FIFA 22 Record Breaker items are assigned to players who break records within real life football matches.
Q: What is a Record Breaker item?
A: Record Breaker cards are special items created to celebrate record-breaking achievements in the real-world of football.

Q: When Record Breaker items were released for the first time?
A: Record Breaker items were released for the first time ever in FIFA 12.

Q: How FIFA 22 Record Breaker items are chosen?
A: Record Breaker items are based on record-breaking achievements in the real-world of football, such as most goals scored by a national team, most clean sheets, fastest hat-trick, most consecutive matches scoring goals or most header goals in a specific league.

Q: How many players get one of these items?
A: Usually 2 to 4 players but can go up to 12 players in a single season.

Q: Are these items available in FUT packs or in the transfer market?
A: These items are available in FUT packs and in the transfer market. In rare cases, they can also be made available in SBCs and objectives.

Q: How long are FIFA 22 Record Breaker items available in FUT packs?
A: These cards are usually available in packs for two days or one week. After this, they are replaced by their regular cards in packs again, and are still available via the FUT transfer market.

Q: Can a Record Breaker player’s rating change?
A: RB cards ratings remain unchanged after being implemented into the game. However, Winter Upgrades can force them higher.

Q: I already own this player. Why my version wasn’t upgraded to the new Record Breaker item?
A: If you own another version of a Record Breaker, your card will keep unchanged. If you want the improved version, you will need to buy the corresponding RB version in the market or pull it from a pack while available.

Q: Can I own other versions of a RB item in my club?
A: You can have multiple items of the same player in your club. However, you cannot use them in your squad at the same time.
The updated list of all FIFA 22 Record Breaker items in packs, SBCs and objectives.
All FIFA 22 Record Breaker items release times are indicated in the UK time zone.
04/01 18:00 (Tue) 7d Edouard RB
Group Reward
Premier League
Top Form
Les Bleus
Edouard RB (U)
Small Gold Pl (T)
Prime Mixed Pl (T)
Prime Electrum Pl (T)
19/10 18:00 (Tue) 7d I Williams RB
Group Reward
Gold Squad
Rare Gold Squad
El León
La Furia Roja
Top Form
85-Rated Squad
I Williams RB (U)
Two Players Pack (T)
Two Players Pack (T)
Small Prime Mixed Pl (T)
Small Gold Pl (T)
Premium Mixed Pl (T)
Small Rare Mixed Pl (T)
Small Prime Gold Pl (T)
Release DateDurContent