FIFA 22 Leaks List – Legit and Fake FIFA 22 Rumours

FIFA 22 Leaks List - Legit and Fake FIFA 22 Rumours

Get to know what’s new on FIFA 22 before anyone else! We live in a world where it is not easy to know what’s true and what’s false. Every day there are new leaked news and rumours about the new EA’s title. In this FIFA 22 Leaks list page, we will try to help the community to distinguish legit from fake FIFA 21 rumours. Since we hate click baiters and we don’t want to promote them, we will not include the source of false rumours. This page will be updated with all FIFA 22 Leaks and news that will be unveiled until the game release date.


FIFA 22 Leaks List – Legit and Fake FIFA 22 Rumours

Be the first to know how FIFA 22 will look like

JUNE 09, 2021 | FALSE

This is an old one. Every single year, there are rumors saying that FIFA will have a new game engine. Now that new-gen consoles are getting more popular, the rumors are even bigger. However, there is a huge difference between what part of the community says will happen and the reality. Don’t expect a new game engine for the coming years. The best FIFA may get is a new version of Frostbite that, according to the new Battlefield 2042 world premier presentation, will be running on some new games this year.


JUNE 01, 2021 | TRUE

As you know, you can choose several important stadiums from England, Spain and Germany to play your favourite videogame. Every year, EA adds new stadiums and it looks that El Sadar is the first addition to be confirmed for FIFA 22. The home of CA Osasuna was expanded to almost 24,000 seats in early 2021, just in time to feature in the new title. EA is already working on it: they took around six thousand photos from the stadium and will now recreate it directly from their houses (yes, EA offices are still closed).



According to Andriy Pavelko, president of the Ukrainian Association of Football since 2015, the national team of Ukraine will feature in the new EA Sports FIFA title. According to him, who is also a member of the UEFA Executive Committee, the fans were crucial to this addition: I want to congratulate e-football fans on the fact that from next year the popular FIFA simulator will have the national team of Ukraine”. In recent years, Electronic Arts has not added new national teams to the game but that may be about to change.



A popular Twitter account has ‘revealed’ some interesting news about the Weekend League on FIFA 22, including a mandatory qualification every week, a new system of rewards and a reduction in the number of games (currently 30). At this moment, we can’t deny or confirm if this is true or not but EA usually doesn’t have this kind of things closed so many months before the official release date. Don’t get too hyped with something you don’t know if it will happen…



In early April, Electronic Arts published a job offer to an online software engineer. According to the job description, in addition to Ultimate Team, the engineer would be actively working on Online Career Mode. As you know, there is no such thing but we are sure that all Career Mode fans would love to see this feature added to the game. Most likely, it was just a wording mistake but even if this is true, we can’t see it being added to the next title.

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