FIFA 21 Transfer Market and FUT Store

FIFA 21 Transfer Market and FUT Store

Knowing how the FIFA 21 Transfer Market and the FUT store work are crucial for the success of your club in Ultimate Team. Keep reading to find out how to list an item, which taxes you have to pay and the filters you can use.


FIFA 21 Transfer Market

What you need to know about the FIFA 21 Transfer Market

FIFA 21 Transfer Market is a virtual auction-based marketplace where users can buy and sell tradeable FUT items such as players, consumables and stadium items. The Transfer Market is the hub for purchasing, listing and selling items, as well as finding new players to increase your Squad’s overall Chemistry Rating. At the Transfer market, you can search and filter players by Name, Nationality, League, Club, Quality, Position, Chemistry Style or Pricing to easily find the ideal footballer to complement your Active Squad.

To enter on the Transfer Market, please follow this path:
FUT Home Screen > Transfers > Transfer Market

Transfer Market is a place for trading FUT items and players. Users can buy new items from there as well as sell their own items in the market. To buy items from the transfer market, the targetted items need to either be bided with the bid price or with the buy now price for immediate buy. Once the bidding duration of an item is due, the highest bid price will win the auction. To sell items in the Transfer Market, the selling items need to be listed on the market with a Start Price (Minimum bid price), a Buy Now Price (A price for immediate buy and maximum bid price) and a Transfer Duration (The duration for your item to be available for bidding). Before listing an item on the transfer market, your item can be compared with exactly the same items or the similar ones on the market to see their market prices.

FUT features a a fee over any player-to-player trade. EA Sports takes 5% tax from each selling items at FUT Transfer Market once they are sold. The taxes are deducted from the final sale price that is given to the seller.

FIFA 21 Transfer Market

How to List Items on the FIFA 21 Transfer Market

What you need to do to list an item

FIFA 21 Transfer Market is

All FUT items that are tradeable can be sold and bought in the market. The Transfer Market has categorised these items for searching and listing under the following categories: players, consumables, staff and stadium items. For purchasing players and items from the transfer market, you need search for your item and filter your result by Name, Nationality, League, Club, Quality, Position, Chemistry Style or Pricing. For purchasing players, you can search for your player name, but for the other items, you need to select your item type. You can filter your search result by pricing. The pricing tab has four options to narrow down your result based on the items pricing:

Max. Price – The maximum bidding price your are looking for
Min. Price – The minimum bidding price your are looking for
Max. Buy Price – The maximum Buy Now price your are looking for
Min. Buy Price – The minimum Buy Now price your are looking for

To sell your FUT items, you need to list them on the Transfer Market using the option “List on Transfer Market”. This option is in My Club, Squads screen and anywhere you get “Actions” option on your cards. Take note that List on Transfer Market option is available only for the tradeable cards. To list an item on the market, you need set the following option for your card:

Starting Price
This is the price which your bid will start from. Depending on your item, this price can be set from 200 to 5,000,000 coins.

Buy Now Price
This price is set to give the buyer an option to buy your item immediately without bidding by paying the highest price you set.

The duration of your listing. After this duration, your item will be removed from the market if it’s not sold. The duration can be 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, 1 day or 3 days.

Compare Price
This option will gives you the ability to compare your items with similar ones in the market before you list yours.

After setting the value for the above option, you can list your selected item on the transfer market for bidding. The listed item will be there for the searching and bidding duration you set.


FUT Store

What is the FUT Store

FUT Store is a virtual store where you can purchase packs and FIFA Points from. Your reward packs and player picks are also being stored in the Store, which is accessible under FUT Home home screen under Store option.

Except for the packs in ‘My Packs’ storage tab, which is designated to keep your reward packs, nay other pack offered in the Store can be purchased by spending FIFA Coins and FIFA Points. For purchasing FIFA Point, you need to spend real money.

Inside the store you will the following tabs: find bronze packs, silver packs, gold packs, promos (promotional packs will appear here occasionally), FIFA Points (the purchase transaction will be done by your console platform’s online store) and My Packs (your reward packs are stored here, including Rivals and FUT Champions rewards, as long as FIFA 21 servers are alive, unless they are rewarded or gifted under some time period conditions).

FIFA 21 Transfer Market