FIFA 21 Web App Troubleshooting Guide

FIFA 21 Web App Troubleshooting Guide
How to fix the most common issues of the FIFA 21 Web App.
Please, click or tap on the question you want to know more.
It’s easier than you think. Just follow these simple steps:

1 Type “” or “” in the address bar of your internet browser or click/tap on the link.
2 Click on ‘Login’ and enter your credentials
3 Enter the answer to the security question.
4 Accept the User Agreement
5 You are ready to go !

FIFA 21 Web App
Clean the cache of your browser, try to access through other browsers, make sure your flash player is up to date and turn off your browser extensions. If it still doesn’t work, that’s because the servers are overloaded and you will have to wait.

FIFA 21 Web App Troubleshooting
Early access on the FIFA 21 web app is not available to everyone. You need to fulfil these conditions:

☑️ You must have created a FUT Club before August 14, 2020.
☑️ Your FUT 20 account must still exist.
☑️ Your account needs to be in good standing. If you were banned or had other actions taken on your account in FUT 20, most likely you won’t get early access.

Even if are eligible, you can get this message. That’s because the FIFA 21 Web App will become available on a rolling basis, and you probably will have to wait a few hours until it becomes released to everyone.

If you are a new player, you will need to play in the console first before you can access to the Companion and FUT Web App. Creating a brand new FUT 21 account in EA Play will not give you access to the Web App. You will need to purchase a full copy of FIFA 21 to access the FUT Web App.

FIFA 21 Web App
The message ‘Continue playing FUT on your platform to unlock access to the Transfer Market’ means to keep playing FUT and following EA rules. Once you’ve started playing on your platform, you’ll get an update to your status in the Transfer Market. That means you’ll either gain access to the Transfer Market, or you’ll see a different message letting you know why you still can’t access it.

If you haven’t played FUT 20 on the console where you plan to play FUT 21, the Companion and the Web App will not make available the market’s earlier access. You need to validate first your FIFA 21 account in the new console to unlock the market. Access to trading won’t be immediate and could take several days. Some accounts with previous FUT 20 history will be allowed to trade, while others will not. This is also true for accounts with multiple personas, as all persona data is treated separately in FUT 21. Playing FUT 20 will not give your FUT 21 account access to the Transfer Market.

You can see two types of messages saying that your account was blocked:

“Your account has been blocked from using the Transfer Market on the Web and Companion apps due to breaking our rules You can still use the Transfer Market on your platform. Check the email associated with your EA Account for more information.”

“Your account has been blocked from using the Transfer Market due to breaking our rules Check the email associated with your EA Account for more information.”

If you get one of these messages, it’s because EA blocked accounts that break their rules from using the Transfer Market on Web and Companion Apps. They do this to give a fair experience to all players. In the first case, you can still use the Transfer Market from your PC, PlayStation or Xbox. If you think this action is a mistake, you can email EA to [email protected].

If you can’t see anything else besides the background image or a loading box, you should start disabling the Adblock for that site. As soon as you do it, turn on the adobe flash on your browser.
If you are seeing this message, that’s because you need to increase the size of your web browser to display the content. Use CTRL- to zoom out until you see the whole screen.

FIFA 21 Web App
The App to mobile devices is the Companion App and it will be available only after you access the FIFA 21 Web App.

FIFA Points are only available before the game release in the early access of EA Play subscribers (former EA and Origin Access) or via Companion App. To be able to buy FIFA Points you will need to access the full game through the console first. PC accounts share FIFA Points between all versions of FUT. Any points purchased on a PC account will be usable on the web app in FUT 21.

Returning user rewards and good standing to access the Transfer Market are tied to your specific console account. So if you switch platforms or create a new account on the same platform, your access and rewards won’t carry over.

When you go to Settings, there is a ‘Change’ button on the top right corner that lets you change your persona. However, this is only shown if you have played FUT 20 in at least two different consoles. Otherwise, you will not see it and your Webstart progress will be tied to the console that is shown. The persona selector will default to the persona you are not currently logged into. The Web and Companion apps are not compatible with Nintendo Switch.

FIFA 21 Web App
Some words are filtered and won’t be able to be used as a club name. Because FUT is a global game, some words have a different context in other languages. If you receive the profanity error when creating your FUT 21 Club, please try another name. You can find a few suggestions here.
The est. date of many returning players is showing ‘September 2020’ instead of the correct date. The most common reasons are:

– You skipped a year in the franchise (eg, If you played FUT in FIFA 19 but not FIFA 20, you won’t be considered a returning user if you pick up FIFA 21);
– Your club was deleted by the Terms of Service team for a violation;
– You’ve changed platforms (eg, you’ve played FIFA 18, 19 and 20 on PS4 but changed to Xbox for FIFA 21);
– You didn’t play enough games on FIFA 20 (eg, if you’ve only played a few games in FUT on FIFA 20, you won’t be considered a returning user).

If any of the situations above apply to you, you are ineligible for FIFA 21 returning user rewards and your Established date will be reset to the current year.

EA is requesting new confirmation codes in order to access the Web App but many of them are taking too long to be received. If it is your case, check if it isn’t in your spam box. If it’s not, change to mobile confirmation. The codes are sent immediately and you can access the Web App.
You just need to go to the lower-left corner and click on ‘settings’. Then, you will be able to change to one of other 16 languages or, if you want to use another account, sign out

FIFA 21 Web App
If you had access to the FUT 21 Web App but no longer have, even if you haven’t made any change, you should know that EA Sports is blocking App access to all players that haven’t played FIFA 21 in the console until 11:59 pm GMT of October 24 (UK time). To keep using this App, you will need to buy the game and log in to FUT 21 on your console or PC at least once.

FIFA 21 Web App
Luckily, we have published a Web App detailed tutorial that you can access clicking here.

If this FIFA 21 Web App Troubleshooting guide didn’t fix your problem, you should ask for help to the EA Support.

If your problem isn’t listed on this page, please use the comments to inform us and, if we find a solution, we will update this FIFA 21 Web App Troubleshooting Guide with it.

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  1. I can,t come in to the app because it stands ”get started ” and my mother haves a Microsoft account which is for me ”im a kid” so she have the same password as me on her FIFA account

  2. I can’t complete my squad building challenge.. every time I add a player I receive this message ( Failed to save Changes to SBC Squad ) it’s been a whole month now so fix ur app amigos or close it (:

  3. FUT Web App won’t let me login. It says “Signed into another device”. My xBox is turned off, and my cell phone companion app is not running. How do I login?

    1. you have to quit Ultimate Team, probably on your xBox. I guess that you’ve just turned off your xBox instead of first quitting Ultimate Team.

  4. I have had my account for a couple of months, Been playing FUT regularly (just started this year). but it’s not letting me sync with the Companion app, it’s saying that I do not have a team. its really confusing and frustrating. Please help

      1. As I played for years FUT on console, I don’t remember what e-mail I used when I started playing. Where I can check it?

      2. So what happens if you’ve changed your email since then? Am I SOL or can I just go back to the old email?

  5. Id like to build sbcs at school but every time I try to build or do anything in fact the game tells me something along the lines of ” Sbc cant save your changes” and I’ve tried restarting the app, reinstalled it, tried on multiple other devices and none of them seem to be working the same problem every time

    1. You quit a game and closed fifa. Basically you rage close fifa and didnt go back on fut so it doesnt let you submit sbcs

  6. I would like to log into my new for my old account was banned. However, I am unable to switch accounts because no logout or login option is given. I click login and it just simply takes me back to the same page.

  7. I have logged into my EA account on my switch, played a couple of games and tried to log into my account on the companion app. It keeps telling me that my account doesnt have a FUT Club associated with it. What do I do? And yes I am using the same email to log into the companion app that I’ve linked with my switch.

  8. Web app & Companion app are requesting me to login into console but I’m out of town to do so, is this a temporary bug or I won’t be able to login until i get a hold of a console??

      1. Ive had an account since 2019 and ive never been banned or suspended and everytime i log in it says i dont have an account eventhough thats the right email as i checked on my xbox, it says i need an account.

  9. Hi i cant log into the web app as when it sends the email of the code to me i enter the code, it never works. i have tried it many time and its really annoying. pls help

  10. Hi I want to do the fut freeze party bag but when I add a player it says adjustment in sbc selection failed how can u fix it ?

  11. I cant do any sbcs with certain players that are in my main team and i’ve even deleted my main squad and sent my players to my club but nothing is working can anyone help cause it keeps on saying failed to save changes to sbc when i use certain players

  12. mathew hartley

    Help please, trying to connect a fut 21 app to the fifa 21 on the xbox, its saying no fut21 team but its been played on the xbox. Am I missing something? His user name is the xbox login

      1. Jamie Billington

        i have the same problem, i am sure i am using the same accout as i was previously logged in but now i am not

  13. I just opened the account recently, now it is saying my EA account doesn’t have the fut 21 club, and in order to use the companion app I need to create the FUT 21 club on my console or PC, help me how do I do it

      1. callum stocks

        why does it keep deleting my squad on fifa 21 web app when i try and complete an sbc ?

  14. Anybody have similar issues on the web companion app
    I can’t change dates to recover a player I accidentally discarded yesterday ?

  15. Nicola Cecchini

    I cannot access the web app via google chrome or the ios app since my Ea Play Pro membership has expired. What can I do? The Ea Support told me that the web app would have worked anyway.

      1. Jules Panozzo

        I have installed the fifa companion app and have logged in, it says I do not have a fut 21 club but I do have one and I have played and created the club already.

  16. Every time that I try to list a player or buy a player from the web app there comes a red message saying that there has been an error. No matter if I am on the web app from my laptop or my phone it just keeps happening!!

      1. I play on PS4. It is closed and i have double checked, but i still cannot list, buy a players or even do an sbc (there comes a message saying ”there has been an error”)

          1. jorge rodriguez


            im trying to sign in to the web app on the computer and the phone app but it says i need to log out of my xbox fut account. i leave fut on the console and it still tells me the same message

  17. Hat happened to all the players in the quick recovery list? It’s all empty? I stored some untraceable a so I could open packs and now they are all gone?

      1. i lost neymar today and i can’t find him in the list, system shows 15 players only

        1. Open quick sell recovery on web app (wont show quick sell players at first), open another tab with the web app and do some random crap there. the original tab with quick sell recovery leave it untouched for like 10-15 mins. After 10-15 minutes return to the quick sell tab and search for the date you sold your player. It should display the players correctly. If you want to recover another date, repeat the process. Hope it helps

  18. Dan Saunders

    I can’t create a new squad/concept. Every time I try it just says “failed to create squad”. Wtf is this?

  19. Hi,
    Game all works except seasons rivals (what I play most) I click the icon and it flashes and keeps going back to the main screen


  20. I play Fifa on my Ps4 often but when I try to log into the Companion it comes up with ‘Getting Started’ and says that my EA account doesn’t have a FUT 21 club. I haven’t played FUT before this Fifa however.

    1. Please, double-check that you are using the same email on your console and on the app. At this time of the year, everyone is free to use the companion app, as far they own a team on the console. You don’t need to have played FIFA 20.

      1. Mines the same has been for over a year the logins etc are the same but still says I don’t have a club?

  21. Hi I am playing Fifa 21 on switch but whenever after I log in to my account, it just says learn more about Fut21 and I can’t get into it. What should I do? Or is switch console even available to use FIFA Companion?

  22. Joao Carpio Joya

    I can’t sell my most expensive players, mbappe and neymar, everytime I try to it says “this item cannot be listed”.

    I can sell any player except those 2.

  23. When I enter fifa 21 on ultimate team it says it can’t log me in and sends me back to the menu. I don’t know how to solve this problem, I restarted the pc, I installed and uninstalled the game but nothing happened.

  24. Hi, I have an account to play online. Recently I had to change the password but now I cannot access the online area on my PS4 as it doesn’t recognize I changed my login password. How do you logout in the game to access or enter the change of password?
    The error message says go to EA, but like where would I go and/or what do I have to do?

  25. I have swapped to PS4 for FIFA 21 and cant get my team to show, keeps showing team from PC FIFA 20…
    Is there any way to get my recent team to show?

  26. I have fifa 20 and 21 and won’t load on my xbox one it says press A then stays on loading won’t open its happening to all my EA games Iv unistalled them and reinstalled them same problem had this past 4 days

    1. So I’ve went through all the basic instructions and I’ve logged into my EA account and when I sign into the companion app, it just loads forever and it won’t sign in, and I get a notification saying “my recent changes can’t be saved, try again later” any advice ?

  27. The verification code i get emailed to go on the fifa 21 companion app cos im using a new device I,e phone ses error wrong code ive sent 4 now getting really frustrated!!

  28. Hi, I’m not able to enter the app. It tells me that I don’t have a FUT21 team, and that I need to log in to FIFA 21 then log into the app. However, I do have a FUT 21 team. Please help.

    1. Same here. It still won’t work for me, I only have one EA account, have deleted and reinstalled, clear cache, reset ps4, but mobile and Web app saying I need to log into fifa 21 on console.

  29. Hi there looking for advice I am on the FUT app and iv tried to place a player on the transfer market it lets me get to the part where you decide how much to sell for, then it keeps saying sorry there was an error and it won’t let any of my players be sold? Iv not been banned or anything so that’s not the problem ? Any idea how to fix this been like this now for 2 days

  30. I’ve created a club in FIFA 21 using Switch but cannot access my club information using FUT21 web apps with my EA account. Anyone can help?

  31. I’m playing fifa 21 career mode and I got an offer for a player swap, they give me their player and some cash for my player, I accepted and got an email off the player saying he was looking forward to joining and all I had to do was agree personal terms with him, I clicked the email to send me straight to him in the transfer market but the only option is to buy him, I can’t find how to just negotiate personal terms without having to pay nearly 20 million for him

  32. I have a issue I got EA access to play fifa 21 early but then I bought the champions edition and got the discount and was charged for it now on the playstation store it’s showing I have downloaded the Fifa 21 standard edtition which is wrong and because it’s showing me having the standard edition I am not getting any of the features and packs like I should do with Fifa 21 ?

  33. Bidding system in FUT does not on Xbox 1. When selecting the player to bid on, it prompts you to press x, then once you’ve chosen the amount you want to bid it asks you to press x again and does nothing. Pretty annoying

  34. Laura Howells

    Hi. My son bought FIFA 21 on Tuesday after pre ordering beginning of August, he hasn’t receive an email with a one to watch code which is live from today… can someone help !! Please !!

  35. I packed an untradable version of a player which I had A tradable version of in my active squad. When I Swap players and try to sell the tradable one I keep on getting the error “cant place player on transfer list. An error has occured” on web app. On the console it sais something like “the prices for this player had been changed”. But I see people selling him for the same prices

  36. After like 5 mins of using the web app every card goes blank so I have to close and reopen the companion app, it also does it on the web app on mobile aswell.

    1. Same. It can get very infuriating, when you spend like 3 minutes on the app, and it’s already impossible to use. The cards go blank, the squad builder slots are stuck in the center, sometimes the pack animation freezes with the blank player card. Please, find a fix soon, EA, I spend a lot of time on the companion!

  37. Hi all,
    i to Fut . i was using fut 20 on the companion app and recently fut 20 companion app got upgraded to a fut 21. I have not purchase FIFA 21 how to still play FIFA 20 on fut companion app ?

  38. I can’t list my players on the trade market. When I try to list them, It comes up with a red error box stating:

    “This item cannot be listed for transfer because there was an error”

    This is negatively effecting my experience as I’ve committed to pre-ordering the game. Please solve the issue.

    1. Yeh same wth me. It’s really annoying as I feel my players will go down in price. I also cant submit any sbcs or buy any players. Anyone got any solutions for that

  39. I can’t sign Rodrigo at £30k max buy boys just buy him up instantly. How can you not sort this?

  40. I can log on my iPhone no issues. However when I log on through my Samsung tablet it just sticks on the age just after entering your password. The screen is black with the white circle in the centre spinning. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling still no joy! Anyone know what to do?


    We have just bought 21 ultimate edition and entered free points code and the point have not showed up? Any chance anyone know where they have gone

  42. The web app is frustratingly unreliable. It simply does not work. Whenever I try to submit a SBC I get an error message saying failed to save changes. I’ve tried to submit the Sandro Tonali SBC on multiple occasions and the app won’t let me. I’m worried the SBC will expire before this issue is fixed. Additionally, the transfer market also has some issues. Often when I’m bidding on players, it won’t let me bid again was I’m outbid once even though I have the coins to make another bid. Overall the web app and companion app are extremely poor and need a lot of work.

  43. Marcel Geppert

    Hello, everytime i try to search a player on the web app its says Sorry, an error has occured while trying to complete your search. Please try again in a moment this keeps happening since 3 hours, before that i was able to buy players without any issues.. i had that problems several times the past 2 days but it just disappeared after 15 minutes.. not this time :/ can some1 tell me whats going on

    1. Noel Cabrera

      I have the same problem I can’t submit my squad I always get the same error , I have like 3 days trying and nothing

  44. Hello,

    I’m having trouble finishing SBC’s, the message Failed to save changes to SBC squad”keeps appearing.

    What can I do?

    Thank you!

  45. Cédric Laskrouif

    Hello, I bought the Fifa umtimate edition from the Playstation Store. I then received my 10 hour test account with EA Access. Unfortunately I can not access the Fut 21 WebApp now.

    The error message: Sorry, Trial Access users cannot use the FIFA 21 Companion App or Web App. You must purchase a full copy of FIFA 21 and login to FUT on your Console or PC before you can use Companion Apps.

  46. If i try to sell players, i always get the message ‘there has been an error saving your latest changes’. What does this mean and how can i solve this? I really want to sell certain players

    1. Rafael Bordignon Lappe

      the same for me, i can’t submit my squad in hybrid nations, i have this message too “error to save your latest changes”

    2. Same lad I can’t sell players in my club that I have bought but if I pack them I can sell them

      1. Im having the same problem EA need to fix this before the player in my club drops heavily in price

    3. Yep I think it has something to do with a player that is either in your squad or has been. I can’t complete a sbc because I need to use a player out of my squad, I tried to use him in the sbc and and it just unable to save data. I can’t quick sell him And buy another one or anything because I can’t get rid of this one.

  47. Game signed me out midway through a match to end my trial, I was trading and listing players prior to even using ea play for the ten hours, I can now no longer sell players that were in my squad at the time I got signed out but I can sell bronze players from packs and players that werent in my squad when I was signed out, anyone got a fix for this? I dont have a market ban and have been trading since the release. Need to sell some players but cant and the market is gonna rise ? any help out there ?

    1. I got signed out mid game too, i cant use the web app because i am signed in on the ea access trial. Might have to wait till the 6th if you have Ultimate or Champions, then sign out on your console. If not u gonna have to wait for full release.

      1. Just log in to fifa 20 and log out from there it worked for me.
        Have a great day!

      2. Just log in to fifa 20 ultimate team and log out from there. I just did that and now a can use de companion app..

        Have a nice day!

  48. I was playing fifa using early access and it expired while I was playing a game. Now when I try using the fut 21 web app or companion app it says that I cannot swap players or list players on the transfer list due because an error has occurred.

    How do I resolve this?

    1. Just log in to fifa 20 an log out from there. It will work… I just did that and it’s ok now… I can use de mobile app.

      Have a great day!

  49. Hi i bought fifa 21 and EA acces on 1octomber , i played that 10 free hours in fifa21 , but when i try to log in in web app he sayd :

    Sorry , trial acces users cannot use the fifa21 companion or web app , you must purcase full copy of fifa21 and log in to fut on your console or pc before you can use companion app.

    I bought fifa21 ultimate on 1st octomber but still he say i don t have a full copy .
    Anyone can help me please ?

  50. The app won’t let me sell high priced players. It allows me to sell players under 100k but not over

      1. It has done tha with me as well and I wanna sell and buy players while they’re cheap

  51. john english


    i have uses the 10 hours but did not sign out before it just ended

    i am now unable to access web app as says signed do i sign out when cant get bak on fifa 21 please

    1. Log onto fifa 20 ultimate team your origin switches to that log out as normal then try fifa 21 app

  52. I am on the web app and it says I can’t swap players, because there was an error, and it wont be saved. No matter what I have done it says I can sell player either. This is very frustrating because I would like to remake my team.

    1. Jordan Smith

      I’m having the same issue, tried everything and it nothing seems to work

      1. Andreas Fabrin

        Did you guys found out what the issue was? I kinda have the same issue too

    2. If you quit your last game, any player included in the squad inc Subs when exchanged into an SBC you will get this message, you will then need to either use players who wasn’t included in the squad or alt. complete the SBC on your console/PC.

    3. Exactly what’s happening to me it’s super frustrating. Please find a solution.

    4. I’m having the same issue and also it won’t allow me to sell higher priced players in my squad. If anyone knows solution please help.

  53. I pre order FIFA 21 and I have EA play… I am playing early acces FIFA but when I try to login in FIFA 21 web app it says: “Sorry, Trail Access users cannot use the FIFA 21 Companion App or Web App.”
    Please help!

  54. For all who have the problem that when you want to login to your webapp and they say you dont have a club registered: I have the solution.
    Sorry for my bad english. Im german.
    For all english guys translate this into gemarn for the solution:
    Also ich hatte das gleiche problem wie viele hier geschrieben haben, dass wenn man die webapp öffnet und sich anmeldet einem gesagt wird, dass man keinen Verein hat. Ich habe das gelöst, indem ich die Email adresse von meinem ea account geändert habe. Dannach ging es.

  55. When I try to change the Platform from ps4 to pc it says error and it’s been saying this since yesterday I’m not sure what to do

  56. I have played on ea play (early access) now for some hours. However when i try to use the web app or companion app it tells me i dont have a club. I can even see on the badge that it knows I have a fifa 21 club. Still doesnt work

    1. Same. I’ve had early access and used the app before for years but I get the same message now trying to log in to the app, yet i’ve been playing on my console.

  57. EA I cannot swap over from PS4 profile/club to Xbox profile/club using the persona selection in the settings on the Fut Web App? It comes up with the following message: “Login Unavailable…We’re currently having trouble with login services. While we work on it, you can try to log in from your Console or PC to get the full FUT experience.” I used my laptop to try access this. Please let us know when this can be fixed!?

    1. Same problem here, been playing 21 on my Xbox but the same error code comes up when trying to change persona

  58. Diogo Baião

    I created a new account this year. I’ve already created my club on EA access and I’ve already purchased the full version but I still don’t have access to the web app on this new account… Do I have to wait to play the full version to get access to the web app?

  59. Isaac Rozario

    I’m trying to use the companion app but says my internet connection I don’t know what to do

  60. When I select a country and press continue it says that I should login again and when I do log in again it says the same thing

    1. i got on now, i started up fifa 20 ultimate team and got a notification about my fifa 21 club. It worked after that

  61. When i choose the country of initial squad it says something went wrong, we were unable to create your fut club. Please login again to retry

  62. I am getting a pop up message after logging in saying account login limit exceeded.

  63. When I login mine comes up with the getting started prompt implying I don’t have a team on fifa 20. Which I do and have for the past 5 years. Is there any fix around this?

  64. It comes up with a message saying getting started and that I need to play Fifa 21 on the console or pc

  65. When I login mine comes up with the getting started prompt implying I don’t have a team on fifa 20. Which I do. Is there any fix around this?

  66. James Nuttall

    Every time i log in, it comes up saying i don’t have a FUT club, however i have, since 2016. this comes up every time

    1. Jim deeznuts

      You have the wrong app? It happened to me then realised I didn’t have the right app

  67. When I go on the web app I get this screen that says the following: your account doesn’t have a FUT club associated with it……. And that I need to create a club first but the game isn’t out yet so I don’t know what to do

  68. Says I don’t have a club registered. I do have one on fut 20. Still can’t acess

  69. The EA code we are getting doesn’t work despite numerous attempts so we can’t get onto the app. Very frustrating

  70. I am trying to log in with my easports log in information. My email is correct but it is saying that my credentials are expired and to reset the password. When I attempt to do that, it says that it sent something to my email but i’ve waited for over 30 mins and nothing has been sent to my email, including the spam folder.

  71. You say to change verification from email to phone, but I can’t do that without receiving a verification email! Which I’m obviously not receiving hence why I’m trying to change it to phone verification. Help?

  72. It’s gives me a wrong code, I press the resend code it it doesn’t I till 5 min later and it gives me the same code so I can’t log in

  73. I cant switch console. I have played fifa20 on both xbox and ps4. lately i switched back to ps4 as im getting the ps5. i had full web app access on both consoles. But when i log on now i can only see my xbox account, which im not going to use. Can you please fix it so that i can log in to my ps4 account

  74. I’m getting a message saying I can’t use the web app until I log into Fifa 21 on my console. The game isn’t even out yet…

    1. Kevin Veugen

      I have the exact same problem. Please fix this, i can’t even get started with the game

    2. Wounder if any one can help me im playing fifa 21 on xbox series x and at the top got theses symbols if they go red players start doing crazy stuff is it the Internet anyone help me out plx

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