FIFA 22 Squad Battles Points

FIFA 22 Squad Battles

In the FIFA 22 Squad Battles game mode, the rank is determined by the total battles points a player gets in a single week. Find out how you can earn them and how they are calculated.


Squad Battles for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Squad Battles is a single-player game mode within FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Here are three things you should know before start playing it:

– Players compete against other community-created squads from around the world;
– They can play up to 42 single-player matches per week (including features matches);
– The competition is refreshed every Monday;
– Ranks are determined by the average score among all competitors, which means that players have to climb the dynamic leaderboard to reach better rewards.

To start playing Squad Battles, go into your Ultimate Team, follow ‘Play’ and then select Squad Battles.

FIFA 22 Squad Battles Points

Squad Battles Points for FIFA 22

Your rank is determined by the total battles points you get in a single week. You earn them playing matches.

Your battles points, per match, is based off how well you played the game, the difficulty of the squad you played and if you won the match. We will show you now, how these points are calculated:

FIFA 22 Squad Battles Points
The Difficulty Bonus is a coefficient that measures the difficulty of your matches. Here are the coefficients according to the difficulty level and the result:

Win Loss
Beginner 0.5 0.2
Amateur 0.6 0.25
Semi-Pro 0.7 0.4
Pro 1.0 0.5
World Class 1.6 0.6
Legendary 2.1 0.7
Ultimate 2.6 0.7


The Team rating score depends on the team you are playing against. Basically, it is based on its chemistry and its team rating, according to the following formula:
(Team Rating x 3) + (Chemistry Rating / 2)

Team Rating Team Chemistry
Points x3 x0.5

There are only two match results possible on Squad Battles: you win, and you get 200 points, or you lose, and you get 50 points.

Win Loss
Points 200 50

Skill Rewards are the sum of bonuses performance and penalties performance. Player’s good performances are rewarded with squad battle points, while there will be point deductions for negative performances. In other words, are the sum of the bonuses by scored goals, shots on target, successful tackles, corners, clean sheets, pass accuracy, possession and man of the match and the sum of the penalties by against goals, fouls, cards and offsides according to the following table that shows the number of points awarded/deducted for each performance:

Points/Unit Maximum Units Maximum Limit
Scored Goals +40 5 +200
Shots on Target +5 10 +50
Succss Tackle +1 20 +20
Corners +5 10 +50
Clean Sheets +75 1 +75
Pass Accuracy % +1 80 +80
Possession % +1 80 +80
MOTM +15 1 +15
Goals Conceded -20 4 -80
Fouls -5 4 -20
Cards -10 8 -80
Offsides -1 15 -15


Each goal you score gives you a different amount of battle points based on the difficulty level you choose.

Points/Goal Max Goals Max Points
Beginner 20 5 100
Amateur 30 5 100
Semi-Pro 40 5 200
Pro 60 5 300
World Class 100 5 500
Legendary 140 5 700
Ultimate 160 5 800


The amount of Battle Points earned for playing a Featured Squad Battle match is not the same as you would earn for a normal Squad Battle match. Instead, the number of Battle Points you earn is based on whether you win or lose the game, and what difficulty you played the match on. The specific Battle Point values are below:

Win Loss
Beginner 1500 1400
Amateur 1550 1400
Semi-Pro 1600 1400
Pro 1700 1400
World Class 1800 1400
Legendary 1900 1400
Ultimate 2000 1400