earn by making specific in-game accomplishments. Trophies access requires a Sony Entertainment Network account.


Note: The controls in this manual refer to the Classic configuration


Move Player: left stick

First touch/ Knock-on: R2 button + right stick

Sprint: R2 button (hold)

Stop and face goal: left stick (release) + L1 button

Shield/Jockey: L2 button (hold)

Strafe dribble: L1 button + left stick

Strafe dribble (lock face angle): L1 button + R1 button + left stick

Skills moves: right stick

Simple skill moves (VOLTA FOOTBALL only): L2 button + R2 button + left stick

Simple flicks (VOLTA FOOTBALL only): R3 button + left stick

Taunts (VOLTA FOOTBALL only): left stick (release) + R2 button (hold)

Stop Ball: left stick (release) + R2 button

Jostle (ball in air): L2 button

Attacking (Simple)

Ground pass/ Header: Cross button

Lob pass/ Cross/ Header: Square button

Through pass: Triangle button

Shoot/ Volley/ Header: Circle button

Time your shot: Circle button + circle button (timed)

Chip shot: L1 button + circle button

Finesse shot: R1 button + circle button

Low shot/ Downward header: L1 button + R1 button + circle button

Fake shot: circle button, then cross button + left stick

Fake pass: square button, then cross button + left stick

Threaded through pass: R1 button + triangle button

Attacking (Advanced)

Protect ball: L2 button

Lofted ground pass: Cross button + Cross button

Lofted ground through pass: Triangle button + Triangle button

Lobbed through pass: L1 button + Triangle button

Driven lobbed through pass: L1 button + R1 button + Triangle button

Driven lob pass/ Cross: R1 button + Square button

High lob/ Cross: L1 button + Square button

Low cross: Square button + Square button

Trigger run: L1 button

Call for support: R1 button

Cancel: L2 button + R2 button

Flair pass: L2 button + Cross button

Flair shot: L2 button + Circle button

Flair lob: L2 button + Square button

Driven ground pass: R1 button + Cross button

Let ball run: R1 button (hold) + left stick (away from ball)

Dummy a pass: left stick (release) + R1 button (hold)

Slow dribble: L2 button + R2 button + left stick

Flick up for volley: R3 button

Disguised first touch: R1 button (hold) + left stick (towards ball)

Set up touch: R1 button + right stick (hold in direction)

Pass and go: L1 button + Cross button


Display attacking tactics: dpad up button

Get in the box: dpad up button, dpad up button

Attacking full backs: dpad up button, dpad left button

Hug sideline: dpad up button, dpad right button

Extra striker: dpad up button, dpad down button

Display defending tactics: dpad down button

Stricker drop back: dpad down button

Team press: dpad down button, dpad left button

Overload ball side: dpad down button, dpad right button

Offside trap: dpad down button, dpad down button

Change game plan: dpad left button/ dpad right button

Change mentality (VOLTA FOOTBALL only): dpad left button/ dpad right button

Quick substitutes: R2 button


Change player: L1 button

Change player (manual): right stick

Push or pull (when chasing): Circle button

Pull and hold: Circle button (hold)

Tackle: Circle button

Hard tackle: Circle button (hold)

Sliding tackle: Square button

Clearance: Circle button

Hard stand tackle (VOLTA FOOTBAL only): Square button

Quick get up (after slide tackle): Square button

Contain: Cross button (hold)

Teammate contain: R1 button (hold)

Jockey/ Grab and hold: L2 button (hold)

Running jockey: L2 button (hold) + R2 button (hold)

Rush goalkeeper out: Triangle button

Goalkeeper cross intercept: Triangle button + Triangle button (hold)

Engage shielding opponent: L2 button + left stick (towards shielding dribbler)


Drop kick: Circle button/ Square button

Throw/ Pass: Cross button

Drop ball: Triangle button

Pick up ball: R1 button

Switch to Goalkeeper: touch pad button

Driven throw: R1 button + Cross button

Driven kick: R1 button + Square button

Move goalkeeper: R3 button (hold) + right stick

Cover far post: R3 button (hold)


Select kick taker: R2 button

Add additional kick taker: R1 button/ L2 button

Aim: left stick

Move kick taker: right stick

Ground pass: Cross button

Lob pass/ Cross: Square button

Curled shot: Circle button or right stick down

Driven shot: L1 button + Circle button

Apply curl during run up: right stick

Timing shot: Circle button + Circle button

Wall jump: Triangle button

Wall charge: Cross button

Move wall: L2 button/R2 button

Move goalkeeper: Square button/ Circle button


Call 2nd kick taker: L2 button

2nd kick taker curled shot: L2 button + circle button

2nd kick taker layoff pass: L2 button + cross button

2nd kick taker layoff chip: L2 button + square button

2nd kick taker run over ball: L2 button + square button, cross button

Call 3rd kick taker: R1 button

3rd kick taker curled shot: R1 button + circle button

3rd kick taker run over ball: R1 button + circle button, cross button

Call for short (when layoff is not possible): R1 button


Corner lob cross: Square button

Corners pass: Cross button

Aim kick: left stick

Apply kick power: Square button

Call for short (corner): R1 button

Move along line (throw in): left stick

Short throw in: Cross button

Long throw in: Cross button (hold)/ Square button

Short throw in (manual): Triangle button

Fake throw: Square button + Cross button

Turn Aim indicator ON/OFF: dpad up button

Display corner tactics: dpad down button

Run far post: dpad down button + dpad up button

Edge of box run: dpad down button + dpad left button

Crowd the goalkeeper: dpad down button + dpad right button

Run near post: dpad down button + dpad down button


Shoot: Circle button

Aim: left stick

Adjust position: right stick

Stutter/ Slow jog: L2 button

Sprint: R2 button

Turn Aim indicator ON/OFF: dpad up button

Select kick taker: R2 button

Finesse shot: R1 button + Circle button

Chip shot: L1 button + Circle button

Goalkeeper dive: right stick

Goalkeeper movement: left stick, dpad right button and left button

Goalkeeper gestures: Square button/ Triangle button/ Circle button/ Cross button


Call for pass: Cross button

Call for or suggest through pass: Triangle button

Suggest shot: Circle button

Call for driven ground pass: R1 button + Cross button

Call for threaded through pass: R1 button + Triangle button

Call for lobbed through pass: L1 button + Triangle button

Call for lobbed threaded through pass: L1 button +R1 button + Triangle button

Call for cross: Square button

Call for cross: Square button

Call for ground cross: R1 button + Square button

Call for high cross: L1 button + Square button


Call for or suggest pass: Cross button

Suggest through ball: Triangle button

Suggest cross: Square button

Suggest shot: Circle button

Toggle camera target: touch pad button


Dive: right stick

Auto positioning: L1 button (hold)

2nd defender contain: R1 button (hold)

Toggle camera target: touch pad button

1 STAR MOVES Ball juggle (while standing): L2 button + R1 button (tap)

Foot fake (while standing): R1 button (hold)

Open up fake shot left: L1 button (hold) + Square button/ Circle button + Cross button + left stick diagonal left up

Open up fake shot right: L1 button (hold) + Square button/ Circle button + Cross diagonal right up

Flick up for volley: R3 button


Body feint left: right stick left (flick)

Body feint right: right stick right (flick)

Stepover left: right stick up, diagonal left up, left

Stepover right: right stick up, diagonal right up, right

Reverse stepover left: right stick left, diagonal left up, up

Reverse stepover right: right stick right, diagonal right up, up

Ball roll left: right stick left (hold)

Ball roll right: right stick right (hold)

Drag back: R1 button + left stick down (hold in direction to exit)


Heel flick: Right stick up, down (flick)

Roulette right: right stick down, diagonal left down, left, diagonal left up, up, diagonal right up, right

Roulette left: right stick down, diagonal right down, right, diagonal right up, up, diagonal left up, left

Fake left and go right: right stick left, left diagonal down, down, right diagonal down, right

Fake right and go left: right stick right, right diagonal down, down, left diagonal down, left


Ball hop (while standing): L2 button (hold) + R3 button

Heel to heel flick: right stick up, down (flick)

Simple rainbow: right stick down, up, up (flick)

Feint left and exit right: right stick left, diagonal left down, down, diagonal right down, right

Feint right and exit left: right stick right, right diagonal down, down, left diagonal down, left

Spin left: right stick diagonal left down, diagonal left down (flick)

Stop and turn left (while running): right stick up, left (flick)

Stop and turn right (while running): right stick up, right (flick)

Ball roll cut left: right stick right (hold), left stick left

Ball roll cut right: right stick left (holR2 button (hold) + Square button), left stick right

Fake pass (while standing): R2 button (hold) + Square button/ Circle button + cross button

Fake pass exit left (while standing): R2 button (hold) + Square button/ Circle button + Cross button + left stick diagonal left up

Fake pass exit right (while standing): R2 button (hold) + Square button/ Circle button + X button + left stick diagonal right up

Heel flick turn: R1 button (hold) + right stick up, down (flick)

Heel chop left (while running): L2 button (hold) + Square button/ Circle button + cross button + left stick left

Heel chop right (while running): L2 button (hold) + Square button + Square button/ Circle button + cross button + left stick right

Lane change left: L1 button (hold) + right stick left (hold)

Lane change right: L1 button (hold) + right stick right (hold)

Three touch roulette left: L2 button (hold) + right stick down, left

Three touch roulette right: L2 button (hold) + right stick down, right

Drag back spin left: right stick down, left (flick)

Drag back spin right: right stick down, right (flick)


Advanced rainbow: right stick down (flick), up (hold), up (flick)

Elastico: right stick right, diagonal right down, down, diagonal left down, left

Reverse elastic: right stick left, diagonal left down, down, diagonal right down, right

Quick ball rolls (while standing): right stick down (hold)

Hocus pocus: right stick down, left diagonal left down, left, left diagonal left down, down, diagonal right, right

Triple elastico: right stick down, right diagonal down, right, right diagonal right down, down, left diagonal, left

Ball roll and flick left: right stick right (hold), right stick up (flick)

Ball roll and flick right: right stick left (hold), right stick up (flick)

Sombrero flick (while standing): right stick up, up, down (flick)

Turn and spin left: right stick up, left (flick)

Turn and spin right: right stick up, right (flick)

Ball roll and flick left (while standing): right stick left (hold), right (flick) + left stick direction to exit

Ball roll fake right (while standing): right stick right (hold), left (flick) + left stick direction to exit

Rabona fake (while jogging): L2 button + Square button/ Circle button + Cross button + left stick down

Elastico chop left: R1 button (hold) + right stick right, down, left

Elastico chop right: R1 button (hold) + right stick, left, down, right

Spin flick left: R1 button (hold) + right stick up (flick), left (flick)

Spin flick right: R1 button (hold) + right stick up (flick), right (flick)

Flick over: right stick up (hold)

Tornado spin left: L1 button (hold) right stick up (flick) left (flick)

Tornado spin right: L1 button (hold) right stick up (flick) right (flick)


Laces flick up: L2 button + R1 button (hold)

Sombrero flick backwards: L2 button + R1 button + left stick down (hold)

Sombrero flick left: L2 button + R1 button + left stick left (hold)

Sombrero flick right: L2 button + R1 button + left stick right (hold)

Around the world: L2 button (hold) + right stick down, diagonal left down, left, diagonal up left, up, diagonal right up, right, diagonal right down/ down, diagonal right down, right, diagonal right up, up, diagonal up left, left, diagonal left down

In air elastic: L2 button (hold) + right stick right, left (flick)

Reverse in air elastico: L2 button (hold) + right stick left, right (flick)

Flick up for volley: left stick up (hold)

Chest flick: L2 button (hold) + L3 button (tap), R3 button (triple tap)

T. around the world: L2 button + right stick down, diagonal left down, left, diagonal up left, up , diagonal right up, right + right stick up (flick)
This year check out VOLTA FOOTBALL< our new home for street-level football. Play in small-sided, fast-paced matches on rooftops and underpasses around the world using your custom avatar. As you defeat teams, you can recruit their players to your own squad—in Challenge Matches, you’ll recruit Legends of Street players!

In Season Objectives, our brand-new mode in FUT, every match matters for your short- and long-term goals of the new year. These objectives have a wide range of gameplay challenges, including new objective time limits of one hour to one year. Objectives can be grouped together, which make them more rewarding and unlocks new reward types.



Get ready to experience the true-to-life game of football in FIFA 20.

If you’re new to FIFA 20, try the FIFA Trainer. Onscreen prompts will get you up to speed on the basics of passing, tackling, crossing, and shooting.

If you wish to quit the Intro Match, press the OPTIONS button to access the game’s Pause menu and then select END MATCH.

IF you quit the Intro Match but are new to the game, you won’t be presented with a suggested difficulty level. You will encounter this offer again after your first Kick Off match against Adaptive AL players.

If you complete the Intro Match as a new player or are a returning player with data form previous FIFA titles, the game will suggest a difficulty level that is right for you, and you’ll be prompted to choose your favorite club before landing at the FIFA 20 main menu.


When you log in to the EA servers, you will select your favorite team, difficulty and control settings. Your favorite club’s crest features beside your name in EA SPORTS Football Club, so all of your Friends playing FIFA 20 will know which team you support.


Stay connected to your favorite team in FIFA 20. If you choose to connect to your favorite club through EA SPORTS Football Club, you’ll have access to club news and promotions.


Your EA SPORTS Football Club level, XP and Football Club Credits (FCC) from previous versions of FIFA will carry over to FIFA 20. You’ll also receive rewards for past progress in FIFA 19 modes such as Ultimate Team, Career Mode and Online Seasons.




Gain quick access to your most recently played game modes, as well as the latest FIFA news.


Dig into the many game modes available in FIFA 20, including VOLTA FOOTBALL, Career Mode, Tournaments and Ultimate Team.


Jump into online modes such as Seasons, Pro Clubs, and Online Friendlies.


Fine-tune your FIFA 20 experience here. Adjust settings, review controls, edit your teams and even customize your music playlist in the EA SPORTS & VOLTA Trax screens.


Throughout the game, you can access EA SPORTS Football Club (EASFC) from the widget located in the upper right corner of the screen. The EASFC widget shows your current Football Club Credits (FCC). Use FCC to buy items from the EASFC catalog or send them as gifts to your Friends. EASFC requires a connection to EA servers.

Press the R3 button to access EASFC.


Alt. text: There is a picture of the field and it shows the match clock in the left-hand corner along with the score. IT shows a controlled player. The radar shows a picture of the field.


Before you head out onto the pitch, you can customize your game settings in the Settings screen. Choose the half length of your matches, difficulty level, match conditions and the ball you use, among many other details. You can also toggle rules ON or OFF, such as injuries and offsides, to adjust how realistic you want your matches to be. There are even settings for player indicators and radar—such as different color and size options—for those with visual impairments.


Don’t neglect the camera settings in the Game Settings menu! Each type of match has a customizable camera option with nine cameras to choose from. This lets you view the pitch and experience each match from a perspective that works for you.

Team Management

This is where you set up your team so they’re ready for their next match. Create your Squad, adjust formations, assign roles and manage tactics. You can even save several Team Sheets, allowing you to quickly select the appropriate setup to exploit your opponent’s weakness, or rest your star players for future games. Work on your Game Plan ahead of kick off so you have a strategy against whatever your opponent’s throw at you.


FIFA 20 uses an autosave feature that automatically saves your progress and most recent settings. Do no turn off your PlayStation 4 system while the autosave icon is displayed, or you will lose all unsaved information.


EA SPORTS VOLTA FOOTBALL takes football back to the streets, representing the authentic culture, creativity and style of the small-sided game. Build your character, express your style, and play various forms of free-flowing football in environments all over the world.


Express your style with an entirely new gameplay system grounded in football realism. Inspired by the authentic small-sided form of football played in streets, cages, and futsal courts around the world, VOLTA FOOTBALL offers new tools to immerse yourself in the flow of the street simplified flicks and skills moves, new flair animations and even the option to use the wall as a teammate.


VOLTA FOOTBALL offers countless ways to personalize your player, from clothing, hairstyles and tattoos, to in0game celebratory emotes. Create your male or female player and showcase them across the various VOLTA FOOTBALL game modes—as you progress through VOLTA FOOTBALL, you’ll unlock more customization items.


VOLTA FOOTBALL brings the world’s football playgrounds to life. From the underpasses in Amsterdam, to the neighborhood cages of London, to the Tokyo rooftops, VOLTA FOOTBALL offers players a taste of the regional experience around the globe.


Customization is the center of VOLTA FOOTBALL. Play 3v3 Rush (No GKs), 4v4, 4v4 Rush, 5v5 or Professional Futsal, and further customize your game with different sized arenas and environments, with or without walls.



Take your favorite professional teams back to the streets. Play PSG vs. Olympique Lyonnais in Paris, the Madrid derby in the streets of Spain or Chelsea vs. Spurs in a London cage.


Build up your VOLTA FOOTBALL team by playing through Single Player Matches against community-generated squads in different match formats and locations. After each victory, you can recruit a player from the opposing team to build your squad’s skill and chemistry.


Take your player through a narrative-driven experience to face the international legends of street football. Earn rewards, customize your player and recruit for your squad, culminating in the VOLTA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP tournament in Buenos Aires.


Play through promotion and relegation with VOLTA LEAGUE. This new player-versus-player format places your team against others online, where wins lead to promotions into a higher division.

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT)

Build your dream squad in FIFA Ultimate Team, the most popular mode in FIFA. Throughout the season, FUT will connect fans to the world of football with content directly influenced by the sport’s real-world performance.


In Season Objectives, our brand-new mode, every match matters for your short- and long0term goals of the year. These objectives offer a wide range of gameplay challenges, including new objective time limits of one hour to one year. Objectives can be grouped together, which makes them more rewarding and unlocks new reward types.

New Objective types include:

Season Objectives

Season Objectives are grouped objectives that refresh every month. You earn XP by completing the challenges, which furthers your progression through the Season tiers and gives you better rewards.

Milestone Objectives

Milestone Objectives are long-term objectives that reward Milestone moments in your FUT Club history.

Foundation Objectives

Foundation Objectives help new players start their FUT journey with objectives centered around building and establishing a new FUT Club.


Create your perfect squad of past and present superstars with FUT Icons. Every Icon has three distinct Eras that reflect the different phases of their careers, as well as a Special Icon Moment that references one of their standout performances. There are 89 Icons, including legendary players like Zinedine Zidane, Kaka, Didier Drogba and Andrea Pirlo.

FUT FRIENDLIES FUT Friendlies is the home of House Rules, connecting players to their Friends and the FUT community with new and returning rulesets. Experiment with your team without having to manage injuries or contracts, and without fear of impacting your Win/Loss Ratio!

Social play is at the heart of FUT Friendlies’ competitive and cooperative modes:

Couch Play

Compete in teams of four with your friends or AI in Standard or House Rules. The opposing team can be one of your friends’ squads, the FUT Team of the Week or a community team.

Play Online

Take on a random member of the FUT community in an Online Single Match with Standard or House Rules.

Play a Friend

Take on a Friend and their Ultimate Team in Standard or House Rules.

Players can maintain their ultimate bragging rights with our in-depth head-o-head stat tracking system.

SQUAD MANAGEMENT Customize your Club on and off the pitch. In FIFA Ultimate Team, you are in total control of your team, from formations and tactics setups to handpicking your next star, all while balancing your team’s Chemistry.

Your decisions aren’t just limited to the Pitch—personalize your team with Club Customization options. This year, we’ve added new Kits, Club Crests, Stadium Dressings, Banners, TIFOs, and celebrations to make your FUT Club truly yours.


In Squad Battles, play for a spot on the weekly leaderboard. You will encounter new lists of opponents throughout the day, created by real players around the world. This year, we’ve made improvements to Squad Battles with a focus on helping players climb the Leaderboards on their own terms. By removing the daily cap, players now have greater flexibility on when they compete in weekly matches.

FUT Team of the week will now be available as a Featured Squad Battle. And with Featured Squad Battles Rematch, players can replay that week’s Squad Battle to improve their previous score and climb the Leaderboards.

At the end of the competition, you will be awarded prizes based on your final rank—the higher the rank, the better the rewards! If you’re looking to boost your rank, Featured Squads can help. These Squads have been made by popular FUT community members or other players and clubs. After beating a Featured Squad you’ll be awarded with a set amount of points, no matter what difficulty you choose.


In Squad Building Challenges, you’ll test your Squad building abilities by creating Squads that match specific requirements. Once met, you can exchange your Squad for exciting rewards. You can play Squad Building Challenges on your console or take it with you on the Mobile Companion App!

DIVISION RIVALS Compete against online opponents to climb the ranks and win exclusive prizes in this brand-new competitive mode. First, you’ll compete in placement matches to earn your division spot. After that, you can go up against players in your division and earn points for each win. Weekly rewards are based on your division and total points, so compete often! Play well to climb the division ladder and qualify for the Weekend League.


FUT Champions brings you the highest level of head-to-head competition in FIFA Ultimate Team. Earn your competitive ranking, win rewards and reach for glory in FUT Champions!


Draft Mode is an alternative way to play FIFA Ultimate Team, where you can compete with football players you don’t own. You’ll draft a random selection of players available in FUT, including In Forms! Fill in each position to build your Squad, and then compete in a four-round, single-player or online multiplayer knockout competition. The higher you finish in the competition, the better of your rewards.

CHEMISTRY Chemistry is essential for a successful Ultimate Team. An all-star team will shine on the pitch, but you’ll need to balance your team’s Chemistry to truly maximize their performance.

Your team’s Chemistry Rating appears in the upper right corner of your Active Squad menu. Chemistry improves when players are in their preferred positions, and when players’ Nationality, League, and Club Chemistry match: green lines indicate strong Chemistry links between players. A good manager with high Loyalty will also improve your Chemistry. Swap around your players or add new ones to your Club to fin the ideal balance for your team!

Chemistry Styles

Every player has a Chemistry Style. By combining complementary Chemistry Styles, you’ll improve your team’s overall tactics. Arrows appear beside potentially affected attributes with specific Chemistry Styles, with green indicating an improved attribute. Styles that improve a player’s attributes remain until a new Style is applied. Chemistry Styles can be found in Packs and the Transfer Market.


Before a player can excel on the pitch, they’ll need Contracts to play matches. When viewing your Active Squad, highlight a player, open the Actions menu, and select “Apply Consumable” to give them a Contract. This menu also shows their status info and the remaining Contracts for each Player. Suggested Consumables will indicate when you need to apply a Contract to a player.

Players found in Pack start with seven Contracts; players in Starter Packs come with special, long-term Contracts (45 matches). One match uses up one of a player’s Contracts, but if a player in your substitutes or reserves doesn’t head onto the pitch at all, they won’t use up a Contract.


When you first in a Pack, they will have full Fitness. As you play matches, your players will tire and their Fitness levels will drop. Players with low Fitness won’t perform at their full potential and have a higher risk of injury.

To improve their Fitness level, highlight a player in the Active Squad menu, open the Actions menu, and select “Apply Consumable” to provide a Fitness item; from here, you can see the Fitness level of each player. The Suggested Consumables feature will notify you when you need to apply a Fitness improvement item.

Another way to recover a player’s Fitness level is to place them in the substitutes or reserves section of your Squad. Players not used in a match will recover some of their Fitness.

TRANSFER MARKET The Transfer Market is the hub for purchasing, listing and selling items, as well as finding new players to increase your Squad’s overall Chemistry Rating. Filter players by Name, Nationality, League, Club, Quality, Position, Chemistry Style or Pricing to easily find the ideal footballer to complement your Active Squad.

Select KICK OFF from the play screen to jump straight onto the pitch and take on any club or national team in the game. Match Day will automatically update teams with their latest formation and starting lineup, as well as adjust the ratings of Players to represent their recent performances. Match Day requires a connection to EA servers. Kick Off has the following match types:

Mystery Ball

Each mystery ball carries a unique goal value that may increase as the match is played.

King of the Hill

Battle for possession inside a randomly spawning box to increase your goal bonus.


When you score, you lose a random player (to a maximum of 4).

Long Range

Goals scored outside the box are worth double.

Headers & Volleys

Only goals from headers, volleys and direct from set pieces count.

First To

Play a first to 1-5 goals/s match, where any mistakes are costly.

No Rules

No fouls and no offsides!

Best of Series

Set up a best of 3 or 5 series to determine the real couch champion!

Cup Final

Just straight into one of many cup finals. No one will know you skipped a few rounds!

No matter how you play, with our stat tracking feature you’ll be able to compete long into the night to see who is the best at FIFA 20!
CAREER Career is an immersive experience that offers you’re the chance to play through a lifelong football career. Career is split into two different areas—Manager and Player.

NEW TO CAREER This year, Career will provide its most visual experience yet. There’ll be new scenes for Press Conferences pre- and post- match, more settings for transfers and, las but not least, unique menu visuals when playing with teams for LaLiga, Premier League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 Conforama or MLS.

Fueling the newly added Press Conferences and Player Conversations is the new and improved Morale System, which adds more complexity to the dynamics of your club. Keeping the morale of your players high will also improve their performance, while a team with low morale will perform at a lower level.


If FIFA 20, your managerial career will be more immersive than ever. With our new Morale System, you’ll navigate Press Conferences and Player Conversations to strengthen your team and your reputation.

Take control of the financial side of your favorite club. Scout for high potential Players, keep Players and the Board happy, manage the budget and make key Player and Squad decisions as you take your club to the top. If you do well, you will also get the chance to manage a national team and compete in international competitions, such as the FIFA World Cup.

As the newly appointed Manager, you can choose to participate in immersive, real-time transfer and contract negotiations with other club representatives and agents. Alternatively, you can choose a delegate any negotiations from the new Transfers in FIFA 20 also feature bonuses and clauses, such as Sell-on Fees, Release Clauses and more.

Here are a few things you can expect to be in charge of as a Manager:

Press Conferences (New)

A brand-new feature for FIFA 20, the Pre-and Post- Match Press Conferences are an immersive and interactive way to shape the future of your club. Dynamically generated talking points ensure that all dialogues are relevant and cater towards each player’s journey.

Player Conversations (New)

Player Conversations are the main point of contact between the manager and the players. These conversations cover a wide array of topics in which the manager will have to navigate the relationships and expectations of the players, the club board themselves.

Manager Customization (New)

In FIFA 20, players can individually express themselves by using in-depth customization tools to create their manager’s avatars. For the first time, players can choose their gender, and can change their avatar’s look and outfits at any point in their Career.

League-Based Customization

This year, you can enjoy authentic league branding with specifically tailored UI for the Premier League, LaLiga, Ligue 1 Conforama, Bundesliga, and the MLS.

Total Club Management

As the newly appointed Manager, you will be responsible for more than just your team’s success on the pitch—you’ll also be expected to work with the Board on multiple aspects of running a football club. You will be given short- and long-term goals across a variety of categories, including financial objectives, expanding the brand of your club and even growing the youth development program. The importance of each category will vary from club to club, so make sure you pay special attention to what is most critical to club success in the eyes of the Board.

Player Training

Train players to ensure they’re prepared for game day. Various drills cover all categories your players need to be successful on the pitch. Monitor your team’s trainable Attributes, Current Growth and Potential Growth.

Global Transfer Network

Send scouts to different countries to scout the leagues and set Scouting Instructions to find players who fit your criteria. Once you’ve found possible recruits, assign a scout to watch them and make the best decision for your team.

Team Sheets

You can create multiple match day Squads to fit any scenario you encounter out on the pitch. You can create a Squad for your own league, domestic cup or continental cup. Just visit the Squad panel and rename your Squads to suit their styles and help you remember when to put them to use!


Create a Player or take control of a single professional footballer as you play in leagues, cups, and continental competitions to improve your skills and ultimately represent your national team. You’ll receive in-game emails from your team’s Manager and Board about their expectations, and you can even train your Player with practice drills to expedite their growth. You may also choose to retire and continue your career as a Manager.

Improve your football skills by completing challenges that test specific maneuvers, such as chip shots, free kicks, and dribbling. As you master these abilities, you unlock Skill Challenges to become Legendary at each proficiency. Compare yourself to Friends and others on the leaderboards for extra motivation as you progress through the levels.

FIFA 20 uses gameplay analysis to provide personalized Skill Game recommendations! This feature identifies areas of improvement in your games, and the recommends a related Skill Game for you to fine-tune your abilities. The recommended Skill Games are provided before offline matches and within EATV. A connection to EA servers is required to receive recommended Skill Games.


From the Play screen, select PRACTICE ARENA (under Skill Games) to perfect your dribbling and shooting skills against the goalkeeper, or practice set pieces by press the dpad down, left, up, or right button while on the practice pitch. You can even choose whom to play with via the Play screen.


Seasons offers ranked online matches and the most competitive gameplay. As you play through 1- games per season, try to earn enough points to avoid relegation and gain promotion to the next division—or even win the division title. It won’t be easy! Higher divisions mean tougher competition and promotion thresholds, so get ready for a true football challenge.


In Co-Op Seasons, team up with a friend to take down other teams in online 2v2. You can have separate seasons on the go for each of your friends.

Relegated this season? Now you have a friend to blame it on!


Join or create a Pro Club to play alongside Friends and other FIFA 20 players in online gameplay.

Compete in 10 games per season with your Club and try to gain promotion through the league divisions. Create and grow your online Pro by competing in Club or Drop-In matches. Teamwork is key if you’re going to score goals, win matches, and create the best Pro Player possible.

Drop-In matches are a great start to grow your Player. When you’re ready, look for a Club on the Recommended Club screen that lists the people who follow you and which Club they belong to. You can also create your own Club and invite people you follow to join. As the Manager of a Club, you can access the Transfers screen to review Club invites. As your Pro grows, review your stats and progress under My Pro.


This year, FIFA 20 is adding House Rules Cups to Pro Clubs. Play games with these special rule sets to add a spin to your games!

No Rules

No offsides, no fouls and no bookings.


When a team scores a goal, one of their players is randomly ejected from the match. Al players will be ejected first. Goalkeepers cannot be ejected. Each team can earn up to two red cards before the match is forfeited.

Long Range

Goals scored inside the box count for 1 point—goals scored outside the box count for 2 points.

Headers & Volley

Only goals made from headers or volleys count for points (free kicks and penalties also count).

King of the Hill

Maintain possession inside a randomly spawning box to increase your goal bonus. Your goal value decreases when you’re outside the box. Nets start out locked, so goals will only count when you’ve achieved one goal bonus.

Mystery Ball

When the ball goes out of play, it may return as one of five “Mystery Balls,” giving its carrier a powerful boost in one category: Shooting, Passing, Dribbling, Speed, or All. Mystery Balls also carry a goal value that increases throughout the match.

ONLINE FRIENDLIES Invite a Friend to play a match online and track your rivalry through five-game seasons to prove who has the most skills on the pitch—earn the most points over the five games to hoist the trophy. Keep the competition going with a new season as you try to defend your title or take it away from your Friends!

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