FIFA 21 PC System Minimum & Recommended Specs

FIFA 21 PC Specs

FIFA 21 PC System Requirements were announced. Find out the minimum and recommended specs to run the new EA Sports title. If you plan to play FIFA 21 in your PC system or laptop, you should check first if your machine meet, at least, the minimum specifications. Below are the system requirements and a small guide to help you to check your PC specifications.


FIFA 21 PC Minimum Speficiations

If your PC doesn’t meet these system requirements, it won’t be able to run FIFA 21

These are the minimum specifications your machine should meet to run FIFA 21:

OS: 64-bit Windows 7/8.1/10
Processor (AMD): Athlon X4 880K @4GHz or Equivalent
Processor (Intel): Core i3-6100 @3.7GHz or Equivalent
Memory: 8 GB
Graphics card (AMD): Radeon HD 7850 or Equivalent
Graphics card (NVIDIA): GeForce GTX 660 or Equivalent
Online Connection Requirements: 512 KBPS or faster Internet connection
Hard-drive space: 50 GB


FIFA 21 PC Recommended Specifications

If your PC doesn’t meet these system requirements, it won’t be able to run FIFA 21 perfectly

These are the recommended specifications your machine should meet to run FIFA 21:

OS: 64-bit Windows 10
Processor (AMD): FX 8150 @3.6GHz or Equivalent
Processor (Intel): Core i5-3550 @3.40GHz or Equivalent
Memory: 8 GB
Graphics card (AMD): Radeon R9 270X or Equivalent
Graphics card (NVIDIA): GeForce GTX 670 or Equivalent
Online Connection Requirements: Broadband Connection
Hard-drive space: 50 GB

FIFA 21 PC System Minimum & Recommended Specs

How do I know if my PC can run FIFA 21?

Test your machine without any effort

If you want to know if your machine can run FIFA 21, follow one of the following procedures.


Using a third party software

FIFA 21 is featured on System Requirements Lab’s Can You RUN It? page. Follow the link to have the page automatically check your computer specs. Note that FIFA U Team does not own or operate System Requirements Lab’s Can You RUN It page and any use of it will be done at your own risk, nor will we able to affect any changes to their page or system.

How to do it:
1 Go to Can You Run It? page;
2 Write ‘FIFA 21’ in the first box;
3 Click in the ‘Can You Run It?’ blue button;
4 Download the desktop app;
5 Run it.


Check your computer system’s specifications yourself

If you have a decent knowledge about your machine, you can check yourself its specifications and compare with the FIFA 21 PC system requirements.

How to do it:
1 Open the Start menu or a Windows Explorer window and right click Computer;
2 Click on the Properties option at the bottom of the pull down menu – this will open a window with details about your operating system, processor, and memory (RAM);
3 Compare your specifications with the FIFA 21 PC system requirements. As long as your computer meets the minimum requirements, it can run FIFA 21 on modest settings. However, the recommended specifications will give you the best experience.


137 thoughts on “FIFA 21 PC System Minimum & Recommended Specs”

  1. Salut j’ai un PC portable :
    Windows 10 x64
    Processeur: I5 3230M 2.60Ghz
    Ram: 8go
    Carte graphique duo:
    – Geforece GT 740M (Principal), 2Go
    – Intel HD 4000 (secondaire) 35 mb

    Fifa 21 est il compatible? Svp…

  2. Hi guys, with a 4.0 GB ram, intel(R) Core(TM) i3-500U CPU @ 2.00GHz, and a 64 bit window 10 pro, can I run fifa21

  3. Can I run fifa21 ..
    4th gen intel core i5 at 2.7ghz base speed and 3.4ghz turbo boost ,
    8gb ram ,
    Nvidia gtx 850m with 2gb vram
    1tb hard disk

  4. HP elite book 6930p upgraded to 8g ram(4g+4g) processor Intel(R) core (TM)2 Duo CPU P8700 @ 2.53GHz 2.53GHz system type 64 -bit operating system. Can it run FIFA 21?

  5. ihave a i5 1076G1 8gb RAM ddr4 and intel UHD graphics & ssd hard disk Can I run it?

  6. Can I run FIFA 21 on AMD A10 Lenovo IdeaPad 8gb ram 628gb space and 4gb graphics card and smooth display

  7. Can it run in a PC with
    Intel(R) graphic 4600
    Ram 8 GB, 500HDD
    Core i5, 4 generation @2.6 Ghz
    64- bit operating system

  8. Can i run fifa 21 on nvidia mx 450 GDDR6 2gb ram, i5-11th gen please answer planning to buy tomorrow

    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      Probably yes but the best you can do is to test it in toll published on this page.

  9. hello i have core i7 gen 2, ram 24 ddr4, graphic 1024 mb hdd 500 gb can i play fifa 21??

  10. halo.. i have some problem with fifa 21, when i play this game always crash.. i play with my laptop Asus N551ZU specs like this
    Processor : AMD FX 7600P Radeon R7
    GPU : R9 M280x
    Ram : 8GB ddr3

    in the recommeded system requirement CPU is intel i5 -3550 or AMD FX 8150 and GPU is nvidia GTX 670 or AMD R9 270x and 8GB ram.. but when i look on amd radeon software, in compatibility “game fifa 21 does not meet minimum requirement” can you help me ?..
    thank you

    1. Can I play fifa 21 on my laptop with 4gb Ram +2gb dedicated graphics +500Gb HDD

  11. Osei Emmanuel

    My core i5 with 2.60ghz with dual graphic car Intel hd 4000 with Nvidia Nvs 5200m can I run Fifa 21 on it

  12. elder Bowes Lyon

    i have a ryzen 9 3900x and a rx 6800xt 25gb hd 2tb ssd 500gb i’m the son of queen elizabeth

  13. Hi. After reading few of above comments I also have a Desktop PC with i3-3220 @ 3.30 GHz 8 GB RAM & my graphics Card GTX 960 2GB RAM. Will I be able to run the game? Since this time there is no demo I could not test it and before buying the game want to know if I can run or not?

    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      Yes, you will. Just for safety, you should run the test published on this page.

  14. I just downloaded FIFA 21 after that it needed activation key I enter it then it said wrong activation code even though I entered them correctly any suggestions?

      1. I asked new ones it still gave me the same issue eish

        Or maybe which website can I download FIFA 21 where they’ll not need verification code?

        1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

          FIFA 21 is only available via official sources: PSN store, Microsoft marketplace, Origin and Steam.

          1. Thanks bro does this mean I can just load maybe 70-100GB then download it with my data nothing will be needed?

  15. My acer nitro 5 laptop with, gtx 1050 and 20gb ram

    have an issue of in game fps drops performance when playing fifa 21

    any idea how to solve it?

    1. before this i just use 8gb ram and it was smooth to play fifa 21 with medium settings, then i upgrade it into 20gb ram with the same setting the performance goes really bad. i have no idea wht happen

  16. Hi guys, my pc has 8 gb ram, core i5 graphics card Radeon TM 8490 and Intel HD 4600 so will it be able to run FIFA 21?

  17. Richard Baffour Akoto

    Intel(R)core(TM)i7-2820Qm CPU 2.30hz 2.30ghz, RAM 8GB graphics card NViDIA Geforce GT 540m dedicated video memory 1024MB please can run FIFA 21?

  18. Hello! I have an intel i7-4790 3.6gh cpu with 8gb ram. But my gpu is an nvidia Geforce GT 630. Can i run it without problems? Thanks!

  19. i have a amd ryzen5 2600x with gtx 1660 super 16gb ram.
    will i be able to run fifa 21 smoothly???

  20. I have a i3 3220 3.30 GHZ 12gb ram and GTX 650. Can I run FIFA 21? I am playing 20 Smoothly, I am confused about 21.

    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      You have a good PC but I’m not sure about your graphic card. Please, run the test to check it.

  21. I’ve got Dell Inspiron. Core i5 ….Nvidia 4gh graphics card , 8gb ram . 3.9ghz..turbo boost. Can I play FIFA 21 smoothly

  22. Please am using Acer aspire e 15 with 2.5 to 3.1ghz turbo boost 8 gig ram ddrr4 and 2 gig dedicated Nvidia GTX 950m core i5 7th gen

  23. I’ve got Xeon CPU, 2000 NVidia Graphics card, 24GB RAM, 500GB HDD
    Good enough ?

  24. I got i7-8550U, AMD Firepro W9100 Adapter, 16 GB ram in Window 10. WIll i be able to play?

  25. I have 12Go RAM AND i7-3520M , 2Go vram NVIDIA quadro k1000M, i will able to run FIFA 21 ?

  26. Will Fifa 21 run on Windoes 7 64 bit? My PC matches all other specs for the game..its just that it is Windows 7 64 bit

  27. Hi admin, i am using a HP Pavilion Gaming, 8gb ram, Processor AMD Ryzen5 3550H, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 3gb. Will it run Fifa 21?

      1. I am using a 4th gen hp Lapton core i3 intel processor 2.0 and 64bit 1tb hard disk and a 8 gig ram can it run fifa 21

  28. I am using a hp intel laptop, i7-5500U, 8gb ram, Radeon R7 gpu, do you know if i can run fifa 21?

  29. I’m using core i7 4790 20 gig ram ,Nvidia gtx 750ti 2G can i run at max graphics

  30. Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4600U CPU @ 2.10GHz (4 CPUs), GT 720m and 8 ram can run fifa 21

  31. Hi,guys FIFA 19 plays smoothly on my PC 2.6 & 2.9GHZ & a Maximum Turbo Speed of 3.3GHZ 8GB RAM NVidea 730m

    So sometimes while m busy playing it tells me about direct X function when I check into my game launch settings it set to direx 11 so should I set it to auto or direx 12 in order to solve this issue but it happens after a couple of days m playing my game daily?

    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      Hi. The best is to try both situations. Most of the times, ‘auto’ is good enough.

    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      Most likely it will. You can test yourself following the service we show you on this page.

  32. Hi guys my is core i3 -4000 2.4ghz 8gb ram 1gb decidated video ram will my pc play

  33. Hi,guys my PC is 10 GB RAM has cores i7 .. with NVidea Gtx 570M so will I be able to run FIFA 21?

    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      You have a super PC but probably it won’t be good enough because of the graphic card.

      1. I got i3-6th gen, 8gb RAM, 2 gb graphics GT-710(Nvidia). Will fifa 21 run on my pc?

    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      Not 100% sure. We suggest opening the ‘Can You Run It’ page and try for yourself, as explained o this page.

      1. Well he’s got a GT 1030 which is Nvidia’s latest budget gpu released in 2017 it has 2gb vram
        also he got 8gb ram
        the only thing he lacks is the processor GHZ, i3 3220 has 2 cores 4 threads and has 3.30 ghz. same config like mine but i have i5 3570 and 16 gb ram. does it look like he can run it?
        does Ghz really matter?

        1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

          In fact, Ghz is not the most important aspect but for a good performance you should meet the requirements.

  34. Hi,guys my PC is 8GB RAM has 2cores 2.6 & 2.9GHZ maximum turbo speed of 3GHZ with NVidea Gt Force 730M so will I be able to run FIFA 21?

      1. Thanks.So on this PC 8GB RAM with 2 cores 2.6 & 2.9GHZ and maximum turbo speed of 3.3GHZ with NVidea Gt force 730m FIFA 19 plays nicely as default(launch game) Settings so should I I set them to lower or I should leave it like this?
        Another question wanted to know is this pc is recommended as low end PC,meeting minimum requirements or recommend PC?

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