FIFA 21 Support Team – Help by Phone, Email, Chat or Other Contact

Get help directly from the official FIFA 21 Support Team by phone, chat, email or any other contact method. Discover when, where and how to make your questions, complaints and suggestions.


When to Contact the EA Sports FIFA 21 Support Team

The issues the game advisors are ready to deal

When you purchase a game, you are entitled to an after-sales service. In the case of FIFA 21, this is done through the EA Sports FIFA 21 Support Team.

Game Advisors
They are the bridge of help and advice between you and Electronic Arts. Their job is to answer all your questions about the game and explain to you what you should do to solve your problems. To specific technical issues, they have the support of the game specialists.

Find out in what situations you should ask for help from a game advisor from the EA Sports FIFA 21 Support:
– If you purchased FIFA Points but you didn’t received them;
– If you got any item stuck on your FIFA 21 Ultimate Team trade pile or watch list;
– If your FIFA 21 players have disappeared;
– If there was a problem with your qualification for the Weekend League;
– If you have problems loading the game or accessing your account;
– If you have any other billing issue, question, problem, complaint or suggestion about the game.

More Support
Game advisors are not the only way to get support for FIFA 21. You should use the other available channels when your account and your game experiencing are not being strongly affected.


How to Get FIFA 21 Help

What do you have to do to contact the FIFA 21 Support Team?

To contact the EA Sports FIFA 21 Support Team and talk with a game advisor that will assist you, just need to follow these three simple steps:

1 Click here and select your platform.

FIFA 21 Support Team - Help by Phone, Email, Chat or Other Contact

2 Select the topic and the issue.

FIFA 21 Support Team - Help by Phone, Email, Chat or Other Contact

3 Choose one of the contact options available. They may vary depending on your region.

4 If you select Get a call, you will need to enter your name, phone number and email address so a Game Advisor can contact you.
5 If you select Chat, you will connect directly to a Game Advisor.
6 If you select E-mail Me, you will be redirected to an incident page in which you will need to fill the subject, the description, the category of the problem and your name.
7 If you select Call EA Help, you will have to wait on hold, until you get an Advisor available to take your call.

FIFA 21 Support Team - Help by Phone, Email, Chat or Other Contact
(1) If you are not from UK, please select your country / language from the top left corner of step 1 screen.
(2) Calls may be charged according to your country rates.
(3) In order to go to step 3, you need to be logged in into your Origin account. In the previous steps, you can check the top right corner to see if you are logged in.


Support Contacts and FIFA 21 Help

The FIFA 21 support channels available

There are other ways to contact the EA Sports FIFA 21 support team and to find relevant information to help you in the understanding of the game. Here they are the main ones:

If you want to know more about FIFA 21, you need to read our comprehensive guides. They are the best ones!

If you bought the game, you can check the ‘Need Help?’ chapter of your manual and see the FIFA 21 support channels they have available to you.

Depending on your region, you may also find a support phone number in the back cover of your FIFA 21 DVD. This support channel is specific for the region where you bought the game.

This is a website where you can find frequently asked questions about the game.

This is a community initiative to have players share their gaming expertise with other players and that can also be useful to you.

Need a quick tip? Reach out on Twitter of EA Support.

Post on Facebook where the online game experts are available and ready to help you.

Real time chat with a Game Advisor. It may not work properly if you are not logged on into your Origin account.

You can contact the EA Sports FIFA 21 Support team directly by phone. Just call them during operating hours. Here are the most popular FIFA 21 Support Hotlines:
FIFA 21 Support Team - Help by Phone, Email, Chat or Other Contact +61 3 8820 5177 | Monday-Friday from 9am to 6pm AEST
+0720 883349 | Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
FIFA 21 Support Team - Help by Phone, Email, Chat or Other Contact +0720 883349 55+(11) 3958-5683
FIFA 21 Support Team - Help by Phone, Email, Chat or Other Contact +02 808 45 90 | Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
FIFA 21 Support Team - Help by Phone, Email, Chat or Other Contact +420 228 880 676 | Monday-Friday from 9h to 18h CET
+44 203014 1818 | Monday-Saturday from 9am to 9pm GMT
+04 81 68 08 08 | Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
+0221 37050193 | Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
+02 89877571 | Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
+0570 081800 | Everyday from 11am to 7pm
+020-8083219 | Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
+64 9951 8377 | Everyday from 9am to 9pm AEST
+48 223 970 840 | Monday-Friday from 9h to 21h CET
+308 800 880 | Monday-Friday from 9h to 18h CET
+ 7 (495) 642 73 97 | Monday-Friday from 11h to 23h GMT+3
+421 233 418 468 | Monday-Friday from 9h to 18h CET
+911 230 490 | Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
+0225 181005 | Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
+0870 2432435 | Everyday from 9h to 22h GMT


How well does the FIFA 21 Support Work

What can you expect from the FIFA 21 Support team?

First of all, we want to help you to choose the best contact option for your case. In our opinion, you should avoid using e-mail because they take much more time to give you an answer. Many times you don’t even get one. Calling the FIFA 21 support by phone is a better option but the waiting time is large, it may be expensive and you don’t get a proof. That’s why we strongly recommend choosing ‘Chat’ if it is available in your region. It’s free, usually fast and you can read the transcription any time in your Origin account.

To explain how well does the EA Sports FIFA 21 Support work, we need to analyse their effectiveness and the waiting time. Both depend on the type of help you need.

They are supposed to fix your issues in no more than 15 days but they take much more time in many cases. For easy issues, like unblocking a club you erased five times, they are really useful and they can do it on time. However, for more complex issues, like restoring a corrupted club, they take many months and most of the times they don’t fix it. It is really painful to contact their support about this kind of issues because it involves a lot of people from different departments and they just ask us to wait until somebody fixes it, which almost never happens. Avoid these situations, ask for a solution during your contact and, if possible, ask them to contact the specialist while you are connected to them. Don’t blindly trust in the game details provided by this service. Dozen of players reported us wrong information shared by them.

If you are contacting the FIFA 21 support by phone, don’t forget to take note of the number case because you should use it the next time you contact them about that issue. You can consult your closed and opened cases in your Origin account. Just go to, check if you are logged in, select ‘Manage Your Account’ and then ‘My Cases’.

Just a final suggestion: according to EA Support, when you reply to a case in progress from your Origin area, it sends you back to the last position in the waiting list. That’s why we recommend to contact them directly when you are trying to know the progress of your case.

FIFA 21 Support Team - Help by Phone, Email, Chat or Other Contact

Just one more thing: good luck! You will need it.

95 thoughts on “FIFA 21 Support Team – Help by Phone, Email, Chat or Other Contact”

  1. I opened a pack that I won, but the contents were not added to my team!!!
    I tried to open a case 3 times, but nobody is helping!!!
    What can be done?
    I tried the chat, but the support told me they can’t help…

  2. Danny Holland

    I have won loads of games on Volta but I am not getting up divisions still div 6, there is no green tick I have gone 30 and 0 reached rank 1 in two events and still not moving up… it’s the last trophy I need to platinum fifa 21, please can someone help

  3. Anton Higgins

    need help, if I discarded a player accidently and have no recovers on the companion app, how can I recover that item?.

  4. Win/lose streak on fifa 21 is a joke whoever thought about putting it in needs to get sacked useless p#@k

  5. Within the past week I went from being able to win division rivals with a decent team. To now not being able to pass the ball when I have the ball, players too to be very slow, tactics don’t work, get called offside even when players are onside. Goals won’t go in yet I pressed every correct. Getting fed up with playing as team with lower player rating or 80 are suddenly better than a 89 rated team.

  6. Hi All,

    Why i’m not getting skill point in pro player. My friend are getting but i’m not. Please help

  7. I want to complain about this ridiculous online part of fifa 21. It is a disgrace. The connection is all wrong it keeps cutting. Sometimes the team you play with plays well and then they are crap. Matching players is all wrong. Some players once they get ahead they wont play and wait for the time to run down and then I forfit and loose ponts. Sometimes the kits ate too close in colour to make out which team is mine. This is a very very disappointing and frustrating game online. I wouldn’t even rate it because it is really poor and will not be recommending this game to anyone.

  8. My acccount was recently hacked.

    Despite being a customer since Fifa 1995, there is nothing EA can do.

    I am absolutely disgusted by the service level shown here. Despite confirming that my account was hacked, no further action will be taken. I have lost 100s of hours of gameplay and money spent.

    Disgusting service. I will never purchase Fifa again

  9. I just wanted to know why are the bots online not consistent its happning alot were the bots on my side are rubbish but opposition bots are really good should they not all be the same level

  10. Why does my fut app say i need to make a FUT CLUB which I’ve done but still not working?

  11. Played 3 squad battles and was winning every1 then all 3 times the serves went down and so didnt get my points or my objectives think this can happen 3 times is wrong think ea only want top players to get objectives now

  12. Josemaria bennett

    Hey when is the Nathan ake showdown card be upgraded it’s been 5 days now?

  13. Stuart Willmott

    Support ruined my game experience I had my PSN account hacked my team was sold by coin harvesters. I phoned support they told me my account had been actioned correctly and now I’m banned from the transfer market the whole experience is infuriating and cost £65 in phone calls

  14. Hi, when all the tots packs are out, will the players also be in the my packs i got myself or just in the promo packs.


  15. Why the hell is match fixing still a thing because I haven’t been able to complete the choudhury fit birthday because I haven’t been able to get the wins or goals with the English players

  16. I had a party bag and the player I had is gone off my squad and idea the reason it’s gone?

  17. i was just trading i followed the tos but i still got market banned will i get unbanned

  18. Its not fair for some fifa players, you cant play against to another player who has a strong team like Mbappe or others good players in his squad. notice in fifa there are 2 kind of players. One player have a good team and the other a week team . Haw can you play against him in FUT when you have a week team, notice also when you buy some in my case for example they give me only shit players, how to built a good team to play against to a good team only with shit players. EA sports gave good players only to a blogger, ive seen a lot of them on youtube with very very good teams with 3 or 4 icons in squad. Its not fair for other players. EA should be equal with all players . This game was released 3 or 4 months ago and in one month some players build a very good team. How come? Does anyone knows how?

  19. Hi I have bought 1600 Fifa points for £10.79 of Fifa store and they haven’t be added on to my Fifa. I bought them to get a 75 k pack and that runs out in 7 hours. Money has left my bank to

  20. Hi, love fifa, only complaint is I’m fed up with starting games with a colour clash, their should be some kind of automatic thing to stop this… Keep doing what your doing and fan for life

  21. why is it when I load up fifa it says personal settings 1 failed to load and I can’t get on

  22. Can u explain u u take 5% of are coins when we sell a player ?

    And also why is it when I buy a player for 300k within a week if I was to sell I lose on average 10-20 k on the play why not put fixed prices on them and keep them at that?

  23. What a joke division rivals is if u win u get 950 points yet when some one rage quits u
    Get 680. Not to some the extra 270 may be need to achieve rank 1 by end of 30 games. Shorley u can change it that uf some one quits u are awarded the full 950 points

  24. I’m sorry, your FUT mode is a totally joke. I do have 84 rating , 100 Chem, I am playing against 86, 87 ratings with 100 Chem, my players are so slow and wobbly that is impossible to play. How come I do have players like Timo Werner and Rafinha etc with 91 pace and they barely stand on their feet. The other teams I play against with, they fly and are agile. I have 14/16/20 shots on target, 60% possession and can’t even score 1 goal because the players don’t move! Tactics change randomly during the game, players don’t react as instructed. F*ck it! It’s ridiculous this FUT mode, shame on you to have done such a crap, unrealistic and unfair mode. I’m done with it.

  25. Hey it happened a couple of times already that i completed a season objective and that i was getting a pack as reward but when i go to the store my pack is gone.

  26. The fifa 21 games can be good but how come there isn’t more country clubs like Chile,Colombia or other South American club and other Asian clubs, and why i can not transfer or add players in boca junior club and I can’t get on there mode? And why does the commentary say any brizailian players names that a shame because in fifa 20 it does so if you can get back to with my answers please thank you as I do enjoy the game?

  27. my name is david.i qualified for fut champs on the weekend and got silver 1 and this morning when i was opening my rewards i never got any rede pick and i dont know why and i am very upset about this please get back to me as soon as possible

  28. Tobias Wilson

    Hi! May I come with a suggestion? I am very tired of people who are afraid of losing against me that always rangequit. When I have the lead f.eks 2-1, if they range quit I will of course win, but in other cases when I am down 0-2 and when I score the 2-2 goal they always rangequit because they think they will lose. If you could change that if the game is a framme and somebody rangequit the other player will automaticly win. Then more people will not rangequit when they are drawing a game. I understand if they are 3-0 down but so many bastard out there who know I will not win if they rangequit. Could you please change it? The same happens in WeekendLeague. Please do something about this! This is a really big problem

  29. Sam Richardson

    I have never played a game of ultimate team before and just started it and the transfer market is not open to me. So cannot improve my team.

  30. Hey , whenever I start my fifa 21 on my ps4 the game loads and then suddenly crashes showing the error CE-34878-0. I have downloaded it from the ps store. Pls do you have any solutions I would be grateful.

  31. i don’t know what to do, i can not complete a game as everytime i load into a game and finish the game no matter the result, it always days ea cannot process your request at this moment, i am trying to do an objective that expires very soon and this is happen, help soon.

    1. Ralph Drayson

      me too, i have won 13 games with my la liga side for icon swaps and only got 3 of the wins

    2. scott pickard

      Same problem I’m having on icon tokens I’m on the last game when apponemnt rage quits it kicks me out of ultimate team

  32. I have this captcha challenge and i can not get passed it to play fifa ultimate team!? Help pls!

  33. I played FUT champions this weekend and it says it would end at 8am Monday but today when I go in to claim my rewards, it doesn’t let me get them. It shows as if I didn’t play, how can I claim them?

  34. It is not letting me playing any fut champs or division rivals or squad battles matches! It says there is no game session available.

  35. I have lost my 415000 gold card player due to the lags in fut21 app, could you return my card due to the respect of my time and money invested into the game??

  36. Any news on why the mbappe ucl card is max buy now at 750k? And not 1.2 mil like is rare gold card?

      1. I already downloaded the apk and also downloads verification app almost 2 of them and played then but still it requires verification

        So what do I do

  37. Hey sir,

    I want to login in to the webapp but before i want to login i get a verification, the problem is that i don’t get an email with a code. I tried to change my email or use my phone number but before i eant to do that i have to verify my email but i don’t get one.

    Please help me

  38. Pro clubs on this game is literally the worst experience EVER. It literally blows my mind how bad the cpu defenders are, they literally give the ball away all of the time and just absolutely horrendous. Not to mention them playing so bad that the other team score 3 goals in 10 minutes. Even in division 9 I know for a fact that the competition is not that good to be doing this. This game is awful and they do nothing to enhance the experience from game to game. Fifa 20 was much better in my opinion and do not understand how they can literally make the game worse

  39. Joseph Sackett CarlLeaburnCAFC (gamertag)

    I have a Xbox one and play ultimate team, gamertag CarlLeaburnCAFC, although I’ve enjoyed the gameplay at the start I’m left disappointed with the packs after purchasing the early Ultimate edition. This isn’t the reason I’m contacting you. Rivals hasn’t worked properly since Saturday, check my wins the previous week!! Now, due to lag and the messed up Intime game play I haven’t been able to play properly and win, its very stressful and disappointing to say the least. I’m now losing my rank and will not get the achievements I should!! Can you A) Fix my connection issues so I can actually play the game I spent money on and B) Give me the same achievements I was rewarded the week before as that’s my standard!! not to mention the time I spend on FIFA. I feel at the very least this as little compensation. I’ve spent lots of money over the years and play this with my 10, 13 & 14 year old and have bought the game religiously since the age of 12 myself, I’m now 39. I missed the last game, FIFA 20 due to previous disappointment but decided to buy this one as i do LOVE FIFA. I was as previously mentioned very impressed AT FIRST but now feel this will be ignored AND NO compensation or reply will happen !! Its really difficult to get hold of someone to answer me or indeed FIX the problem. PLEASE HELP..

  40. Hi I bought the 21 Champions Edition and it said that i will get 2 packs per week for the first 12 weeks but so far i only got 2 packs in the first week, last week and this week i only got one pack? Can anyone help please

    1. Hi. With Champions edition you only get 1 pack per week. Probably, the first time you received two because one is assigned the first time you play and the other was the weekly pack.

  41. Absolutely sick to death of the glitches in this game freezes games making me look bad every single game it is get this fixed or I will never buy another FIFA game on any platform

  42. Hello this is me again but for my last message i forgot to mension my online id and platform-i play on playstation 4 and my ps4 id is overcharge-ren

  43. Hello ea I would just like to apologise for coin distribution but I was just tried help a freind out.Sadly my transfer market has been permanently baned but I hope you could un ban it.i promise I won’t do it again-thank you

  44. How come I cant buy any thing to do with portsmouth in the stadium crowds or in the match day nick names . Also how come you can’t search on any of the tabs apart from badges

  45. I cant buy players it says sothings wrong with connectig to ultimate team but i can still play games

  46. Harout Topajian

    Hello sir,

    Please note that I have won a Rivals match but then the screen froze and they made me lose the match. Kindly fix it cause I want my points ?

    My username is harout93

  47. Kishore Reddy

    Hi ,
    I’ve completed SBC – Let’s move forward . But I’m u able to redeem my rewards . Kindly resend my rewards to my account

    1. Matthew Groves

      Same here, best player I got was 79 overall. Just ridiculous I want my money back!

  48. I am unable to play friends, as soon as i enter the match the controler disconects, and i am unable to control my players

    Please advise

  49. How can I change the format from ps4 to xbox one can’t seem to find it as I started fifa 20 on ps4 but then changed to xbox many thanks

  50. hi, why is ALBANIA national team not in fifa. when are you going to put them on the game? ALBANIA should be in fifa 21 because they havnt been put in any fifa

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