The FIFA 22 adidas 99 NumbersUp event is a brand new promo that features themed NumberUp player items which are gradually boosted until they reach 99 in one of the stats.
The adidas 99 event is being released for the first ever in FIFA 22.
Release dates for FIFA 22 are official.
All release times are indicated in the UK time zone.
This calendar lists all FIFA 22 adidas 99 promo offers.
18/11 18:00 (Thu) 2d adidas X
Group Reward Premium Gold Pl (T)
18/11 18:00 (Thu) 7d Draxler PM
Group Reward
Ligue 1
Draxler PM (U)
Small Gold Pl (T)
Rare Mixed Pl (T)
Mega (T)
18/11 18:00 (Thu) 1d Promo Packs
17/11 18:00 (Wed) 7d Silver Stars Objectives
Group Reward
Win 3
Score 8
Assist 6
A Gordon adidas (U)

17/11 18:00 (Wed) 2d adidas Copa
Group Reward Small Rare Gold Pl (U)
17/11 18:00 (Wed) 1d Promo Packs
16/11 18:00 (Tue) 2d adidas Predator
Group Reward Rare Electrum Pl (T)
16/11 18:00 (Tue) 6d Insigne adidas
Group Reward
Serie A
National Duty
Insigne adidas (U)
Prime Electrum Pl (T)
Small Prime Gold Pl (T)
16/11 18:00 (Tue) 1d Promo Packs
15/11 18:00 (Mon) 3d 82+ PAS Guarant. (R)
Group Reward 82+ Passing Pl (U)
15/11 18:00 (Mon) 3d 82+ PAC Guarant. (R)
Group Reward 82+ Pace Pl (U)
15/11 18:00 (Mon) 3d 82+ DRI Guarant. (R)
Group Reward 82+ Dribbling Pl (U)
15/11 18:00 (Mon) 1d Promo Packs
14/11 18:00 (Sun) 2d Chase Your Dreams
Group Reward Gold (T)
14/11 18:00 (Sun) 29d Mid Beckham
Global Reward
Born Legend
Rising Star
The Class of 92′
League Legend
League Finesse
3 Lions
Mid Beckham Item
Two Rare Gold Pl
Two Rare Gold Pl
Small Prime Mixed Pl
Small Prime Electr Pl
Prime Electrum Pl
Small Rare Gold Pl
14/11 18:00 (Sun) 29d Mid Beckham (L)
Global Reward Mid Beckham(5m)
14/11 18:00 (Sun) 5d adidas Mini-Release 1
14/11 18:00 (Sun) 1d Promo Packs
13/11 18:00 (Sat) 7d Morata Flashback
Group Reward
Past and Present
La Furia Roja
Morata Flashback (U)
Premium Mixed Pl (T)
Prime Electrum Pl (T)
13/11 18:00 (Fri) 2d Three Stripes
Group Reward Jumbo Prem Gold Pl (U)
13/11 18:00 (Sat) 1d Promo Packs
12/11 18:00 (Fri) 2d Impossible is Nothing
Group Reward Rare Electrum Pl (U)
12/11 18:00 (Fri) 6d Asensio adidas
Group Reward
Tactical Emulation
National Duty
Asensio adidas (U)
Small Prime Mixed Pl (T)
Small Prime Gold Pl (T)
12/11 18:00 (Fri) 7d Bergwijn adidas
Group Reward
Passing Prowess
Fast Finishing
Dribbling Delights
Play Up!
Bergwijn adidas (U)
75+ Rare Player (U)
Two Players Pack (U)
Gold Pack (U)
Small Electrum Pl (U)
12/11 18:00 (Fri) 1d NumbersUp Team 1
12/11 18:00 (Fri) 1d Promo Packs
Release DateDurContent
FIFA 22 Rulebreakers player items are available in packs in the following dates:

Team 1 – November 12 to November 19, 2021
Team 2 – November 19 to November 24, 2021
FIFA 22 adidas 99 NumbersUp FAQ section.