The FIFA 23 Future Stars event is centered on hot young prospects, released in packs with upgraded ratings and stats.
FIFA 23 Future Stars

Future Stars

The Future Stars promo is one of the most original events of the FUT cycle. It is best known for releasing special items for hot young prospects.

The players need to be 23 years old or younger and cannot have been released in past Future Stars campaigns to be selected for the Future Stars event.

These special items feature huge upgrades in rating and stats, replicating what the players can potentially be if they meet the expectations of football fans.

Release Dates

The Future Stars event was released for the first time in FIFA 19.
Release date for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is estimated.


The FIFA 23 Future Stars event features several offers, including special items in packs, SBCs and objectives. To know which promo packs are available, go to our dedicated page.
16/02 18:00 7d Hamed Traore 87 FS U
15/02 18:00 7d Balotelli 88 FLA U
15/02 18:00 6d 86+ Campaign R PP U
14/02 18:00 7d Haller 88 PM U
13/02 18:00 7d FS Challenge 8 U
13/02 18:00 7d Jovetic 88 PM U
13/02 18:00 3d 84+ x5 Upgrade R PP U
13/02 18:00 3d 80+ Player Pick R PP U
13/02 18:00 28d Rovella Acad 88 FS U
12/02 18:00 5d Future Stars MR2
12/02 18:00 7d FS Challenge 7 U
12/02 18:00 7d 89+ Icon Upgrade R U
12/02 18:00 7d K Thuram 87 FS U
11/02 18:00 7d FS Challenge 6 U
11/02 18:00 2d FS Academy U
11/02 18:00 28d Tavares Acad 88 FS U
10/02 18:00 7d Future Stars T2
10/02 18:00 7d Future Stars T2
10/02 18:00 28d J Ramsey Acad 88 FS U
10/02 18:00 7d De Ketelaere 90 PP FS U
10/02 18:00 7d FS Challenge 5 U
08/02 18:00 2d 82+ x20 Upgrade U
08/02 18:00 7d Q Timber 88 FS PP U
07/02 18:00 7d Riquelme 87 FS U
06/02 18:00 7d FS Challenge 4 U
06/02 18:00 3d 85+ Player Pick PP R U
06/02 18:00 3d 82+ Upgrade R U
06/02 18:00 14d FS Swap Rewards U
06/02 18:00 7d Gordon Acad 88 FS U
05/02 18:00 5d Future Stars MR1
05/02 18:00 7d FS Challenge 3 U
05/02 18:00 7d Walcott 87 FLA U
05/02 18:00 7d 87+ Hero Upgrade R U
04/02 18:00 7d Vanderson 88 FS U
04/02 18:00 7d FS Challenge 2 U
03/02 18:00 7d Future Stars T1
03/02 18:00 7d Lindstrøm Acad 88 HM U
03/02 18:00 7d Fábio Vieira 89 FS U
03/02 18:00 7d FS Challenge 1 U
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Previous Offers

You can get a good idea about which offers will be available by looking to the past years offers.
Frequently Asked Questions
FIFA 23 Future Star cards is a Special item category assigned to a very limited selection of hot young prospects, replacing their regular cards at specific times. These cards feature permanent ratings and stats boosts.
FIFA 23 Future Stars is a curated list of the hottest, breakthrough young prospects and what they could potentially be in FUT if they lived up to the hype. It’s not about young, established stars who are starters or have played regularly for major clubs/countries. The player needs to be 23 years old or younger and cannot have been released in past Future Stars campaigns to be released as a Future Star.
FIFA 23 Future Star items ratings and stats are based on the potential future values they may reach while in the top form of their professional careers. Inspired by the FIFA Database, each FUT Future Stars’ rating is based on what a player could become if they live up to their hype and fulfill their potential in the future.
Regular Future Stars can’t be upgraded. Their stats are permanent, remaining unchanged until the end of the game.

However, a minimal selection of players receives a Future Stars item which can be upgraded. Each Upgradable Objectives Player will have a dedicated objective that you can work through to earn the four versions of their Future Star item, simulating that player’s progression throughout their career. After unlocking the first version of the player, their subsequent items can be earned by completing various objectives with the latest unlocked version.
You can get FIFA 23 Future Stars item in the same way as any other card: in packs or on the transfer market. If you want to try your luck on packs, you can go to the store and buy them with coins or FIFA Points. They can be found in any pack with players’ cards, including free packs. Finding one of these cards is higher if you open a pack containing more player cards.

Completing specific SBCs and objectives may also reward you with a Future Star item.
Play towards Future Stars Player Items and rewards with another swaps program that allows you to exchange swap tokens for a variety of upgrades for your Ultimate Team.

Swap tokens will be available from January 30th until February 17th and can be found across various Squad Building Challenges and Objectives. There will be a total of 30 Future Stars swap tokens available during the campaign.

You can swap Future Stars swap tokens for rewards via the corresponding SBCs, and each reward can only be redeemed once.

Future Stars Items

During the event, two teams and one mini-release of themed players are released on the following dates:

Team 1
Available in Packs: 03/02 to 10/02

Mini-Release Team 1
Available in Packs: 05/02 to 10/02

Team 2
Available in Packs: 10/02 to 17/02