FIFA 23 Weekly Objectives are simple tasks released weekly and contribute XP to your Season Rewards.
FIFA 23 Weekly Objectives

Weekly Tasks

Three groups of objectives are released every week, as part of the Season Objectives. Each round of objectives – there are six in each season – stays live for two weeks, except the last week’s objectives: they expire when the season does.

You can complete them in-game or in the web/companion app, depending on what is requested. From squad management goals to dynamic in-match challenges, the harder the objective, the more XP you’ll receive, and the higher your chances to win a better season reward.

The Bronze objectives are the easiest ones, followed by Silver and finally the Gold objectives. However, you cannot complete objectives from a more advanced group if you haven’t completed the previous group. When you do, you receive an XP bonus.

If you don’t claim rewards before the Objectives reset, EA’ll automatically add them to your Club, and a pop-up will inform you.

How to Access the Weekly Objectives
  1. From the FUT main screen, navigate to [Objectives];
  2. If you are not on the upper [Objectives] tab, press R1/RB and L1/LB to select it;
  3. Scroll down to the respective objective.
FIFA 23 Weekly Objectives

Bronze, Silver and Gold Objectives

27/09 00:00 10d Silver Weekly S1R2
Group Reward 0
Challenge 1 0
Challenge 2 0
Challenge 3 0
Challenge 4 0
27/09 00:00 10d Bronze Weekly S1R1
Group Reward 350
Hot Market 640
Play 3 640
Score 5 960
Winning Mindset 960
Frequently Asked Questions
FIFA 23 Weekly Objectives are in-game or squad-management tasks refreshed every week.
FIFA 23 weekly objectives are refreshed every Friday at 6 pm (UK time), except for the first round of the season, which starts Thursday morning.
If the weekly objective is squad-management related, you can complete it in the FUT web or companion app.
Usually, there are fourteen new objectives each week: four bronze, five silver, and five gold. Each season features six rounds of objectives, corresponding to six different weeks.
Yes, you earn extra XP every time you complete all objectives from a group. The bonus is higher for Gold objectives and lower for Bronze objectives.
No. You can only do objectives from a specific group if you have completed all objectives from the previous group.
If you complete an objective or a group and don’t claim the respective rewards, Electronic Arts will automatically add them to your club, and a pop-up will inform you.