FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Starting Guide – How to Start FUT 21?

FIFA 21 Starting Guide

If you want to start FUT 21 on the right foot, follow our tips and suggestions about how you should start off playing this game. Welcome to our FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Starting Guide.


FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Starting Guide

Introduction to our guide

For those who play or have played previous versions of FIFA Ultimate Team, there’s always that positive feeling that everything will start again. You’ll finally have the chance to start over from scratch, equally with others, knowing that you won’t make the same mistakes again. Everything now has to be perfect for you to be able to reach higher glory, sooner and long-lasting. Read on if you are prepared to rocket ahead of the pack or if you’re going to have another false start.

For those who are playing FUT for the first time, by reading this guide you are preparing yourself for the problems you may face. After all, Ultimate Team players are not so different to one another. Some are better traders; some control the players better on the field, but everyone has to be good club managers. Every club who has wishes of being successful has to create a base of sustainability. You have to do things at the right time. The beginning of FIFA 21 Ultimate Team is the single most important moment of the game.

Here’s our check-list on the ten things to do at the start of FIFA 21 Ultimate Team – the perfect way:

1 Prepare Yourself
2 Start as soon as possible
3 Customize Your Club
4 Sell all your cards
5 Collect even more coins
6 Start Trading
7 Buy Managers and Contracts
8 Form your Team
9 Play


Prepare Yourself

What to do before starting FIFA 21?


Before starting the season you have to prepare yourself. You have to plan it. The first thing to do is try to get to know the game. Is there anyone who has ever won a chess match without knowing the rules? Probably not. FUT 21 is a game like any other and it has (many) rules. The truth is you don’t need to know all of them, but the more you know the better the chances are of you being even more successful.

If it’s the first time you’re playing FUT, try learning some of the basics on our website as it is the biggest information spot about the game. It will be easier to follow our tips if you already have some knowledge. If you’ve played FUT 20 or a previous version, you will be looking forward to seeing what has changed and what is new.

In the planning stage it is good to know your own expectations. It may seem unnecessary and even too theoretical but all of us should take a couple of minutes to idealize what we want for our club. Do we want one or more teams? Is our objective to have the best players or do we want to try unknown ones? Are we going to stick with regular players or are we going to enhance them to the IF versions? Will we focus on the FUT Champions or will we play just for fun? Are we going to play with bronze, silver, gold or all of them? How much time will we play? Will we buy packs? How many coins will we need?

The more questions you can answer equals the better your approach to the game. The fulfilment of the tasks listed above will give you an edge to your approach that will equal enhanced results.


Start as Soon as Possible

FIFA 21 early access and other options


The sooner you start FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, your chances are greater of being successful. This is due to the beginning of the game being the most important time. With the passage of time the market will tend to become more and more stable. If you know what you’re doing you’ll get a good head start. It’s just a question of knowing how to identify the opportunities and being able to predict how the market is going to develop.

Your profit won’t just reflect in coins. If you do everything earlier, you will have bigger chances of forming a superior team compared to the competition and with that potentially win more games, which means more coins. With more coins you’ll build a better team and so on.

Starting early is the first step towards success, so how do you do it? Simple, we’ll show you with the various alternatives at your disposal.

1 Play the Beta
There are so many things to do when the game is launched and time is so short. If you want to be familiar with the game, follow these tips to improve your chances to be chosen to the FIFA 21 Beta.As you probably already know, the progress will not carryover to the final game but the experience will.

2 FUT 21 Web and Companion Apps
If you are a returning player it’s impossible to miss an opportunity of starting your season earlier. The FUT 21 Web App will be available from September 30, exclusively to the FUT 20 players who have created a Security Question and Answer on FUT console before August 14, 2020. You have to be there. You’ll receive a starter pack and some welcome packs based only upon your FUT 20 gaming activity. In the beginning, you’ll need all the cards you can get to start your first investments. If you haven’t bought the game, join the FUT 21 Web App. You will have free access to it until the game release date. There are too many benefits at stake not to.

3 EA Play
If you’re willing to gain a head start on the competition at all costs you could invest in an EA Play subscription. You won’t take advantage of the market seeing as how FUT 21 Web App will already be up and running (unless you’re a first time player), but you’ll be one of the first to collect coins from matches. If you’re a good player, you could achieve the most precious victories of the season.

4 Special Editions
Champions and Ultimate editions of FIFA 21 come with a few gifts that will boost your season start. Besides several players on loan, you also receive one or two 25k Rare Gold Packs per week, over 12 weeks. The best of all is that you can start claiming these offers right in the FUT 21 early access.

5 Buying FIFA Points
If money isn’t a problem for you, there’s a much simpler way of obtaining coins for your first investments: buying FIFA Points. If there is any right moment to do this it’s at the beginning of the game. The chances of getting a good regular item are the same, but they are more valuable in the first weeks.

6 Game Release
If you didn’t follow any of the first five alternatives for a good start, at least try to be active when the game is released. Worse than not being able to anticipate the competition is to allow yourself to get overcome by the majority. This is the time that more than 60% of gamers start playing. They are not just random players. Many of them are newcomers, eager to play but immature enough to drown the market with valuable items at low-cost prices. You have to be there to seize these opportunities. And have to be active as long as possible while it’s easy to buy and sell at great profit margins. That’s why it’s also important to start before this date to have time to study the market and be ready to attack it.

If you didn’t start early enough or if you just discovered the wonders of Ultimate Team mid-season, don’t worry because you’ll have the chance to build a good club. Not as great, but still good.


Customize Your Club

Give an identity to your club


There are a few steps before you start playing that allow you to customize your team a bit more:

– To choose the nationality of the best player from your starter pack;
– To choose a player on loan;
– To choose the main and the alternative kits;
– To choose the badge of your club.

Don’t forget that this year you also have a FUT Stadium to customize. More details about these first steps can be found here.


Sell all your cards

Start FIFA 21 from the beginning

As soon as you sign in for the first time, you’ll be gifted with some packs, kits and 10 x1,500 coins boost. The first pack, an untradeable Starter Pack, offers you everything your club needs to start: players, stadium, ball, badge and kits. Your FUT 20 gaming activity is also worth Gold Players Packs. The 12 items in each pack will be all gold – only one rare, for which these offers assume particular importance at the start of your club.

Once you’ve opened all your packs, this is when the game really starts. Seeing as how this is when you’ll have to make your first decisions. You were given the minimal conditions to create your club and you’ll have to know how to manage it with what you have. This is where most players make their first mistakes, sometimes deadly. They start playing and after seven games they can’t progress because the game rewards are insufficient to buy contracts.

To avoid this happening we advise the players to remain calm and to leave those first games for later. You can start playing after you’ve finished all the stages in the check-list. First, you have to make your club self-sufficient, and that is done with coins. This is the first great step: transforming all you have at your disposal in coins. As little as it is we need something to later transform it into more. You can choose to take another path but we suggest this one: sell all the items you received, except obviously the untradeable ones. You can use these ones to complete the first SBCs. But it doesn’t mean you have to do it at sale prices. Although time is money you don’t want to stay with your actives for stuck long, verify if there isn’t any valuable card you could sell for superior price than expected. This procedure will also allow you to make a team from scratch. Many gamers eventually build a team around one or two players that they get in a pack. Why should you do that if, by the same amount of coins, you can build a team without limitations?!


Collect even more coins

You will need all the coins you can get


The items you’ve sold are already good enough for a good start but if you can gather some more coins your growth in the game will be even faster. That’s why it’s important for you to waste no possibilities.

– Seasons
Start by going to the Seasons window. Especially at this stage, you should take advantage of everything that is free like Objective rewards. A few minutes should be enough to make a few coins.

– Trade Coins
If you have FUT 20 coins or another platform, try to find someone who’s interested in trading for FUT 21 coins. It won’t be easy and you’ll certainly be doing it for a disadvantageous ratio, but at least it’ll be worth some more coins for your first investment.


Start Trading

Make coins to build the team you want


Now that you’ve already got some coins it’s time to start multiplying them. You should start with safe investments but always leaving some coins aside in case anything goes wrong. Don’t worry about starting slow. You have a whole season ahead of you. The first sales are always the harder to make but as you become richer you’ll have to reinvest most of what you earned but always leave some coins aside to buy your first cards. But never stop trading: it’s part of the game so you should do it from the first to the last day.

There are variations in the market in the early days of the game. If this is the time you join the game it’s convenient that you know them.

First, it’s important to understand that in the first days of the market, which coincides with the first days of the Web App, the market is really scarce. In this time, it is really difficult to find good deals because all the gamers have experience from the previous years and because the cash flow in the market is too low. They are all waiting for the FIFA Points release and the first matches. If you’re one of the lucky few to receive a top player in a pack, which is highly unlikely, do not sell it. In a few weeks, he will be worth several times as much and you can capitalize on your asset. All players cards start at a much lower price and in just a few days the prices spike. Until the end of the game the price gradually lows, with some fluctuation due to special TOTW, TOTY, TOTS, transfer market, game updates, etc… It’s because of this initial effect of money shortage that it’s important to attack the market as soon as possible. If you get rich fast enough to still catch the season of low prices you’ll have your future in the game guaranteed.

For your first investments we recommend your first items to cost between 150 and 300 coins that you can sell with a profit of about 50%. The risk is really low and you will be avoiding the Price Ranges restrictions. The consumables are usually excellent targets for this end because you can store as many as you want. Remember that it’s very important to have coins or items on hold. This can hamper your success.

Start by studying the market. Tread carefully, especially in the first days of the market, you shouldn’t restrict selling and buying the cards in a certain schedule. The trading should be continuous.

Buy low, sell higher. That’s the magic formula to become rich. You just need to study the prices carefully. As soon as your staff and consumable cards have given you a profit bigger than 50k coins, you can then try widening your trading to players and spend some of those coins on the remaining things on our check-list.


Hire Managers

Ensure the sustainability of your team


Now that you have some coins it’s time to make the first investment for the exclusive satisfaction of your club. The managers and the contracts should be the first, because they normally represent small investments.

Managers are the only staff in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. They can be the solution to a problem you should manage with extreme caution: contracts. These are the only consumables you are forced to buy to be able to play. More importantly than getting cheap contracts is guaranteeing it affects the capacity to the max. This is thanks to managers in your club.

Most of the gold managers contributes with a raised percentage on all contracts: the rare gold with 3% and the non-rare with 1%. The silver rare manager also contributes 2%. You can hire managers so that the sum of your percentages equals 50%. This must be done in the cleverest possible way. Always choose the cheapest and for example check to see if there aren’t three non-rare gold managers cheaper than a rare golden one. The only thing that is important is hitting that 50% bonus at the cheapest possible price. As a reference, the 50% of bonus can be reached with an investment of 12,000 coins, which will save you 40 coins per game.

As we’ve told you, the contract cards have an important strategic role. If a player is injured, you can put him in the reserves until he becomes available, instead of on applying a healing item. That, however, is not valid when a player is without contracts. The only way of making him play again is applying a contract card. This has to be done. Period. That’s why it makes perfect sense to buy contracts as soon as possible, especially if you plan to play the Weekend League.

With the 50% bonus the managers offer you and with cheap contracts, you won’t ever need to think if the game prize is enough to cover your costs.


Form Your Team

You need to plan what you will be doing next


Now that the house is clean you can finally begin building your dream team. That is why it is good to plan what you’re doing. After all, this is the task that is going to cut a bigger slice out of your budget.

You probably already have an idea of the players you want to play. In FUT 21 it’s not enough to gather a good group of players. You need to have a good mesh between them. In other words, good chemistry. Preferably players with the same nationality or at least that play in the same league. If they play in the same club you may not even need to put them next to their other teammates.

But chemistry is not the only thing you have to have in mind when selecting players. You should also have in mind their characteristics. For every position verifies the attributes that you value more in your style of play and certify that the players have those attributes. Having a team with a good rating will be useless if you won’t be able to take advantage of your player’s skills and if they don’t fit your style of play. Each player is unique, so you will need to find the right players for your team. In case you already chose the formation you’ll be playing with, be careful when picking players whose positions won’t be adaptable.

If you want to have a good team in the shortest time possible you’ll have to buy with intelligence. Most importantly in the beginning, if you make the wrong decision, you may be mortgaging your future. Now that you’ve saved up some coins, try starting to fill places in your squad with medium players that will serve as substitutes or reserves in the future. Every time your balance allows, buy a first-team player. One by one you’ll form your team. This way, you’ll have time to analyse the behaviour in the market for your next purchase and you’ll be able to buy good players at lower prices. The best way to do this is by using the ‘Concept Squads‘. Idealize the team you want to build and set the order of your purchases according to how well the players link with teammates in each stage of your team building. If you started playing at the start of the FUT 21 Web App, then you’ll have almost 15 days to form your first team.



The easiest part of all


If you’ve followed all the tips we left here, you can relax because your club has everything it needs to succeed. Just to be sure, it’s convenient to rehearse before challenging powerful adversaries. This is because winning games is an excellent way of winning coins but losing doesn’t work as well.

Even if you’ve played other modes in FIFA 21, you should test out Ultimate Team in single-player mode or playing friendlies. The game is slightly different and you’ll want to be prepared to not waste game prize coins. You’ll have the chance to test the players and your mesh with the formation and the team, but most importantly you’ll have the opportunity to adapt to a new FIFA. Don’t forget to turn on the ‘Trainer’ feature and its power and direction bars, which will teach you to play in-game. As soon as you see that you are not learning anything more, turn it off. You need to practice but don’t play too many matches. It’s just that the match prizes are superior on online mode and in the beginning every coin counts.

In the first days, you should avoid playing Friendlies because these matches are not rewarded. Instead, play Squad Battles with a low difficulty level and use your first players, the ones you got in the starter pack and that cannot be sold, until their contracts expire. It is a smart way to get familiar with the gameplay without pressure, to avoid expenses and also to save a few coins from match rewards. Another good strategy is to use players on loan, especially in your first online matches. You don’t have to spend on contracts and you will give more quality to your team. What’s the point of saving them for later if it is now that you need to save every coin you can? With their quality, they will help you to win more matches which means earn more coins.

In Draft you don’t use consumables. Not even contracts. You don’t even need a squad to play. You only need 15k coins. It may look a lot for who is starting but, if you feel confident that you can win a few rounds and if the market is buying, this is no doubt a good investment. However, if you are at least a decent player, you can’t miss the Weekend League and the FUT Rivals. They are the game modes that will reward you better.

When we start playing all we want is to keep a nice history. We try to stay invincible for as long as possible but we forget that sooner or later the bad results will appear and the wins-draws-losses registry will become less and less important. This desire to want everything to be perfect in the beginning does not fit with what we want for the team in the long term. Leave these worries aside and focus on the gameplay. Details like chemistry and styles might be left for later.

Whatever you do never forfeit. Even if you’re being humiliated. Keep playing because if you quit your %DNF will lower from your 1.00 initial to values that will penalize the number of coins you receive as a prize at the end of each game. In that case, you will be ruining the sustainability that you have conquered.


Follow our tips closely to have a good FIFA 21 Ultimate Team starting.

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