FIFA 23 Staff items have the responsibility to boost the effect of contracts and increase chemistry.
FIFA 23 Consumables

Staff Items

FIFA 23 Staff is one of the four items categories in FUT. They are responsible to:

  • Extend the player’s contracts;
  • Contribute to chemistry.
You can keep as many manager items as you want in your club, as long as there are no duplicates. You can have them duplicated on the transfer list or targets, though. In this case, the only limit you have is the list’s maximum capacity.

To have staff active, you don’t have to do anything. You have to send them to the club and leave them there. If you want to improve the chemistry, one of your managers have to be in the bench.

How to Buy a Staff Item
  1. From the main FUT screen, navigate to [Transfers];
  2. Select [Transfer Market];
  3. Press R1/RB to navigate to [Staff];
  4. Use the filters available to find the wanted result and press triangle/Y;
  5. Once in the ‘Live Search Results’ screen, use R1/RB to move to the next page until you find the card you want;
  6. Press X/A and place a bid or select [Buy Now] to guarantee the item.

Extend Player’s Contracts

When you apply a contract, its effect is multiplied by the sum of the coefficients of all the managers your club has.

Contracts are the only consumables that can increase efficiency due to staff use. You need to store manager items in your club and let the system do the rest. It will automatically identify the amount of bonus you’ll get for every contract applied according to how many of them you have.

Still don’t get it? We’ll explain in more detail. The contracts are positively influenced according to the managers a club has. Each manager item displays a contract bonus percentage. When you apply a contract, its effect is multiplied by the sum of the coefficients of all the managers your club has. No matter how many of them you have, the sum of their coefficients will stop at 50%.

Contribute to Chemistry

The manager you choose for a squad can increase chemistry for each player starting the match if they have the same league or/and nationality as him.

If they match both nationality and league, the bonus will remain the same. If the players already have maximum chemistry, there’s no point in using a manager since there won’t be anything to improve, and you’ll still be spending contracts.
Frequently Asked Questions
FIFA 23 Staff items have the responsibility to:
  • Extend the player’s contracts;
  • Contribute to chemistry.
Yes. In FIFA 23, the only type of Staff items are the managers, so they are the same.
When discussing the bonus for contracts, your objective should be gathering enough managers to reach 50%. In this case, it doesn’t matter the nationality, league, or the remaining contracts a manager has.

If you already have your main manager and your goal now is to reach the 50% contract bonus, search in the market for managers running out of contract. They are usually cheaper, and it doesn’t make any difference to you.

You should only focus on reaching a total of 50% spending the less possible. It is where the calculation comes in. For this objective, buying popular managers won’t make sense because they may cost too much; you can use these coins to buy several other managers. Check, for example, if there are any rare silver managers cheaper than non-rare gold ones.

When you reach 50%, you should stop unless you need a manager with a specific nationality to affect one or a few players’ chemistries. Also, check if you’re buying managers that contribute at least 1%. The non-rare silver and all bronze managers give no bonus.