FIFA 23 Showdown items receive a +2 boost when the team wins and a +1 upgrade when it draws.
List of every single Showdown item, their potential and confirmed upgrades. Click or tap on a rating below to see the respective Showdown item.
FIFA 23 Showdown Tracker

Showdown cards are unique items featuring improved ratings and stats, available exclusively via squad building challenges. This type of SBC highlights two players who are set to face each other in an upcoming football fixture.

This is how FUT 23 Showdown items work:

  1. One player from each side of an upcoming real-world football match is selected and available on an individual SBC for 48 hours;
  2. You can complete one or both SBCs;
  3. Once the SBC expires, the game is played;
  4. A few days later, the items receive upgrades based on the result of the fixture.

This FIFA 23 Showdown Tracker shows you the upgrades based on the match results:

+2 for the winning team;
+1 for both teams if there is a draw;
no upgrade for the defeated team.