FIFA Cheats: Start Hacking ? No !

FIFA Cheats: Start Hacking ? No !

CENTRAL POINT is the fortnightly column of FIFA U Team website, written by Hugo Versiani.

You will find here the most hot Ultimate Team topics but also old stuff, described in a very objective and special way.

In this seventh episode, “FIFA Cheats: Start Hacking ? No !”, the author complains about the dark world of the PC’s FIFA Cheats.


FIFA Cheats: Start Hacking ? No !

FIFA Cheats: Start Hacking ? No !


While the walls at FIFA are falling apart due to corruption scandals, there’s another fact going on that also concerns the institution, but this one relates to virtual football. Cheating, tricking the system and chasing vulnerability aren’t real life-exclusive attitudes. This happens without limits in the Ultimate Team community. Motivated by last week’s “My Happy Hour” and, unfortunately, after several hours wasted in front of the computer unable to play a single game of FIFA, here’s what I came up with for today’s theme: the countless flaws within the FUT system. During the last 15 days I was nearly cured from this vice, all this got myself wanting to quit the game, and I’ll tell you what “all this” is.

With the release of the TOTS, players don’t seem to lose the opportunity to upgrade their squad, it goes from wanting one player to starting a whole squad from scratch. And it’s not just all the speculation regarding who’s going to be on each league’s TOTS, predictions all around warming up the FUT market right now. It’s also time to empty whole chests (accounts full of-) of coins with those willing to pay any price for a full blue squad.

The FUT on line seasons division 1 for PC has cheaters on every corner. Web app, bugs and server problems are not even close to hitting the post when it comes to earning coins more easily and in less time. Ever heard of that famous victory by minimum score disadvantage? Goalkeeper as ST and centre-back as midfielder? Well then, your opponent is well aware of the rules of football, he’s just cheating the system.


FIFA Cheats: Start Hacking ? No !

Cheater’s Squad

FIFA Cheats: Start Hacking ? No !

Score Hack


Before we start talking about the ways of cheating FUT which are constantly being used these days I want to make something clear. The idea of this article is to explain this certain subject, share the several opinions there are, just as we always do in the website’s articles in order to enhance gameplay experience. I won’t take responsibility, in case you’re not able to contain your curiosity and end up using one of these resources, whether you manage to make piles of coins, get banned by EA or have your information stolen by other users. Once again, today’s article is about explaining, not encouraging.


Coin glitch/Trainer/Hack


The coin glitch is the result of a faulty system function, users take advantage of this gap in order to make coins. The term “hack” has several meanings when it comes to technology. For us it means a reprogramming system which isn’t authorized by the proprietary, in this case EA, that can make users millionaire. Websites offering coin/FP-generating softwares that will turn you into a millionaire from one day to another is what’s out there the most. Besides, they offer automatic updates to avoid errors included in the package, plus anonymity so you don’t get banned. A free passport to a magic land of wealth? Yes, in case they don’t find you

If any of you play career mode you’ll understand my reference. There’s an item on the catalogue, financial takeover, which adds x% to your squad budget according to your level. Having the best players of the game in your squad isn’t bad at all, but as the seasons pass the game loses its fun. By owning a top squad, you manage to win all the competitions very quickly and get bored of that game mode. You ask me: -So you don’t want to play with CR7, Messi and all the rest? Of course I do, but only if I earn it.

The program Trainer, is what has been making me waste hours and hours in front of the computer screen without being able to play one decent match. It works the following way: the user starts a game of any kind with a squad, gives away the victory to the opponent with the minimum score advantage, ends the game with a connection interruption and this is where the miracle happens. You alter the score and time as you wish, making coins and more coins faster than usual. Just so you can have an idea, some sellers advertise the product promising 15.000 coins in just 9 minutes. That’s right! An average game lasts 15 to 20 minutes and within this time you only get 500 coins more or less.

If you play 4 games in an hour you’ll get an average of 2000 coins, while the cheater will already have made 90000 coins. Quite an advantage, right? Yes, but it’s totally boring!


FIFA Cheats: Start Hacking ? No !

Trainer for FUT15

FIFA Cheats: Start Hacking ? No !

Hack for FUT15




While writing this article and doing some research I was asking myself whether or not this coin-making system would be the stereotypical Brazilian way. But no. In order to prove this I changed matchmaking settings. Do you know what I found out? Bingo! Argentinians and north-americans occupied the top of the blacklist. Looking at several websites around the world, I only got to confirm that. The way of persuading customers, the language, country and virtual sale websites change, but the way of cheating is the same.


Platforms (PC/Xbox/PS4/Mobile)


So far I’ve revealed the big disadvantage of playing on PC. The vulnerability within the other systems where FIFA is available has been my work’s target as well. On Origin, in case you’re interested, you can get to be the champion of division 1 without even playing a single game. You could call me crazy, but I did start taking notes of all the club names that made use of such cheating techniques and believe me, I already have 50 names in less than 15 days. Since this is a FUT community of good references, what’s the situation like on the remaining platforms? Have you ever tested any of these programs?


FIFA Cheats: Start Hacking ? No !

Club Description


The Black Market


Don’t fool yourself thinking that this flaw is used exclusively by people wanting to be able to afford Ronaldo and Messi. This constant income supplies the parallel coin selling market. The non-official market’s structure doesn’t seem bad at all, it features fan pages, giveaways and commodity, while security goes along with all and they’re all over the internet. But let’s take a look at what EA have to say about all this constant violation of the terms of use:

Buy, sell, transfer or auction (or host or facilitate the ability to allow others to buy, sell or auction), or offer to transfer, sell or auction, or buy or accept any offer to transfer, sell or auction, any game Account or game Content, including (without limitation) game characters, character attributes, items, objects, currency, credits or copyrighted material, or any other intellectual property owned or controlled by the Services, or our licensor, without first obtaining our express written permission, nor may you encourage or induce any other player to participate in such prohibited transaction(s).

Translating: buy FIFA Points. There’s nowhere to run. Or is there? In the period B.P.R (before price ranges) you’d pay a determined amount of money for an x amount of coins. This amount would then be delivered through an auction of a determined player with the pre-defined buy now price. Now the party being over, in the period A.P.R (after price ranges), the game carries on with accounts full of coins being sold instead of the usual one-auction negotiations. And why don’t EA just start the witch hunt? That’s really easy to answer.


Game Over


The righteous pay for the sinners? This old saying fits today’s situation perfectly. To make myself clear, I’m not defending EA, but the fun of the game. There are other options to make thousands of coins in FUT, for example winning tournaments, buying FIFA points and trading. If you don’t have time for trading and playing tournaments, buy FP’s and get to play with the best. Otherwise, make millions while earning it by negotiating and lifting trophies (almost an impossible task the last one, though). I don’t mean to generalize, but in the end isn’t part of the product’s credibility reflex of the customers’ quality? If there’s a reason that would eventually make me not want to buy FIFA 16, this is on top of the list, but you know what? I’ll buy it, because it’s just addicting!


6 thoughts on “FIFA Cheats: Start Hacking ? No !”

  1. Ahmed Mo\'men

    Hi Rodrigo,
    I played with someone whose team is consisted of BRONZE players only. However, the team rating is 99 !!! and during game play his players are more than good. Do you have an explanation ?

    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      That’s very weird. It’s impossible to reach a 99 rating without gold players. If your platform is PC, then it may be a kind of cheat.

  2. Prince O Farah

    Nice read Rodrigo 🙂

    From my experience on Xbox I don’t run into many hackers/cheats but even if I did the problems I would face would only be amplified on PC. Sounds like an area EA have shunned in favouritism of their two console platforms.

    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      Yes, that’s why we only organize tournaments for Playstation and XBox.

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