FIFA Legends: Alan Shearer, the goal machine

FIFA Legends: Alan Shearer, the goal machine


The Legends are some of the best players of all time. They’re an Xbox (360 & One) exclusive content due to a contract between Microsoft and EA Sports. Since these cards represent the best moment of a footballer’s career, some of them cost quite a lot. Legends are available on the transfer market and can also be found in packs. The chemistry between players is a crucial point in order for you to overcome your opponent’s team. In that sense, the Legends have a positive impact on your game experience for they represent greater possible team variations, this way you don’t have to worry as much about chemistry.

In several drafts or in the highest online season divisions we come across these Legends in the opponent’s team and many times we end up wondering why is it that they chose that special card in particular. You may have watched documentaries about them, done some researching like me, but we do know one thing about these players: they made history and a difference for football. But what even is this new series’ objective, since after all we have the internet to give us any answers we’d like? It’s simple! Gathering information, discovering new idols and sharing some in game experience.

Here we’ll tell, fortnightly, a little bit of the history of these players. We’ll also make comments on the cards and their squad role possibilities according to attributes, their transfer market values and everything with images, links and videos to show the career of every Legend. It is on! Legends: from A to Z!


FIFA Legends: Alan Shearer, the goal machine

FIFA Legends: Alan Shearer, the goal machine


Life and footballer career

And what were the remarkable moments of this player’s career? Alan Shearer played for three clubs along his career: Southamptom (1988 – 1992), Blackburn Rovers (1992-1996) and Newcastle United (1996-2006). Shearer is the youngest ever player (17 years old) to score a hat-trick in the Premier League, it was in a Southampton match against Arsenal (4×2). For England Under-21s he holds the record for having scored 13 times in the Toulon Tournament. Back in the 94-95 season he won the trophy with Blackburn, their third trophy in history, and was top scorer of the league with 34 goals in 42 games. For all that Shearer received the award of best player of the year in England’s football.

In the season next to that Blackburn weren’t champions, but Alan Shearer was once again top scorer, this time with 31 goals in 35 games. For the third time in a row, at Newcastle United, Shearer was top scorer with 25 goals in 31 games played, now having received the award of best player of the year for the second time. Besides that, he was the first player ever to be top scorer for three years in a row and reach 100 goals scored in the Premier League. At Newcastle, having scored 206 goals total, he became the all-time top scorer for the club in the Premier League. And to round things up, still on England’s first division, Shearer scored a hat-trick 11 times. Also take a look at the time when he joined the list of players who scored 5 goals in a single Premier League match. With so many records, Alan Shearer is known as the single-minded goal machine, with a total of 409 goals in 796 games throughout his career.

FIFA Legends: Alan Shearer, the goal machine

FIFA Legends: Alan Shearer, the goal machine

Did you know?

Curious facts about the player

At the age of 26, Alan Shearer was considered one of the best strikers in the world (if not the best) and, because of that, he was approached by clubs such as Juventus, Milan, Barcelona and Manchester United for negotiation, but decided to stay at Newcastle for passion and managed to become the biggest idol in the history of the club. If you’d like to know more about Alan Shearer’s passion for Newcastle watch this tribute to him made by the English club themselves.

FIFA Legends: Alan Shearer, the goal machine

FIFA Legends: Alan Shearer, the goal machine

Polemical declaration

Famous declaration by the player

I just don’t understand why Brazil are still picking him (Fred). He doesn’t move, he doesn’t shoot and he’s dragging the team down. I don’t know if Brazil should change the system or play Neymar as a false nine, but the fact is that Fred is not the answer for what they are doing now

said Alan Shearer referring to Brazil’s 2014 World Cup striker. What about you, do you agree with what he said?

FIFA Legends: Alan Shearer, the goal machine

Where are you, Alan Shearer?

Find Alan Shearer on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Facebook - FIFA Legends: Alan Shearer, the goal machineTwitter - FIFA Legends: Alan Shearer, the goal machineInstagram - FIFA Legends: Alan Shearer, the goal machine

FIFA Legends: Alan Shearer, the goal machine


Player characteristics

Alan Shearer is a classical finisher. He’s not the best dribbler (three skill stars) and only shoots well with his right foot. His high work rate for attack is essential for players who like using offensive formations. If you get a foul or penalty don’t hesitate to choose Shearer for the shot. His chances of scoring from a long distance are also high. If you like crossing into the opponent’s area try and find Shearer and his 1,82m of height, excellent jumping, strength and att. positioning stats.

FIFA Legends: Alan Shearer, the goal machine
Alan Shearer on FIFA 15 (left) and on FIFA 16 (right)

Strong points (in attributes for the position)

Att. positioning: 90
Finishing: 92
Heading: 92
Penalties: 94
Shot power: 91
Volleys: 90

Weak points (in attributes for the position)

Sprint speed: 75

FIFA Legends: Alan Shearer, the goal machine

Value on the transfer market

How much the player costs in FUT

Alan Shearer’s price range goes from 30k to 550k. Last time we checked his lowest buy now price had been around 210k. Whether he’s worth the investment or not, it all depends on you. If you’re a fan of this player, go ahead, buy him. If you just wish to test him out, don’t hesitate as well. If you’re looking for strikers with this many coins, for example, there’s also IF Lewandowski (90) who’s going for almost the same price, a bit less. On October 1st, 2015, Shearer was going for 790k, while on May 1st, 2016, his card was worth 246k, that’s right, he got 544k coins cheaper on the market.

FIFA Legends: Alan Shearer, the goal machine
FIFA Legends: Alan Shearer, the goal machine

Image gallery

Photos of the player
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FIFA Legends: Alan Shearer, the goal machine


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3 thoughts on “FIFA Legends: Alan Shearer, the goal machine”

  1. As a passionate Newcastle Utd fan, I bought Shearer for around 380k quite sometime ago in FUT16.
    He has more than a goal a game, having played between 300 and 400 games for my FUT club.
    I only have him as he is an idol for the club I support, his card is great, but ‘in game’ he can go missing sometimes, his lack of pace I believe is a let down.

    In his prime, he had more than 78 pace (especially before injuries).
    80-82 would be fair I think.

    His shooting and Physical are probably about right.

    He is currently the BPL highest goalscorer of all time and deserves that title, if it wasn’t for him having so many injuries, he would have scored lots more (with more games played).
    (I am sure Harry Kane will overtake Shearer in this respect, especially if he avoids injuries and doesn’t go abroad to play football – he already has tons of goals with time on his side, at least if anyone overtakes Alan Shearer it will be an Englishman for an English League).

    Many try to compare him with Henry, people say Henry is better, you cannot compare him to Henry, or his stats, they were different types of players (in my opinion).

    Shearer was a target man and a number 9, Henry was more of a number 10 but with tons more to offer.

    Stat wise, Henry left the BPL when he was at his best, his stats reflect this.
    If Henry would have stayed in the premier league longer, his stats wouldn’t have been as impressive as they were (watered down as his pace diminished).

    I am bias, but Alan Shearer is an icon of Newcastle and will probably never be matched.
    His decision ‘to go home’ over going to Man Utd and other top clubs is simply legendary in itself.

    He could have won the lot, Man Utd would have become absolutely unstoppable (many league titles, champions league/s, absolutely everthing, with the golden generation of man utd playing alongside him), but he decided to go home where his heart was.

    1. They say the scout at Newcastle ‘that missed Shearer’ cost the club £15 million pounds.
      Things could have worked out differently if he’d have been spotted by a scout at Newcastle originally, but he may not have had the career he had – you just never know!

      I think the path worked out well in the end and he was worth every penny.

      It is just a shame such an illustrious player did not win more silverware.

      I am still sure if England would have made it past Germany at Euro 96 we’d have won the competition, but as usual we lose on penalties….

      I’ve had great fun playing with Shearer in FUT16 🙂

      Nice article, thanks for writing 🙂

      1. Thank you so much for your support. It is a good addition to our article.
        Yes, England lose too many times on penalties. Against my national team, Portugal, I’m remembering that it happened twice.
        Hope to see you in the next episode in 15 days.

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