FIFA 23 FUT Co-Op is a feature that allows you partner up with a friend online to play selected game modes against other players.

FUT Co-Op Explained

FUT Co-Op is a feature that allows you team up with a friend online to play against other players in one of the following game modes: FUT Division Rivals, Squad Battles, FUT Friendlies (selected modes).

To play FIFA 23 FUT Co-Op, you need to have your friend on your list and send him an invitation through the EA Social widget. One of the two will be the captain; meaning will have control over which of the squads will be used for the match. At the end of the match, both of you receive rewards.
Frequently Asked Questions
FUT Co-Op is a feature added in FIFA 21 that lets you team up with a friend online in Division Rivals against other solos or duos, in Squad Battles against the AI, or kick back in FUT Friendlies House Rules and Public Co-Op against other players.
Invitations are made through the EA Social widget. First, you need to add your friend to your list, and then you need to send an invite.
The person who sets up the lobby will become the Captain, meaning they have control over which of their squads will be used for the match and what game mode they will play. From the lobby, both players will see the Captain’s top-rated players from their current active squad, and when both players are ready, the Captain will be able to start the game in the chosen mode.
FUT CO-Op is available for both generations, but you won’t be able to play across console generations or cross-play in FIFA 23.
No. Even if the game mode supports crossplay, Co-Op is excluded. You and your friend will have to play online on the same console (for example, you cannot be on a PS4, and he/she is on a PS5).
On the pre-match screen, you can see the connection bars of both connections (you and your friend).
Using the FIFA Trainer in a Co-Op game will show the inputs for both players on the team as they’re happening. It will allow players to see what their partner is about to do, enabling them to react to the on-screen displays. This helps in setting up the right runs without a need to rely on voice communication exclusively.
FUT 23 does not have support for game invites from Co-Op sessions, not even on FUT Friendlies. In other words, you cannot play against other friends picked by you. You will always face random opponents.
Yes. A toggle lets you choose between a mix of solo players and Co-Op groups in your matches or just vs. solo players.
Playing online cooperatively with friends is only possible in Squad Battles, Division Rivals, and FUT Friendlies. You cannot play FUT CO-Op on FUT Champions or FUT Draft.
In Friendlies, you can pair up to play together and, using in-game matchmaking, find people to play any of our base Friendlies experiences. The matches will follow the ruleset chosen, and rewards will be the same as playing Friendlies solo. This is a great way to try out some new player combinations and teams or to work on your team play in a risk-free friendly environment.
Classic, Mystery Ball, Swaps, King of the hill, Max Chemistry, Headers & Volleys, Survival, Long Range, No Rules, and Co-op Public Matchmaking.
It’s a Co-Op mode in FUT Friendlies. The goal of this mode is to have a casual drop-in experience playing FUT with a new partner against other Co-op opponents.

In Online Friendlies, you’ll see the new game mode. From here, you’ll enter into a new team select screen with a list of pre-made Squads. You won’t be using your FUT squad in Public Matchmaking. Instead, we’ll have unique Squads that will be changing regularly.

This avoids a situation where both co-op partners want to use their Squad. It’s also a great chance to try out some of the best players in FUT. In addition, the Squads will reflect recently released Player Items in the game, so you’ll see appropriately balanced teams.
For Division Rivals specifically, matchmaking will be done using the divisions of the duo. In Public Co-Op, you will play against players who picked the same preferred squad.
Selecting one of the Squads will start a search for a partner, and your choice acts as your preferred Squad to play with. If the game can’t find a partner looking to use the same preferred Squad, it will expand the search to look for partners using all possible Squads.

When all possible Squads are being chosen, the squad choice will be assigned at random, so there’s a chance you may play with a different Squad if the search for a partner is expanded. Once you’ve found a partner, the system will then matchmake you with another co-op pair who are also using the pre-made Squads to play against.

If a match can’t be found, the game will expand the search to anyone playing Co-Op Friendlies before expanding further to look for an Online Friendly Classic Match where you’ll play 2v1.
In Squad Battles and Rivals, based on the result of the game, each participant will earn their coins for the match using the regular in-game calculations. In Co-Op Friendlies, rewards are the same as playing Friendlies solo.