You need to know the FIFA 23 controls in order to play this game.
FIFA 23 Controls

Controls List

You need to know which buttons you should press to control your players. This page details the complete controls for playing FIFA 23 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC (gamepad controllers and keyboard). The list is long, so be sure to master the basic controls before moving forward.

Note that the FIFA 23 controls listed here refer to the Classic configuration. If you change your preset, your controls will shift.

Simplified Controls

If you are an inexperienced player, you should study the most basic controls and gradually add new ones.


These are the most important FIFA 23 controls. They let you get around the pitch with the ball at your feet. L2 / LT is often one of the most under-used controls, and it can give you a real advantage when jostling for the ball or position.


Getting to grips with the attacking controls can give you an edge in finding that final pass. However, you need to master the first twelve to be well-successful.


Defending is not always easy on FIFA 22, so understanding the ins and outs can boost you. There aren’t as many controls to learn as attacking, but you must master these controls to keep a clean sheet.


Your goalkeeper also makes part of your team. He saves your goal but is also the first to distribute the ball. You probably won’t use many of these too often, but they’re still helpful to know.
FIFA 23 Buttons

Controls In-Game

You can check in-game the complete list of controls published on this page, following these steps:

  1. From the main FIFA screen, go to [Settings];
  2. Select [Basic Controls];
  3. Use R2/RT and L2/LT to navigate through the different submenus available.


VOLTA FOOTBAL, the mode that takes the game back to the streets with an authentic small-sided football experience, uses the same controls of other game modes but also has its own exclusive.


Quickly switching your tactics in-game can alter the pattern of play in your favour.

Free Kicks

While getting a free kick won’t happen every game, it’s important to know what to do when you do get one.

Corners and Throw Ins

There are several ways to kick a corner or make a throw in. Try some of these controls in the arena or easy games to become a pro.


You won’t be taking penalties all the time, except if you play with that team we all know, but nothing is worse than missing one.

Be a Pro: Players

Your road to becoming a Pro starts in this list. You will need to know it if you want to play with your team mates.

Be a Pro: Goalkeepers

As a goalkeeper, there are a few buttons you may press to improve your game.
Frequently Asked Questions
FIFA 23 controls are all published on this page. Alternatively, you can see them in-game :
  1. From the main FIFA screen, go to [Customise];
  2. Select [Settings];
  3. Select [Basic Controls];
  4. Press L2/LT to see attack and defence controls.
You can change the basic FIFA 23 controls following these steps:
  1. From the main FIFA screen, go to [Customise];
  2. Select [Settings];
  3. Select [Customise Controls];
  4. Press L2/LT to see attack and defence controls;
  5. Press X/A to select the control you want to change.
Yes, you can use a wired controller to play FIFA 23 on your PC.
There are many options, including the PS5 DualSense, but these are among the best:
  • PowerA FUSION Pro 2
  • Xbox Elite Series 2
  • HexGaming Rivals
  • Logitech F310
Before starting a match, go to [Controller Settings] and turn off ‘User Vibration Feedback’.
All you have to do is to connect all the controllers you want and select sides when prompted.
To move your goalkeeper in FIFA 23, you must press and hold the R3 button. If you want to move back to the assisted version, release the R3 trigger, and your goalkeeper will return to normal.
If you don’t know what R3, L1, L2, R1 or R2 are, just check the following image.

PlayStation Buttons
If you don’t know what LT, LB, RT or RB are, just check the following image.

Xbox Buttons