The What If event features dynamic items which are upgraded based on the goals and clean sheets of their teams.
The What If event was released for the first ever in FIFA 21.
Release dates for FIFA 22 are estimated.
All release times are indicated in the UK time zone.
This calendar lists all FIFA 22 What If promo offers.
27/03 18:00 (Sun) 1d Promo Packs
27/03 18:00 (Sun) 5d What If MR2
25/03 18:00 (Fri) 1d Promo Packs
25/03 18:00 (Fri) 7d What If T2
20/03 18:00 (Sun) 1d Promo Packs
20/03 18:00 (Sun) 5d What If MR1
18/03 18:00 (Fri) 1d Promo Packs
18/03 18:00 (Fri) 7d What If T1
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