FIFA 23 FUT Moments is a brand new game mode that challenges you to recreate iconic football moments.
FIFA 23 FUT Moments

The new game mode

There are new ways to play FIFA Ultimate Team, earn rewards, and build your dream squad. FUT Moments is the new game mode where you are challenged to recreate iconic football moments.

FUT Moments is single player mode within FUT that gives you bite-sized challenges to complete in short gameplay scenarios with adjustable difficulty levels. Overturn a 2-0 deficit to win the game in the last 15 minutes, recreate a screamer from the weekend’s action, run through the opposition to score with your keeper, and much more, with new challenges added throughout the season to give you new FUT Moments to tackle.

FIFA 23 FUT Moments also introduced a new type of currency: FUT Stars. Complete challenges to earn them and use Stars at any moment to redeem packs, coins, loan player items, and other rewards from the Moments Star Gallery. The higher the difficulty, the more Stars you’ll earn as you complete each FUT Moment.
FIFA 23 Moments
Frequently Asked Questions
FUT Moments is a brand new game mode that allows you to recreate iconic fooball moments in exchange for coins, packs, special items, and other rewards.
To access FUT Moments follow these steps:
  1. From the main FUT screen, press R1/RB once to go to [Play];
  2. Select [Moments].
Stories are your first selection when you start a new Moment. Each Story is based on Seasonal Themes, FUT Campaigns, or real events from football’s past or present. Some Stories are time limited and need to be completed before they expire, while other Stories are available throughout the duration of FUT 23.
Chapters are themed groups of play that contain the Moments themselves. A goup of chapters is a story. You always start with at least one Chapter unlocked in a Story while others may be locked, requiring you to collect a specific amount of FUT Stars from the unlocked Chapters in that Story to be able to unlock it and continue.
Moments are the individual scenarios you will be playing.
Moments have one to three Challenges that you are required to perform to complete the Moment and earn the associated FUT Stars. They all have a starting point in game, such as a free kick, throw-in, or in the middle of an attacking or defending scenario, which will define how you begin attempting the Challenge.

You’ll have to complete all Challenges within the completion time or you’ll have to try again. Completing all Moments and all Reward Levels in a Chapter will provide you with bonus FUT Stars.
Moments have at least one Reward Level, with some having up to a maximum of three, which will offer one to three FUT Stars respectively. You can start at the lowest Reward Level and work your way up, earning a FUT Star each Reward Level you complete, or you can try your hand at the highest Reward Level first to try to earn all unearned FUT Stars for that Moment in one go.

Different Reward Levels can change elements such as the Squad Requirements, time to complete, or CPU AI Difficulty as you increase/decrease the Reward Level.
Yes. If you didn’t complete a Moment the first time, don’t worry. You can quickly reset the Moment at any time and get right back to trying to complete the Challenge. You can replay an unlocked Moment at any time, however you can only earn the associated FUT Stars once from any Reward Level.
FUT Stars is a new currency that can be exchanged in the Moments Star Gallery for Rewards. There are two ways to earn FUT Stars:

  • Completing Moments
    Increasing the Reward Level will reward you with more FUT Stars. You can earn the FUT Stars for a Reward Level only once, but you are free to continue to replay a completed Moment if it is still available.
  • Completing all Moments and their associated Reward Levels within a Chapter will earn the Group Reward, a bonus number of FUT Stars.
At the end of every Moment you’ll see which Challenges you have completed and, if you were successful, how many FUT Stars you earned.
FUT Stars Gallery is where you can redeem your Stars by rewards. Here you’ll find a variety of rewards available year round, as well as some rewards only available for a limited time.