Vote for your players and help them to make part of the next FIFA cover game.
You can cast your votes once per day, so remember to come back to this page regularly, to vote for new FIFA 22 cover stars. When you vote honestly, everyone wins: you have the chance to help your favourite players to become part of the new title and EA releases a game according to the community wishes. Let’s make FIFA a better game!
FIFA 21 featured on the cover one of the best football players. However, not everyone is happy. The community expect the most realistic football video game possible and want to see their favourite players as the FIFA 22 Cover star. You have the chance to show EA Sports which player should feature on the FIFA 22 cover. Vote for your favourite player and help him to make part of the next FIFA franchise game.

Votes are Now Closed.

Final Results:
01 Mesut Özil 80% 7,363 votes
02 Cristiano Ronaldo 2% 172 votes
03 Riyad Mahrez 2% 166 votes
04 Bruno Fernandes 2% 145 votes
05 Lionel Messi 2% 141 votes
06 N’Golo Kanté 2% 141 votes
07 Erling Haaland 1% 129 votes
08 Robert Lewandowski 1% 113 votes
09 Mohamed Salah 1% 85 votes
10 Zlatan Ibrahimović 1% 72 votes
FIFA 22 cover
Results of the past years.
Before voting for the FIFA 22 cover star, you can check the global cover stars included in previous years. That way, it will be easier for you to see which ones are missing.
7 Wayne Rooney
5 Ronaldinho
4 Lionel Messi
2 Cristiano Ronaldo
Eden Hazard
1 Several Players (30)
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