FIFA 22 FUT Friendlies is a feature which allows you to play FUT matches with your friends online and on the same console/PC in different match modes.


The mode features 11v11 Classic gameplay, but the true fun in comes when you branch out into some custom House Rules.
In FIFA 22 FUT Friendlies, you can build your own playlist by selecting a range of House Rules for your own custom playlist or select the exact type of match you want to play.
Classic Match Kick-Off, FUT, Pro
A classic match with official rules. The traditional 11v11 match with the usual rules, similar to the kick-off mode. This is the default option and the favourite one of the old-school players.
Headers & Volley Kick-Off, FUT, Pro
Goals will only count from heading the ball or from a volley shot. Free Kicks & Penalties will count as well. You can only score in this match type with a header or a volley. Free kicks and penalties also count, but any other goal scored using your feet outside of a volley will be disallowed.
King of the Hill Kick-Off, FUT, Pro
Battle for possession inside the control zone to boost the amount of points your next goal is worth. In King Of The Hill, players battle for possession inside of marked control zones. It combines the power of dribbling in a control zone with a goal value meter making the focus of the game different than ever before. A control zone will spawn in the attacking zone which you will have to get the ball inside and then continue to control it as the space shrinks and your goal meter starts to fill. combines the power of dribbling in a control zone with a goal value meter making the focus of the game different than ever before. A control zone will spawn in the attacking zone which you will have to get the ball inside and then continue to control it as the space shrinks and your goal meter starts to fill. The boost will gradually reduce when a Player is not controlling the ball inside a control zone. Goals scored without any boost will not be worth any points. Balance your chances between retaining possession and pushing for a max goal value of 3, and then work your way up the pitch and try to score. There are no fouls in King Of The Hill.
Live FUT Friendlies FUT
Combining Squad Rules, with the different House Rules in Friendlies. Squad Rules are team building requirements that force you to think about the type of team you’re bringing into the match. Occasionally, Live Friendlies are paired to Objectives with a limited number of total games.
Long Range Kick-Off, FUT, Pro
Any goal scored inside the box will count as 1 and goals scored outside of the box will count as 2. Any goal scored inside the box will count as one goal, but goals scored from outside the box count as two goals.
Max Chemistry FUT
Every player on your squad will have a maximum chemistry boost! In Max Chemistry, the restrictions of team-building were taken away and added a full boost to players’ Chemistry, regardless of their position in the squad or their links. It boosts all players to 10 chemistry and all team chemistry to 100, allowing you to build squads without any negative chemistry effects and experiment with new squad combinations with the full power of chemistry styles.
Mystery Ball Kick-Off, FUT, Pro
Each time the ball goes out of play, it can return as a new ‘Mystery Ball’ giving a powerful boost to the attacking side. Mystery Ball brings the element of surprise each time the ball leaves play as it comes in as a new mystery ball type. Whenever the ball is out of play, a new Mystery Ball is introduced and gives the attacking side a powerful boost. Each ball has a custom goal value that ranges from 1-3 goals, meaning that some goals will be worth more points than others, and boosts the player in possession with over the top effects that take their Shooting, Dribbling, Passing, Sprint Speed, or all four at once, which brings each of the other effects at the same time. Each game of Mystery Ball will be totally random.
No Rules Kick-Off, FUT, Pro
A classic match with no offsides, fouls or bookings. No Rules matches take the classic 11 v 11 game and remove offsides, fouls and bookings.
Survival Kick-Off, FUT, Pro
When a goal is scored, a random player from the scoring side will be ejected from the match, excluding the goalkeeper. In Survival, a random Player from the scoring team gets ejected from the match, excluding the goalkeeper.
Swaps FUT
Three players will be randomly swapped with your opponents before tha match. Scoring with a swapped player is worth 2. In Swaps, at the start of each game, both teams randomly trade 3 Players with one another for the entire match. You can identify the swapped players on the pitch by the bibs that they’re wearing. Will you get your opponents best 3 and replace them with some of your bronze starters? Or will you just get to experience what it’s like to play with some different players you have never used before? You could gain your opponent’s star player, but also lose yours. As an additional benefit, if you manage to score on your friend with one of their players you’ll be awarded 2 points for that goal. Exclusively in FUT, Swaps doesn’t allow substitutions. It brings a team building twist to the match and some fun opportunities to use your friends’ players against them.
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In FIFA 22 FUT Friendlies, you have the option of how you want to play and who you want to play against.There are three ways to play it: couch play, play online and play a friend.
FIFA 22 FUT Friendlies
Play locally with your friends, or against the AI, from your couch
Match up against friend’s squads, the Team of the Week, real-world Clubs, select community teams and more alongside up to four friends.

Play matches against random opponents online
Take on a random member of the wider FUT community online. Search for a particular House Rule or a set shortlist of Favourites to help you jump into a game faster.

Play online against your friends
Challenge a friend and their Ultimate Team online in standard or House Rules.


What else do you need to know about FUT Friendlies.
FIFA 22 FUT Friendlies
To access FUT Friendlies, you just need to go to the ‘Play’ tab and select ‘FUT Friendlies’.

When you play matches in FUT Friendlies, they’re a little different than other matches you’d play in FIFA Ultimate Team. That means that when you play FUT Friendlies:
– Your matches don’t consume contracts on your Players;
– The matches you play don’t count towards your Club record;
– Injuries and red cards don’t carry over;
– Loan Items won’t be consumed. For example, you can use a Loan Item with 1 match remaining in a FUT Friendlies match, and it would not use their final remaining match;
– You’ll still get basic match Coin rewards for all FUT Friendlies matches that you play.

Maintain ultimate bragging rights with an in-depth stats tracking system that records a range of statistics from the head-to-head matches you play. Use the stats to analyze and refine your game plan, tweak your pre-game tactics, and prepare for every match. With a host of detailed, immersive information, FIFA 22 allows you to approach every match just like you would an actual game of football, utilizing tactics and strategies gleaned from your stats. Tracked Stats include wins, losses, draws, win %, goals scored, goals allowed, goal differential, goal types (inside box, outside the box, penalties, free kicks), goal heatmap on net, shot on target %, total shots on target, total shots, average possession %, average possession % in areas and pass % completion. In addition to keeping track of the scores, new opposition scouting reports help you identify where you might find gaps in your friend’s style of play.

Invite a player using the Friends List at the bottom right corner of the FUT Main Menu. After they accept, you can choose to play Friendlies from the Co-Op Lobby. These matches are against random online opponents. The lobby Captain can choose which type of Friendly is to be played.

Live FUT Friendlies matchmaking is based on two factors:
1) Your location.
This determines which FIFA game data center location will give you the best connection for your match.
2) Your current division from Rivals.
Your Division is used to identify opponents of a similar skill with the goal of providing fair matchups.