FIFA 23 Walkout is how the players who perform a celebration animation are known when found in a pack.
FIFA 23 Walkouts

FIFA 23 Walkout Players

Do you know when you pull a top item in a pack, and the player performs an animation walking out from behind the card? Well, that’s a Walkout Player.

Opening packs is the core business of this game, so it’s natural to see EA doing everything possible to improve the player’s experience in this aspect. The Walkout players were introduced in FIFA 17 to add drama to the moment when cards from packs are revealed. It is not a new player’s quality category but a way to distinguish the best players from the others.

One of the most satisfying things about packing a high-profile player in FIFA 23 is the walkout animation that follows it. Year after year, walkouts are being enhanced to include more celebratory background elements while also featuring specific player animations.

If they are one of the best players in their position, their flag and club will be shown, giving you the chance to guess who they are before they are revealed.

By definition, a walkout player is 86 rated or higher but there are a few exceptions, like TOTW/Special players 84+ rated who also sprint onto the screen and perform some animation.
Frequently Asked Questions
A FIFA 23 Walkout Player is a high-rated player who, when you pull him out of a pack, walks in and first poses as a greeting or makes another move.
Walkout players are high-rated items (usually 86+).
Except in rare cases, Walkouts are 86+ rare player items and 84+ TOTW/special player items.
When packing a FIFA 23 walkout player, there is a pack animation of the player walking onto the screen and celebrating. There is also a confetti rain and six different flames around the stage.
Walkouts are not all the same. They have different animations depending on whether they are 88+ rated or not. You will be able to recognize the animation for the best players via the spotlights at the top. If these light up as well, you’ve got an excellent card.
There is no special trick that guarantees you a Walkout item. The best way to pack one of these cards is by buying packs with many rare gold player items.
FIFA 23 Walkout Animation

Pack Animation

The best moment of opening FIFA 23 packs in Ultimate Team is getting a top-rated player and watching him literally walking out on to the field. However, how can you tell if you will pack one of these items? FUT 23 features different pack opening animations depending on the best card you are packing, giving you the chance to identify in advance how good it is:

  • 82- Rare Gold Player Item
    The card is shown more or less immediately. There are only two small flames. No other animations can be seen, only a static shot of the item accompanied by its score.

  • 83-85 Rare Gold Player Item
    There is a light confetti rain next to the card on this board pack animation. The orange flames on both sides are much more intense and brighter.

  • 86-87 Rare Gold Player Item
    There is an animation of the player walking onto the screen and doing some celebrating. The confetti rain is heavier, and this time, there are six different flames from all around the stage.

  • 88+ Rare Gold Player Item
    Once again, there is an animation of the player walking onto the screen and doing some celebration. The confetti rain is even heavier, and the flames all come on simultaneously and much faster. The headlights above the podium are on.

  • 85- IF/Special Player Item
    When the pack opens, and the flares light up, the front two fireworks will pop before the remaining four.

  • 86+ IF/Special Player Item
    The pack opening animation is similar to the one for 88+ Walkouts, but some elements identify the TOTW or the event.