The FIFA 23 Level Up event is known for its special items featuring premium chemistry and improved versions.
FIFA 23 Level Up

Level Up

The Level Up promo is the last new promo of the FIFA franchise. It is released after Shapeshifters and before FUTTIES.

Each special item comes with an upgraded version you can unlock by completing Objectives using their base version. These upgrades could come in the form of ratings boosts, skill move or weak foot improvements, and even Premium Chemistry—plus unique action shots to help them stand out in your squad.

Release Dates

The Level Up event was released for the first time in FIFA 23.
Release dates for FIFA 23 are official.
All release times are indicated in the UK time zone.

Start 07/07/2023 18:00 Fri
End 21/07/2023 18:00 Fri


The Level Up event features several offers, including special items in packs, SBCs and objectives. To know which promo packs are available, go to our dedicated page.

15/07 18:00 13d M Terrier 91 LUP U
15/07 18:00 7d 90+ BFN Icon R U
14/07 18:00 7d Level Up T2
14/07 18:00 14d Ferran Torres 92 LUP U
14/07 18:00 14d R Jiménez 92 LUP U
14/07 18:00 12d Level Up Cup
14/07 18:00 6d Level Up III
14/07 18:00 14d LUP Your Game II
13/07 18:00 14d Tim Ream 93 FLA U
12/07 18:00 14d Mac Allister 94 PM U
12/07 18:00 28d Patrick Vieira 93 ICO U
12/07 18:00 7d 93+ TOTS/SHA PP R U
11/07 18:00 28d Aubameyang 94 FLA U
11/07 18:00 7d FC Bonus IV
10/07 18:00 4d 81+ Player Pick PP U
10/07 18:00 4d 83+ x25 Upgrade R U
09/07 18:00 12d Savanier 94 LUP U
09/07 18:00 12d Savanier 92 LUP U
09/07 18:00 12d Soaring Silver Up R U
09/07 18:00 12d Level Up Crafting R U
08/07 18:00 13d Sildillia 91 LUP U
08/07 18:00 7d 90+ Icon PP R U
07/07 18:00 7d Level Up T1
07/07 18:00 14d Sterling 92 LUP U
07/07 18:00 14d LUP Daily Login R U
07/07 18:00 14d Çalhanoglu 94 LUP U
07/07 18:00 12d Level Up
07/07 18:00 12d Level Up II
07/07 18:00 14d LUP Your Game I
07/07 18:00 14d LUP Daily Login
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Frequently Asked Questions
Level Up cards are unique items assigned to a select group of players. Each base version has an upgraded version you can unlock by completing objectives.
Level Up wasreleased for the first time ever in FIFA 23.
No. Contrary to dynamic cards, these item do not change after being released.
Player items with Premium Chemistry have the same chemistry qualities as Heroes, in addition to their Club link. They will receive Full Chemistry when in their designated position and give two League links instead of one.
While a player gets his Level Up item in packs, it is impossible to find his regular card there.
You can have multiple items of the same player in your club. However, you cannot use them in your squad at the same time.
Yes, you’ll unlock the untradeable upgraded version by completing Objectives with the base version at which point you’ll be able to have both in your club.

Level Up Items

During the event, two teams of themed players and two mini-releases are released on the following dates:

Team 1
Available in Packs: 07/07 to 14/07

Team 2
Available in Packs: 14/07 to 21/07