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FIFA 23 Title Update is a post-release update patch for FIFA game that fixes bugs, glitches and other issues in the current gameplay.
FIFA 23 Title Update


Electronic Arts releases regularly title updates to fix bugs, glitches and other issues of FIFA 23, and introduce new features, including audio and visual changes.

These patches cover all game modes, including Ultimate Team, Career Mode, VOLTA FOOTBALL, Pro Clubs and Kick-Off. They are available first for PC Origin/Steam and a few days later for PlayStation, Xbox and Steam.

Players have to download and install the title update file in order to address the issues (I) and take advantage of the new features (C).


PC Origin PC Steam
PlayStation Xbox Stadia
PlayStation Xbox
1715/08 Tue 15/08 Tue15/08 Tue
1602/08 Tue02/08 Tue
1519/07 Wed19/07 Wed
1427/06 Tue27/06 Tue27/06 Tue
1324/05 Wed24/05 Wed30/05 Tue
1210/05 Wed09/05 Wed16/05 Wed
1112/04 Wed12/04 Wed12/04 Wed
1030/03 Thu30/03 Thu30/03 Thu
0922/03 Wed22/03 Wed22/03 Wed
0821/02 Tue21/02 Tue23/02 Thu
0731/01 Tue02/02 Thu08/02 Wed
0612/01 Wed12/01 Wed23/01 Mon
0530/11 Tue30/11 Tue
0415/11 Tue15/11 Tue16/11 Wed
0309/11 Wed09/11 Wed09/11 Wed
0212/10 Wed12/10 Wed17/10 Mon
0104/10 Tue
Frequently Asked Questions
When you start the game and a new FIFA 23 title update is available, it is prompted to you if you want to update it. Then, all you have to do is to confirm the download. As soon as it ends, your game will be up to date.
The first FIFA 23 title update is out when the game is launched. Several other updates are released throughout the year.
There are FIFA 23 title updates for all platforms, except Nintendo Switch.

Title Update 17

General, Audio, and Visual
  • C updates to some internal processes

Title Update 16

FIFA Ultimate Team
  • I Some tifos and flags were not displaying in the stadium.
Pro Clubs / VOLTA
  • I Sometimes, in VOLTA FOOTBALL, controller settings could incorrectly reset to default.
  • I [PC Only] In VOLTA FOOTBALL, incorrect button callouts were present in the VOLTA Shop.
Career Mode
  • I Sometimes, injured players could be incorrectly available as reserve players for national teams in Manager Career.
General, Audio, and Visual
  • C Updated some boots, gloves, kits, tifos, and VIP Areas.
  • C Updated Nouhalia Benzina’s player model to include her head covering.
  • C n EA Social, added ability to switch between Online and Offline status.

Title Update 15

FIFA Women World Cup
  • I Sometimes, in Offline Tournaments, the Knockout Stage UI could display the incorrect result.
  • I Sometimes, in Offline Tournaments, the news section could display incorrect information.
Career Mode
  • I Addressed some stability issues that could occur when saving progress.
General, Audio, and Visual
  • C Added a take me there link from the Main Menu to the FIFA Womens World Cup.
  • C Updated instances of incorrect text.
  • C Updated some starheads, crowd hair, and headwear.

Title Update 14

General, Audio and Visual
  • C Added the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ experience to Kick Off and Tournaments.

Title Update 13

General, Audio and Visual
  • C Updated some kits, ad boards, gloves, boots, balls, star heads, and tifos.
  • C Updated UI elements in UEFA Women’s Champions League matches.
  • C A message could appear when launching the title stating that DLC Assets are damaged. Workaround: Select and confirm the Cancel option on the message and restart FIFA 23.
  • C [PC Only Known Issue] When attempting to launch FIFA 23 on Windows 11 with Secure Boot turned off, the title does not display a message stating that Secure Boot is required.

Title Update 12.1

General, Audio and Visual
  • I Fixed the experiencing stability issues when launching FIFA 23 on PlayStation 5.

Title Update 12

  • I In Co-Op Friendlies, after scoring a goal, a placeholder image could appear underneath the scoreboard UI.
  • I The reward preview button callout was not displaying for some SBCs.
Pro Clubs / VOLTA
  • I Sometimes, earned Skill Points during matches did not display in match lobbies and became available after returning to the Pro Clubs hub.
  • I The Challenge UI was not displaying during a specific Shootout FUT Moment.
  • I Addressed a stability issue that could occur when trying to enter Pro Clubs.
General, Audio and Visual
  • C Updated some kits, tifos, star heads, banners, flags, stadium themes, 2D portraits, and boots.
  • C In Tournaments, some teams could not be swapped in the UEFA Women’s Champions League competition.
  • I Addressed instances of multiple stability issues that could sometimes occur.

Title Update 11.1

  • I Addresses a stability issue that could occur in some rare situations.

Title Update 11

  • C Players can now perform chained Skill Moves with more consistency when not repeating the same Skill Move back-to-back in a chain.
Audio, Visual and General
  • C Updated several aspects of CONMEBOL competitions, such as competition schedules.
  • C Updated some kits, tifos, trophies, audio, ad boards, portraits, broadcast packages, text descriptions, balls, competitions, and crowds.

Title Update 10

  • I Placeholder text could have displayed for some FUT Moments requirements.
  • I Placeholder visuals could have displayed during some Pack opening animations.
Audio, Visual and General
  • C Updated some kits, badges, boots, UI elements, trophies, star heads, gloves, balls, VIP Areas, banners, tifos, stadium themes, celebrations stadia, and facial hair.
  • I Addressed instances of various stability issues.
  • I Sometimes, the UI element for displaying points in King Of The Hill matches did not display correctly.

Title Update 09

  • C Players with the Explosive AcceleRATE archetype now accelerate slightly faster during the early stages of a requested sprint.
  • C When intercepting the ball while jockeying, the player is now better able to take control of the ball instead of it bouncing away from the player.
  • C Increased accuracy of Driven Ground Passes made to teammates ahead of the ball carrier, in situations where the passer is under no pressure from defenders.
  • C Improved contextual logic when determining if a Standing Tackle request should lead to a defending player performing a Standing Tackle or a Push/Pull. This change will result in more Standing Tackles being performed than Pushes or Pulls, in some situations.
  • C Slightly increased the likelihood of a knuckleball shot occurring when requesting a Power Shot.
  • C Decreased the speed that the ball can travel at from a free kick taken with the outside of the foot.
  • CSlightly decreased the range required for a defender to attempt a tackle without being requested to do so.
  • C Increased consistency of flicking the ball if the ball was in the air.
  • I In some cases, a player could take longer than intended to start sprinting with the ball when a sprint was requested.
  • I Goalkeepers could have sometimes anticipated shots too quickly. This was most noticeable in 1 on 1 situations.
  • I Improved referee logic when determining potential penalty kick fouls near the edge of the box.
  • I In rare cases, the camera would not position itself as intended for penalty kicks.
  • I When performing a tackle near the touchline, defenders could sometimes kick the ball out of play more often than intended.
  • I A stability issue could occur in Co-Op Friendlies.
Audio, Visual and General
  • C Added the UEFA Women`s Champions League (UWCL) to the Kick Off and Tournaments.
  • C Added the National Women`s Soccer League (NWSL) to Kick Off, Online Seasons and Friendlies, as well as Tournament.
  • C Added four new Women`s clubs: Real Madrid C.F., VFL Wolfsburg, Juventus, and Eintracht Frankfurt
  • C Updated some kits, star heads, competition bios, tifos, credits, logos, armbands, badges, anthems, substitution boards, stadia, balls, ad boards, tattoos, facial accessories, trophies, and pitch flags.
  • C Added ten new signature celebrations.

Title Update 08

  • I Addressed further instances of referees incorrectly wearing the same kit colors as one of the teams involved in the match.
  • I [PC Only] Addressed a stability issue that could occur when opening packs.
Pro Clubs
  • I In rare cases, the camera could have incorrectly followed a CPU AI player in VOLTA ARCADE.
Audio, Visual and General
  • C Updated some badges, kits, tifos, hair, stadiums, star heads, pre-match scenes, headwear, mascots, stadium themes, tattoos, balls, bundle art, VIP Areas, pitch props, fan flags, and gloves.
  • I When editing a player, sometimes the height and weight values did not display.
  • I Addressed several stability issues that could occur.

Title Update 07

  • C Adjusted corner kick positioning for the attacking team so that taller players are more likely to place themselves in attack-oriented positions.
  • I Improved referee logic when deciding to call for an offside when the offending player was outside of the pitch’s playing area.
  • I In some rare situations, a requested pass would not be performed by the ball carrier.
  • I In rare cases, some tackling animations did not play correctly.
  • I Sometimes, an Outside Of The Foot Shot animation did not occur when the shot was requested correctly.
  • I When returning from Transfer Market Live Search Results after performing a search using search filters, those filters could have incorrectly returned to their default settings.
  • I Player Items sometimes displayed incorrectly on the Transfer Recommendations tile.
Audio, Visual and General
  • I Playtime Match Limit messages could not be closed when a set limit was reached.
  • I Addressed instances of an EA anticheat stability issue that could have prevented the title from launching in some cases.
  • I On some save screens, EA Social was unintentionally available.

Title Update 06.1

Pro Clubs
  • I A stability issue could have occurred when entering Pro Clubs.

Title Update 06

  • C When playing against a team using Constant Pressure, your AI teammates will attempt to more actively provide shorter passing options.
  • C When a CPU controlled defending player applies Constant Pressure to the ball carrier but does not win the ball back, they can take longer to track back. This has no impact on human controlled players.
  • C Decreased Stamina Decay by 11.7% for Constant Pressure, Press After Possession Loss, and Press On Heavy Touch Defensive Custom Tactics.
  • C In some cases, ball carriers are now more likely to maintain possession of the ball when pressured from behind by a defender.
  • I When chasing Lofted Through Passes, defenders could incorrectly slow down at times.
  • I Addressed further instances of the ball unintentionally falling back to the attacking player after a defender makes a tackle.
  • I During kick offs, teams with a high defensive line could push up too closely to the center of the pitch.
  • I In some cases, using Player Lock when playing with customized controls could result in unwanted requests being performed.
  • I When locking to a player without the ball, the CPU ball carrier could perform unwanted Skill Moves or passes.
  • I Addressed instances of some animations not playing correctly when there is physical contact between two players.
  • I In some cases, a quick free kick could not be taken and transitioned to a traditional free kick.
  • I Sometimes, a Semi-Assisted Through Pass could incorrectly be hit out of play.
  • I Removed heading animations that could unnecessarily occur when a player was requested to perform a header but was not in contention for the ball.
  • I In some specific situations, the CPU AI could not win the ball back if the human controlled player was shielding the ball. Further addressed instances of ball carriers running over the ball when making a dribble.
  • I In some cases, CPU AI goalkeepers could perform an unintentionally poor pass from a goal kick.
  • I In rare situations, after receiving a pass, the ball carrier could have become momentarily unresponsive.
  • I Improved referee logic when making foul decisions in situations where the offending player quickly moved away from the ball carrier.
  • I Improved referee logic when making foul decisions regarding slide tackles.
  • C Added a View Help button callout to the FUT Main Menu, Transfer Market Menu, Match Pause Screen, and when entry into FUT isn’t possible. The View Help button callout displays a short message and a QR code that leads to EA Help pages related to the game area players scan it from.
  • C Added a Profile Tab to the Player Details view for some types of Player Items.
  • I The radar could sometimes disappear during matches.
FIFA World Cup
  • I Sometimes, in the FIFA World Cup™ Live Your World Cup mode, unplayed matches incorrectly had match results.
  • I Sometimes, in the FIFA World Cup™ Live Your World Cup mode, starting lineups were incorrect.
  • IReplaced the Play New Final option with a Restart Final option following the conclusion of a Featured Quickplay Grand Final match.
  • I An incorrect ball could be used in some matches.
Audio, Visual and General
  • C Updated some, balls, UI elements, custom managers, starheads, kits, tattoos, boots, gloves, facial hair, badges, stadiums, pitch trophies, VIP Areas, mascots, TIFOs, stadium themes, Skill Move descriptions, and ad boards.
  • I [PC Only] Addressed some instances of EA anticheat not installing or updating correctly.
  • I [Xbox Series S Only] Made improvements to the visual fidelity in certain situations.
  • I In some cases, in Kick Off, custom controller settings could reset to default.
  • I Known issue under investigation on the EASF Tracker: If Playtime Match Limits are set and reached, the message delivering this information could not be closed. Workaround: Close and restart FIFA 23.

Title Update 05

  • C Decreased the accuracy of Driven Lobbed Through Passes aimed away from where the passer is facing.
  • C Lowered the ball trajectory height of Driven Lobbed Through Passes.
  • I In some cases, the ball carrier could unintentionally run over the ball when attempting to dribble with it.
  • I In certain situations, the goalkeeper did not react to Ground Passes across the goal.
  • I Sometimes a touch during a dribble could knock the ball further from the ball carrier than intended.
  • I In some cases, appropriately powered Through Passes could incorrectly cause the ball to be hit out of play.
  • I AI teammates could lunge for a ball that was far away from them even when the Pass Block Assistance setting was off. In some situations, a defender could incorrectly attempt to shield the ball without being requested to do so.
  • I When requesting an Outside Of The Foot Shot in some specific situations, a Flair Shot could have occurred instead.
  • I When requesting a Flair Pass while locked to one player, the CPU AI would not attempt to perform a Flair Pass.
  • I In rare throw in situations where an additional ball was present on the pitch and needed to be cleared, the player kicking the ball could have done it with unnecessary power.
  • I The assistant referee starting position was not always correct at the start of a Playable Highlight.
  • I In some cases, the goalkeeper could have incorrectly been allowed to pick up the ball with their hands after a player-controlled teammate cleared the ball towards them.
  • I Improved referee logic when determining foul calls in situations where a player makes contact with the goalkeeper.
  • I During Set Piece Skill Games, the camera would not always correctly orient itself behind the kick taker.
  • I Placeholder images could appear on the shot comparison graphic when in a match.
  • I In the Milestones section of the Objectives screen, trophies did not always display correctly.
Career Mode
  • I In Player Career, the goalkeeper Attribute did not always display correctly on the Player Growth screen.
Pro Clubs + Volta
  • I Addressed a stability issue that could occur in VOLTA ARCADE.
FIFA World Cup
  • I In Online Tournaments, the Knockout Stage UI could have incorrectly highlighted both participating teams’ paths with the same color.
  • I In the Online Tournament final, some post-match scenes did not play.
  • I Addressed a stability issue that could occur when restarting Featured Quickplay matches.
Audio, Visual and General
  • C Updated some badges, pre and post-match scenes, crowds, stadiums, kits, balls, headwear, facial hair, commentary lines, UI elements, menu text, and ad boards.
  • I An incorrect background could have displayed when switching between the main menu and Training Center.
  • I Updated instances of incorrect text.
  • I Some videos did not play correctly in the main menu.
  • I In some cases, when selecting a language, the on-screen flag could display incorrectly.
  • I [PC Only] EA Social text input did not always function correctly when using the numpad.
  • I Addressed instances of various stability issues.

Title Update 04

  • C Reduced accuracy of outside of the foot shots by up to 30%. Players with the Outside The Foot Shot Trait are also impacted by this change, but only by up to 10%.
  • C Improved target selection logic for Semi Assisted Through Passes. Semi Assisted Through Passes are now less likely to be underpowered and less likely to go to the defender’s feet.
  • C Increased consistency of the Ball Roll Skill Move in first time situations.
  • C Decreased input sensitivity when requesting a knock on.
  • I Players could skip Power Shot animations by quickly requesting a Power Shot during other shooting animations.
  • I When using Goalkeeper Movement, keepers could have been repositioned too quickly during corners.
  • I In some cases, players could incorrectly slow down when attempting to dribble with the ball.
  • I When playing as a goalkeeper, Auto Positioning did not return the keeper to the appropriate location, if it was requested after requesting to pick up the ball or manually rushing forward.
  • I Players could turn with an unintended amount of speed when using the Directional Nutmeg Skill Move.
  • I After making a tackle, the ball could sometimes be knocked away further than intended.
  • I When attempting to shield at a high speed, a player could run over the ball when attempting to dribble with it.
  • I During penalty kicks, a goalkeeper could sometimes start a potential save animation towards one direction then switch to a different direction unprompted.
  • I In some situations, goalkeepers under pressure attempted and failed to catch the ball inside of the box instead of punching it when it would be more appropriate.
  • I Some jostling animations did not play correctly.
  • I Improved assistant referee decision making when determining potential offside situations following a physical challenge.
  • I Some goalkeeper animations did not play correctly when attempting to dive at a ball carrier’s feet.
  • I In some situations when playing as a goalkeeper, the keeper did not attempt to make a save when they should have.
  • I Adjusted some incorrect contextual actions when using the One Button Controller Settings preset.
  • I In some rare situations, a player could incorrectly fail to control the ball when receiving a pass.
  • I In some cases, a player’s legs did not animate correctly when jumping. This was a visual issue only. When turning with the ball, the ball carrier’s legs did not always animate correctly. This was a visual issue only.
  • I Improved referee logic when determining red card calls in breakaway situations.
  • I In a rare scenario, a requested shot could result in a tackle instead. When requesting a Power Shot in some situations where the ball could be volleyed, the Power Shot would not be performed.
  • I In situations where the ball carrier was running with the ball ahead of them, when requesting a tackle, the defender could try to take control of the ball with a dribble instead of a tackle.
  • I Improved referee logic when determining foul calls following risky challenges.
  • I Some slide tackle animations did not display correctly. This was a visual issue only.
  • I Improved referee logic when determining advantage vs penalty kick calls.
  • I In rare instances, the match would not continue after the ball went out of play.
  • I The Drag To Drag Skill Move did not always animate correctly. This was a visual issue only.
  • I Improved referee logic when determining offside decisions if an offside player made contact with the ball as it went into the goal.
  • I Increased the effectiveness of Through Passes made by CPU AI players.
  • I When a player was running backwards, they could sometimes animate incorrectly. This was a visual issue only and did not impact player speed or positioning.
  • I The goalkeeper could sometimes incorrectly fail to catch the ball when appropriate.
  • I A penalty kick was not always given in Playable Highlights, when the ball carrier was fouled inside of the box.
  • C Added a Win-Loss counter in the FUT Champions hub that tracks performance for the current Play-Offs and Finals competitions.
  • C Updated some UI elements in the FUT Store and added labels for Most Popular and Best Value FIFA Point bundles.
  • I Controller and Camera Settings could incorrectly reset to default after staying in the menus for an extended period of time.
  • I Some FUT Moments challenges were not tracking correctly.
  • I Walkout animations did not always play as intended when opening packs.
  • I The Squad Builder could sometimes place Player Items in unintended positions.
  • I Out of position Concept Player Items did not display chemistry information.
  • I Addressed stability issues that could occur in FUT Moments and in Objectives.
  • I Public Co-Op Squads did not always display correct chemistry information, this was a visual issue only.
Career Mode
  • I Youth Player Potential could sometimes decrease regardless of their performance.
  • I Center Backs were not appearing in the youth scout report.
  • I Sometimes, two models of the same player could welcome new signings to the club.
  • I Player Sharpness did not display correctly in Team Management during matches, this was a visual issue only.
  • I The Squad Hub did not always correctly display a player’s availability following a red card.
  • I Following some transfers, the financial tip could have incorrectly listed that a sum of zero could have been saved.
  • I In Player Career, the Player Growth Hub did not always display Attribute increases from Activities, this was a visual issue only.
  • I Objectives did not display in Player Career when two input devices were enabled.
  • I For some transfers, the letter grade shown on screen was unintentionally negative.
  • I Addressed a stability issue that could occur in Training.
Pro Clubs + Volta
  • I Added a Take Me There shortcut in both Pro Clubs and VOLTA FOOTBALL to allow for quick swapping between the two.
  • C When viewing a max level Virtual Pro from Pro Clubs leaderboards, their level could be incorrectly listed as 101.
  • C Reduced ball velocity following a Power Shot in VOLTA FOOTBALL.
  • C Some VOLTA ARCADE instructions did not display correctly.
  • C [PC Only] Pro Clubs Leaderboards did not always update correctly when scrolling quickly.
  • C The post match screens did not always display the correct amount of goals scored by the player Avatar.
  • C The Signature Abilities descriptions did not list the advantages of the Take Flight ability.
  • C Sometimes, players had to advance twice from post match screens in Pro Clubs.
  • C The Avatar’s kit did not update after their name was edited in VOLTA FOOTBALL.
  • C Sometimes, your Avatar’s Match Rating incorrectly displayed a different number between the in-game Match Rating and the post match screens.
  • C Players could sometimes appear stuck in place after a VOLTA Battles match.
  • C Addressed a stability issue that could occur in VOLTA ARCADE.
FIFA World Cup
  • I The FIFA World Cup 2022™ Quarter Finals Knockout Stage bracket was incorrectly generated.
  • I In some cases, players were not able to play online.
  • I An incorrect kit could display when choosing a kit for Brazil.
Audio, Visual and General
  • C Updated some kits, celebrations, balls, boots, pre-match sequences, commentary lines, head accessories, UI elements, stadiums, broadcast packages, negotiation scenes, and button callouts.
  • I [PC Only] Addressed instances of EA anticheat errors 5 and 740. This issue was most commonly seen when installing FIFA 23 with an administrator Windows account, and then attempting to launch the game with a non-administrator account.
  • I [PC Only] Addressed instances of FIFA 23 closing quickly after launch. This issue was most commonly seen if game files were repaired or the Denuvo license key expired.
  • I [PC Only] Controllers connected via Bluetooth could unintentionally scroll through the menus without any player input.
  • I In some scenarios, away kits did not display correctly in Kick Off Team and Kit Select.
  • I [PC Only] The FIFA Trainer did not function correctly when using the Keyboard or Keyboard + Mouse Controller Settings presets.
  • I [PS5 Only] Reduced the default volume on DualSense wireless controllers
  • I Removed some placeholder images found in Tournaments.
  • I The points counter would not always display when in control of the zone in King of the Hill.
  • I Updated instances of typos and placeholder text.
  • I EA Social was not accessible from the FUT Champions Play-Offs Preview screen.
  • I In some cases, changes to the difficulty level did not save for VOLTA FOOTBALL Kick Off matches.
  • I Addressed some instances of button conflicts in menus.
  • I Addressed instances of various stability issues.

Title Update 03

Audio, Visual and General
  • C Added the FIFA World Cup 2022™ experience.
  • C Removed the previously existing Brazil team from Kick Off, Tournaments, Online Friendlies, and Online Seasons.
  • C Updated some commentary lines and celebrations.
  • I Addressed multiple stability issues that could occur.
  • I In some cases, Training Center Focus Areas did not update to take into account the selected Controller Settings preset.

Live Tuning Update 02

  • I Addressed an issue causing Explosive and Lengthy AcceleRATE values to not update as intended with some specific Player Item and Chemistry Style combinations.

Title Update 02

  • C Chipped penalty shots can only be performed towards the middle third section of the goal.
  • C Adjusted chipped penalty shot ball trajectories to be less lofted overall.
  • C Improved the likelihood of Standing Tackles winning the ball back.
  • C Increased the ball velocity for all Ground Passes.
  • C Increased accuracy of Chip Shots.
  • I Goalkeepers could sometimes react too quickly to certain shots.
  • I In some cases, shoulder challenges from behind did not result in a foul being called when it should have been.
  • I Sometimes, goalkeepers positioned themselves too far off the goal line when attempting to save long shots.
  • I In some difficult defensive heading scenarios, players could miss the header, especially when under pressure from an opposing player.
  • I When attempting to run back to the goal line to save a Chip Shot, goalkeepers could have incorrectly attempted to catch the ball instead.
  • I Improved dribbling animation transitions after taking a stumbling touch on the ball.
  • I Goalkeepers were sometimes unable to save shots aimed very close to their bodies.
  • I Some Ground Passes could result in the ball traveling at faster than intended velocities.
  • I Three star Skill Move players with a Sprint Speed and Acceleration above 85 could not perform a Fake Shot from a sprint.
  • I In rare cases, the ball carrier could sprint over the ball and lose control of it.
  • C Added a Chemistry indicator appearing on Player Items when previewing a swap between out of position Player Items.
  • C Removed pack opening animations when redeeming Stadium Items from Objectives, Division Rivals, Squad Battles, and FUT Champions rewards.
  • C Removed several screens that would appear before playing individual FUT Moments.
  • C A Player Item’s Secondary Positions are now visible in the top left part of the screen when using the Actions radial menu.
  • I Some SBC rewards were missing the untradeable label. This was a visual issue only and SBCs with untradeable rewards were referenced as such in SBC descriptions.
  • I The do not show this message again option did not take effect when performing Squad Actions on the Squad screen.
  • I The in-game scoreboard did not always display correctly in Squad Battles.
  • I Addressed some instances of a stability issue that could occur when opening Packs.
  • I [PC] Addressed some instances of a stability issue that could occur when opening Packs.
Career Mode
  • I The in-game scoreboard displayed incorrectly during Playable Highlights.
  • I In some cases, post-match interviews could contain questions not relevant to the situation.
  • I In some cases, the player’s team could unintentionally have less Playable Highlights than the opposition.
  • I In some cases, AI managers could sell too many players without replacing them.
  • I Some league standings did not correctly show which teams qualified for European Competitions.
  • I The Transfers tab could display an incorrect league for a scouted player.
  • I Addressed a stability issue that could occur when simulating matches.
Pro Clubs + VOLTA
  • I Seasonal XP could sometimes display as 0 in VOLTA FOOTBALL.
  • I Item Rarities were not correctly labeled in the VOLTA Shop.
  • I The Pro Clubs team Captain would take corner kicks instead of the assigned corner kick taker.
  • I When playing in the Any position, the post match Pro Clubs progression screens did not reflect that.
  • I When a free kick was being taken during a Pro Clubs match, the camera changed to the Free Kick one for all teammates instead of just the taker.
Audio, Visual and General
  • I Pausing an EATV video could launch Career Mode.
  • I Kick Off Controller Settings did always save if they were changed on the Match Preview and Side Select screens.
  • I Addressed various stability issues that could sometimes occur.

Live Tuning Update 01

  • C Reduced the accuracy of Penalty Kicks taken when the Composure Ring is yellow or red.
  • C Increased Technical Dribbling animation speed for lower rated dribblers. This change specifically impacts players whose dribbling related Attributes are below 90.
  • C Adjusted referees to be less likely to call fouls for arm-related collisions.
  • C Adjusted referees to be more likely to award yellow cards for fouls committed by Hard Slide Tackles.

Title Update 01

  • I Addressed a number of the following error message instances seen by players when attempting to launch the title:
    – ‘Failure to update process.’
    – ‘Can’t start system service.’
    – ‘The application has encountered an unrecoverable error.’
  • I Improved a stability issue that could occur when a device with force feedback was plugged into the PC while playing the title.