FIFA 22 Premier League Midfielders



Many of the FUT formations require some midfielders that have a natural aptitude to defend. Central defensive midfielders distinguish themselves for being especially aimed to help the back line. According to their attributes and their work rates, they can also be useful to start attacks. They occupy a very strategic position in the field.
The Best FIFA 22 Premier League Midfielders
Kanté is clearly the best defensive midfielder of this league. Strong, fast and with good defensive and dribbling skills, you can count with him to defend but also attack.

Ndidi is a decent alternative to Kanté if you have a limited budget. No one will protect the backline as he does but, if you want someone also able to start an attack, Fabinho will be a better choice, especially because of his passing stat.

It’s important to note that we are analysing defensive midfielders. There are a few CDMs who are not as great as these ones playing in this position, but still are high quality players. It’s the case of Allan and Sissoko, who are better overall players than Souček but not as good as him when the job is to keep the goal safe. Depending on your play stayle and needs, they may be very usefull.

For low-budget teams, we strongly recommend to try Onyeka. It’s very unsual to see a CDM with such high pace stat.


A lot of games are decided in the midfield and not close to the goals. The players that play in these zones are the ones that should create chances and set the pace of the game.
The Best FIFA 22 Premier League Midfielders
Paul Pogba lost the title of best centre midfielder now that Kevin De Bruyne is not a CAM anymore. The City player is one of the best players money can buy (or FIFA Points).

Unfortunately, they are very expensive and most of players may need to find someone else for this position. Our first suggestion is Thiago, who has brilliant skills, passing and dribbling stats but lacks in pace and strenght. Part of the community will prefer Gündogan but we think you should also try Saúl, one of the good surprises this year.

With plenty of decent option from where to choose, you can adjust your players according to your needs. Tielemans and Lo Celso are interesting options but, if you are looking for someone who could help the defence, Partey has the right profile.


An attacking centre midfielder is responsible for creating chances to score. He should have a good dribbling, a decent passing, a high long shot stat and a great vision stat.
The Best FIFA 22 Premier League Midfielders
On the Premier League, there are many positions that were taken by players who are much better than the other ones. It’s the case of Kanté, Kevin De Bruyne and… Bruno Fernandes. He is the attacking midfielder with the highest shooting, passing, defending and physicality stats. Not bad, right?

It’s not so obvious who should be the alternative to him. Our preference goes for Bernardo Silva, but you will be equally fine with Foden.


Wingers are usually responsible for giving game width in the attack.
The Best FIFA 22 Premier League Midfielders
Salah is the obvious first choice for those than can pay his price. He has a superb cocktail of pace, shooting and dribbling stats that makes him one of the best players of this league.

Hopefully, there are several cheaper good alternatives. That’s the case of Sancho and Mahrez, two players who are not too different from each other.

Raphinha was one of the good surprises this year. He is cheaper than it was supposed because he doesn’t play for any of the biggest Premier League clubs. If you have a tight budget and you believe you can live with his high defensive work rate, you should give him a try. There are several other decent fast players, like Bailey, Lucas and Sarr, but no one is as strong as Adama Traoré. It’s true that all he has is pace and physics but if that’s exactly what you are looking for, then your search stops here.


The left wingers have exactly the same role as their team mates from the other side.
The Best FIFA 22 Premier League Midfielders
There are many quality players on the left side of attack in the Premier League. The two biggest names are Mané and Son. It isn’t easy to choose which one is better. Our preference goes for Mané because he can use his better pace, dribbling and strenght to reach the opposite box. However, it may be more important to you the 5 stars weak foot and high/high stamina of Son.

Rashford and Sterling are both two good alternatives to Mané and Son. The United player is stronger, which is makes all the difference when it’s time to decide which one we will use.

If you need someone cheaper, we suggest you Zaha and Diogo Jota. It’s strange to see someone like Jack Grealish not reaching the top 6 but the truth is that he has more qualities to play as CAM than as a winger. Allan Saint-Maximin is also very popular but be aware that with him in your team, you will be defending with less one player.