The FIFA 23 Team of the Year event features the most desired themed items assigned to the best eleven of the civil year.
FIFA 23 Team of the Year

Team of the Year

The Team of the Year promo is the oldest and most important event of the FUT cycle. It is also the most profitable for Electronic Arts.

Commonly abbreviated to TOTY, it celebrates the best eleven players based on their real performance on the previous civil year. The selection of these players is determined by a combination of EA and community votes, from a shortlist of 70 players.

The eleven special cards feature significant upgrades and are released exclusively in packs for two weeks, as long as other exciting offers.

Release Dates

The Team of the Year event was released for the first time in FIFA 12. Release dates for FIFA 23 are official.


The FIFA 23 Team of the Year event features several offers, including special items in packs, SBCs and objectives. To know which promo packs are available, go to our dedicated page.
31/01 18:00 7d Jorginho 88 FLA U
31/01 18:00 6d TOTY Challenge 2 U
30/01 18:00 7d Richarlison 90 PM U
30/01 18:00 6d TOTY Challenge 1 U
30/01 18:00 4d 85+ Double Upgrade R U
30/01 18:00 4d 78+ Triple Upgrade R U
29/01 18:00 5d TOTY Icons T1 T2
29/01 18:00 14d Borré 87 PM U
29/01 18:00 7d 88+ Mid/WC Icon R3 U
29/01 18:00 4d 85+ x3 Attackers R U
28/01 18:00 89d Xabi Alonso 92 ICO U
28/01 18:00 14d Jutglà 87 PM U
27/01 18:00 6d 85+ x3 Midfielders R U
27/01 18:00 14d Draft Token R U
27/01 18:00 7d Honorable Mentions T1
27/01 18:00 7d Haaland 96 TOTY U
27/01 18:00 7d Mané 93 FLA U
27/01 17:00 7d TOTY Trial R U
27/01 17:00 4h Flash Upgrade 2 R U
27/01 18:00 7d Otamendi 88 HM U
27/01 18:00 6d TOTY Cup
26/01 18:00 8d TOTY XI T1
25/01 18:00 2d 83+ x3 Defenders R U
24/01 18:00 2d TOTY Defenders
24/01 18:00 3d TOTY Icons T2
24/01 18:00 14d Paul Pogba 90 FLA U
23/01 18:00 2d 83+ x3 Midfielders R U
23/01 18:00 7d 81+ Double Upgr R U
23/01 18:00 7d 75+ Player Pick PP R U
23/01 18:00 10d Serie A Upgrade R U
23/01 18:00 10d EPL Upgrade R U
23/01 18:00 10d Bundesliga Upgrade R U
23/01 18:00 10d Ligue 1 Upgrade R U
23/01 18:00 10d LaLiga Upgrade R U
23/01 18:00 10d Premium Serie A R U
23/01 18:00 10d Premium EPL R U
23/01 18:00 10d Premium Bundesliga R U
23/01 18:00 10d Premium Ligue 1 R U
23/01 18:00 10d Premium LaLiga R U
23/01 18:00 9d TOTY Upgr Veteran
23/01 18:00 9d TOTY Upgr Beginner
22/01 18:00 2d TOTY Midfielders
22/01 18:00 28d G Bale 93 EOAE U
22/01 18:00 4d 88+ Mid/WC Icon U
21/01 18:00 2d 83+ x3 Attackers R U
21/01 18:00 89d Hugo Sánchez 93 ICO U
21/01 18:00 12d 2022 Year in Review
20/01 18:00 2d TOTY Attackers
20/01 18:00 4d TOTY Icons T1
20/01 18:00 14d Sérgio Ramos 91 FLA U
20/01 18:00 14d Gundogan 88 PM U
20/01 18:00 14d 83+ Double Upgrade R U
20/01 17:00 4h Flash Upgrade 1 R U
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Previous Offers

You can get a good idea about which offers will be available by looking to the past years offers.
Frequently Asked Questions
FIFA 23 Team of the Year cards is a Special item category assigned to the best eleven players of the previous civil year, replacing their regular cards at specific times. These cards feature very high upgrades in rating and stats.
EA SPORTS FIFA community members vote on the FIFA 23 Team of The Year. Each Team is selected from a shortlist of 100 players nominated by EA SPORTS for real-world performance in the previous year. The final Team of the Year selection is determined by a combination of EA and Community Votes.
Eleven. The FIFA 23 Team of the Year is released only once a year and contains the best 11 players in the world. The TOTY comprises 1 goalkeeper, 4 defenders, 3 midfielders, and 3 forwards, where each category can contain a player in any position. In addition, a 12th player is chosen by the community.
TOTY items can’t be upgraded. Their stats are permanent, remaining unchanged until the end of the game.
You can get a FIFA 23 Team of the Year item in the same way as any other card: in packs or on the transfer market. If you want to try your luck on packs, you can go to the store and buy them with coins or FIFA Points. They can be found in any pack with players’ cards, including free packs.
They are in packs from Friday but not all at the same time (except at a selected time). This is because the players are not inserted in packs all at once. Instead, these special items are released according to their positions. From Thursday to the end of the promo, all TOTY items are available in packs.
Yes. Except for FUT Champions Players Picks, it doesn’t matter when you got the packs. The cards you will find inside depend exclusively on the date you open them. The best time to open packs is when all FIFA 23 Team of the Year players are in packs.
TOTY is a team made by the votes of the FIFA community that picks the best players of the civil year. The TOTS is about the players of each league who have played better during the season (usually between August and May).

TOTY Items

During the event, a team of themed players is released in packs on the following dates:

Only Attackers: 20/01 to 22/01
TOTY Icons 1: 20/01 to 24/01
Only Midfielders: 22/01 to 24/01
Only Defenders: 24/01 to 26/01
TOTY Icons 2: 24/01 to 27/01
TOTY XI: 26/01 to 03/02
Honorable Mentions: 27/01 to 03/02
Fan Favourite: 27/01 to 03/02