FIFA 22 Community TOTS


The FIFA 22 Community TOTS features the most voted players from a shortlist.
The Community TOTS was released for the first ever in FIFA 12.
Release dates for FIFA 22 are estimated.
All release times are indicated in the UK time zone.
This calendar lists all FIFA 22 Community TOTS promo offers.
05/05 18:00 (Thu) 2d Community TOTS 5
Group Reward

Jumbo Premium Gold Pl (U)
04/05 18:00 (Wed) 7d Joe Gomez FB
Group Reward
Top Form
Joe Gomez FB (U)
Small Rare Mixed Pl (T)
Small Prime Gold Pl (T)
Prime Electrum Pl (T)
Prime Gold Pl (T)
04/05 18:00 (Wed) 2d Community TOTS 4
Group Reward Gold Players (U)
04/05 18:00 (Wed) 3d Community TOTS Up
Group Reward Community TOTS (U)
03/05 18:00 (Tue) 2d Community TOTS 3
Group Reward

Mega (U)
02/05 18:00 (Mon) 7d Vela TOTS
Group Reward Carlos Vela TOTS (U)
01/05 18:00 (Sun) 3d Community TOTS 2
Group Reward

Rare Mixed Pl (T)
29/04 18:00 (Fri) 7d Parejo TOTS
Group Reward
Precise Parejo
Central Intelligence
Way to Win
Spanish Scoring
Parejo TOTS (U)
Gold (U)
75+ Rare Player (U)
Premium Gold (U)
Electrum Pl (U)
29/04 18:00 (Fri) 7d Raspadori TOTS
Group Reward
Serie A
Raspadori TOTS (U)
Small Rare Mixed Pl (T)
Premium Electrum Pl (T)
29/04 18:00 (Fri) 3d Community TOTS 1
Group Reward

Premium Mixed Pl (T)
29/04 18:00 (Fri) 7d Community TOTS T1
17/04 18:00 (Sun) 3d Voting
Release DateDurContent
During the event, Community TOTS items will be available in packs from April 29 to May 06, 2022.