FIFA 23 Featured TOTW item celebrates the performance of a select Team of the Week player with a double upgrade.
FIFA 23 Featured TOTW

Featured TOTW

FIFA 23 Featured TOTW items celebrate the performance of a select Team of the Week player. They are identified by a star icon above the overall rating.

For each Team of the Week, Electronic Arts assigns one of these items to a player, featuring a double boost. Any future performance-based items these players earn are built off this boosted rating.

These items are not a new category but simply a TOTW with a more significant upgrade than expected.
Frequently Asked Questions
FIFA 23 Featured TOTW items are Team of the Week cards created to celebrate the performance of a selected players, featuring a double upgrade.
You can get a FIFA 23 Featured TOTW item as you usually do with any other Team of the Week card: in packs or the transfer market.
The rating boost is always relative to the most recent TOTW or MOTM card, no matter if the player moved to another club or if he was upgraded.

Featured TOTW items are upgraded according to the following table.

NIF or last IF Featured
75 84
76 84
77 84
78 84
79 84
80 85
81 86
82 86
83 86
84 87
Yes. Select Featured TOTW Items may receive Skill Moves and Weak Foot Attribute upgrades to better reflect the moments that earned them their place in the Team of the Week and make Featured TOTW feel more meaningful. As a result these updates will not carry through to their next Performance-Based Item if they were to receive one.

Items List

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