FIFA Leaderboards, what’s up with them?

Tête a Tête with Silvio Teixeira: Leaderboards, what’s up with them?


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In this episode, “Leaderboards, what’s up with them?”, the author explains the meaning of each leaderboard section and how they’re calculated.


Silvio Teixeira


FIFA Leaderboards, what’s up with them?


People have started earning coins using some of the techniques we’ve mentioned here, and now some of them have come to us asking why their numbers don’t always match the expected leaderboard results. This shouldn’t be an issue once you understand how the calculations are made; where these numbers come from. So I’ve decided to bring this up once again. Some of you may remember that Rodrigo has already published an article here in the website concerning this theme, but I feel like it should be interesting to give you an analysis under a different point of view. My explanation won’t be better or worse, but different, so if you’ve learned it from last time you should just skip this article, take the time to watch the new Gothan show, it’s pretty good, or the new Flash one; by the way, have you noticed that Flash’s father is actually the Flash from the old show? Okay, let’s cut the crap and go straight to FIFA Leaderboards.


FIFA Leaderboards


Match Earning


This one’s pretty easy. It’s how much you’ve earned playing. That includes the value that pops up at the end of every match, considering bonuses. It also includes the coins you’ve earned winning tournaments and season titles (on line and offline). It’s cumulative and never decreases, even if you lose as many matches as you can you’ll always get at least a few coins.

Some developers get to play the final game before its release date and that’s why you can see some people with tremendous Match Earnings so early. There are also players who receive the beta version, but the progress they make on that won’t be carried over to their original account. Playing offline could give you quite good coin rewards since it’s easier for you to win offline tournaments, although playing against the computer might be a little boring. But there are always people who enjoy it after all.

It’s interesting to mention that when you use EAS FC coin boosts your match earnings will rise faster, of course, because it counts as well as mentioned before. Another detail that might be a little confusing: when you delete your club and then compare it to your friend’s on leaderboards, you’ll have your match history reset but not your match earnings. That’s why sometimes you’ll see people with match earnings higher than yours while they’ve played way less matches.


Transfer Profit


It’s the amount of coins you’ve earned selling players. It’s not profit like some people say, it’s simply your selling amount. For example: If you have 1000 coins of transfer profit and then sell a player for 300 coins, it will then rise to 1300. If then you quick sell a bronze player (whose quick sell value is 16), it will rise to 1316. It’s that simple. However things can’t be always simple with EA, so bear with me. For example, you’ve started with 0 coins, you sell all your players and get 5000 coins. Your transfer profit is now 5000. Then pay 5000 coins to buy a player and go back to having 0 coins, but your Transfer Profit stays at 5000 (buying players doesn’t count). Then you sell him for the same 5000 coins. This way you go back to having 5000 coins but your Transfer Profit is now 10000. If you buy another player for 5000 coins, once again you’ll have spent everything you have, going back to 0 coins. Again, you Transfer Profit doesn’t change, it was 10000 and it stays at 10000. It will never decrease, it either stays the same or goes up. Then you did a great deal and managed to sell that player for 10000 coins. How many coins do you have now? 10000! And how is your Transfer Profit? 20000. The 10000 you already had plus the 10000 from your last auction.

In short, all the coins you get from selling (players, balls, contracts, anything) will increase your transfer profit by the exact amount of the sold value. Buying cards on the market doesn’t alter your Transfer Profit, only sales do.

Is that clear now? Okay, but EA still doesn’t like that, they’ll do anything to mess with our minds a little bit more. I’ve just said that when you buy something on the market your Transfer Profit isn’t altered, BUT when you buy packs… Yeah, when you buy packs your Transfer Profit will decrease!

So let’s suppose you have 10000 of Transfer Profit. You buy a gold pack that’s worth 5000 coins and store everything in your club. How is your TP now? 5000. Yep, it’s gone down. And it can even go negative if you keep buying many packs. It falls by the exact value of the pack. The players’ values that came from the pack don’t matter, you can get Ronaldinho or Messi in a pack, it doesn’t matter, the TP will decrease by the value you paid for the pack. Only when you sell the players you got from the pack you may get it back. This way, you’ll lose 5000 of TP by buying a 5000 worth pack, but if you get lucky you can recover what was lost. Sometimes you’ll pay 5000 on a pack but only get 2000 selling everything (that happens a lot). So when you buy a pack your TP will decrease, and when you sell those cards your TP will increase.

What if you get one of those redeemable 1000 coins cards? When you redeem it your TP will increase by 1000. Is that clear?


FIFA Leaderboards


Club Value


Did you find Transfer Profit complicated? Then stop right there, you don’t want to read this one. EA must had been feeling quite creative when they chose how this would work. Your Club Value is the sum of the values of all the players you have in your club. Nothing else is included, not the managers, balls, contracts or anything, only the players. The thing is it couldn’t be so simple, of course. The value each player has is something crazy EA just came up with. Each card has one value, which we’ll be calling from now on the “RV” (Reference Value). If it’s a non-rare bronze card with a 42 overall, we’ll have the smallest value ever. If that’s a rare bronze card with a 42 overall we’ll have a higher value (okay, there shouldn’t be any rare card rated 42, but let’s suppose there is). The RV rises little by little for each overall point. Notice that the only player rated 42 is the Austrian Marcus Maier, and despite that being the lowest overall in the game, the card’s price isn’t that low. On Xbox, for example, it’s being sold for 2500 coins, that’s because there are people who use low-rated players in order to decrease their Top Squad value, but we’ll discuss that later. Going back to Club Value, let me give you an example so that you have an idea of how much each card will add for you:


Category Overall Value Difference
Bronze 55 32
Bronze 56 34,46 2,46
Bronze 57 37,04 2,58
Bronze 58 39,75 2,71
Bronze 59 42,59 2,84


Above we have 5 cards, all non-rare bronze, with 1 overall point of difference from each other. This way, for each non-rare bronze player rated 55 you have in your club, 32 points will be added to your Club Value. It doesn’t matter if the player has 99 of pace or if he’s either worth 10k on the market or can hardly be sold for the ordinary 150 coins, it just means 32 for your Club Value.

The next one is worth a little bit more: 34,46, that is 2,46 more than the last one. But the difference isn’t just “2,46” every time. Notice that the difference shown between 56 and 57 was 2,58. This way each time one overall point rises the card is worth a little more for your Club Value, and the difference becomes bigger than it was before.

Not only the overall will have an influence on this, but also the type of card. Take a look at the comparison below.

Category Type Overall Value
Gold Non-Rare 75 108
Gold Rare 75 210,94


So rare cards have nearly double the value of non-rare cards when it comes to contributing for the Club Value. The same goes for cards such as TOTY, TOTS and every other kind of IF there is.

In short, the value you see in Club Value is equal to the sum of all of your players’ RV’s. An important detail, the players in your transfer list do not count, only the ones you have in your club do.

Do you want a complete list of each and every player’s value? There is none. However, if you want to see how much one of your players is worth you just have to send him to your transfer list and see how your Club Value changed.

This value isn’t related in any way with the amount of coins you spent to buy the player or with how much you’ll sell him for. This means that even those untradeable cards you have in your club will count, that according to their type and overall of course.

Important detail, every time you want to change something and see its new value, you’ll need to refresh the web app first in order to see the changes, either way they’ll stay the same no matter what you change.


Top Squad


And last, but not least, the Top Squad, which is almost easy. It considers your best squad’s total rating, it doesn’t matter how many squads you have or which one is active, just the best rating. The rating, you know, that value indicated on the top right corner, above the manager, where the star rating is. If you have an inactive 80 rated squad and you’re currently playing with a 70 rated one, your Top Squad will remain 80. This part is easy.

Now comes EA’s way of things…

You know that in order to start a match you need to have the starting 11 plus the 7 substitutes, and for every player you add your squad rating will increase. But how many rating points does each player add? That varies with their overall but also depends if they’re among the starting 11 or the substitutes. And one more thing: besides the 7 substitutes, there are 5 extra spots in the squad for the reserves, but these do not count for the rating, they won’t decrease or increase it.

When we pick up our 42 rated bronze player and put him in a brand new team, in any position among the starting 11, he’ll give us 4 points of rating. However, if we put that same player in the substitutes, he’ll give us only 3 points of rating. The substitutes will always add less points of rating, no matter the player. Notice that the position you put him in doesn’t matter, zero chemistry won’t make a difference. Another detail, it also doesn’t matter if the player is rare or not, only his overall will make a difference.

If instead of a 42 rated player I put an 81 rated one, for example, among the substitutes, he’ll give me 6 points of rating. In the starting 11, this same player would add 8 points of rating for the squad. The same happens if I pick a 78 rated player instead, because the difference between overalls is small. Therefore, you’ll need a big gap between overalls in order to get variation. Is that clear? Now forget all that, things can’t stay that easy when it’s EA we’re talking about. As you keep on putting players in the squad, the rating rises, and that same player who would increase 6 points will now increase 5, 4 or 3. How much a player increases on the rating is also connected to how many players you already have in the squad.

Well, in short this is it: the Top Squad leaderboard shows your best squad’s rating. The higher the overalls, the higher the rating. The card’s rarity doesn’t matter, the starting 11 weigh more than the substitutes, and how many rating points each player adds depends on the current squad rating.

If you’re still having problems and want to go further on the subject, then I suggest you read this article written by Rodrigo.


FIFA Leaderboards, what’s up with them?

Does that clear your mind a bit? No? Well, then we’ll have to wait for an article by FifaUteam’s newest sign Hugo Versiani, Still don’t know him? Go ahead…

That’s is for today, guys! See you laaaater!


9 thoughts on “FIFA Leaderboards, what’s up with them?”

  1. Hristofor Georgiev800 yo

    Your transfer explanation is not right this actually is a profit if you Buy a player for 5000 coins and discard it for 800 coins your Transfer profit will decrease by 4200 coins so it`s actually a profit if you sell the same player for 6000 coins your transfer profit will increase with 700 coins. Hope this helps.

  2. I thought that may be the case but like you said I have never seen that reward in any tournament since ultimate team has started. Cheers for the reply mate

  3. Hey thought I would post this question again because i cant remember where I posted this question last time. Since your clearing confusion up I think I may have come to the right page.

    Right. Sooooo does anyone know what the player icon bonus means when looking at tournament types and bonuses. If you don’t know what I mean go to offline/online tournaments. For each tournament there is a trophy. Underneath it will be 3 icon. Coins, player, and packs. I have seen many tournaments where it has x amount of coins and maybe a pack as well , but I have never seen the player icon have a bonus and to be honest I would really love to know what that player icon bonus stands for … Rodrigo or anyone can you help.

    P.s off topic … Why sometimes when I play f u t do my players run really slow … They have full fitness and it makes no difference with different tactics or formations which I change in game when I notice this . Chris smalling really shouldn’t be catching my fully fit hazard,
    Augero or Remy when they run through or Dow the wings I have also had this when the other team is low on fitness it makes no sense. I’ll go through one season with no loss at all and win the title , the next season ill get beat 8-2 against average oppo… It goes both ways I have noticed when other players teams are slow . It makes winning boring when I feel like there is some advantage with me… I like losing to someone who has outplayed me and I like winning when I have outplayed them I do not like losing or winning wether the advantage is with me or against me


    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      You are thinking well. That icon is for a player reward. Until now, there is no tournament that rewards you with players when you win. However, it may happen in future tournaments.

  4. Hey mate, you write quality article and this one definitely cleared up my confusions over club value and transfer profit.

    I have a quick request. Can you or Rodrigo do an article on traits and specialities, outing what traits add to a player’s ability and what specialities mean that player is good at? It would be fantastic if you could as these change every FIFA and there are no up-to-date guides anywhere.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      Hi again my friend.
      Your request was in our plans but is not any more because we made a few tests and discovered that traits & comp do not have any effect in Ultimate Team mode.

      1. Thanks for the reply. It’s surprising to hear that traits do not affect in game performance. Certainly when I use a player with a trait, for example speed dribbler, it feels as though their dribbling is much easier to control when sprinting in game. However, I will take your word for it.

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