FIFA Legends: Alessandro Nesta, Sandro

FIFA Legends: Alessandro Nesta, Sandro


The Legends are some of the best players of all time. They’re an Xbox (360 & One) exclusive content due to a contract between Microsoft and EA Sports. Since these cards represent the best moment of a footballer’s career, some of them cost quite a lot. Legends are available on the transfer market and can also be found in packs. The chemistry between players is a crucial point in order for you to overcome your opponent’s team. In that sense, the Legends have a positive impact on your game experience for they represent greater possible team variations, this way you don’t have to worry as much about chemistry.

In several drafts or in the highest online season divisions we come across these Legends in the opponent’s team and many times we end up wondering why is it that they chose that special card in particular. You may have watched documentaries about them, done some researching like me, but we do know one thing about these players: they made history and a difference for football. But what even is this new series’ objective, since after all we have the internet to give us any answers we’d like? It’s simple! Gathering information, discovering new idols and sharing some in game experience.

Here we’ll tell, fortnightly, a little bit of the history of these players. We’ll also make comments on the cards and their squad role possibilities according to attributes, their transfer market values and everything with images, links and videos to show the career of every Legend. It is on! Legends: from A to Z!


FIFA Legends: Alessandro Nesta, Sandro

FIFA Legends: Alessandro Nesta, Sandro


Life and footballer career

And what were the remarkable moments of this player’s career? From 1985 to 2002, the Italian defender played for Lazio. He won the 97-98 and 99-00 Italian Cup, the Supercoppa Italiana in 1998 and in 2000, the 98-99 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, the UEFA Super Cup in 1999 and the 99-00 Italian league. From 2002 to 2012, the legend also known as Sandro defended Milan and managed to win two Champion League titles (2002-03/2006-07), won his second and third UEFA Super Cup titles (2003 and 2007), his third Italian Cup in 2002-03 and in 2007 he won the FIFA Club World Cup with Italy. Three years later Nesta won the Serie A with Milan (2010-11) and also became four times champion of the Supercoppa in 2011, having also won it in 2004.

After two long periods playing for Italian clubs, Nesta played a whole season (2012-13) for Montreal Impact and won the Canadian league. Because of his lack of fitness, Nesta decided to retire at the end of that season. The last club Nesta ever played at before announcing his retirement was Chennaiyin F. C., because his old friend and Italian teammate Marco Materazzi asked him to (the headbutt man himself). Along all these years, Nesta also defended the Italian national team on all categories (the main one, under 18, under 21 and olympic). He played 78 games but never scored a goal for the Nazionale, although he did win an under-21 title in 1996 and the 2006 World Cup.
FIFA Legends: Alessandro Nesta, Sandro

Did you know?

Curious facts about the player

In the beginning of his career as a player, at Lazio, Nesta used to play in the midfield and even as an attacker. He only started playing as a defender in 1992, after Domenico Caso decided to play him there.

FIFA Legends: Alessandro Nesta, Sandro

FIFA Legends: Alessandro Nesta, Sandro

Polemical declaration

Famous declaration by the player

You can’t write your name in the history of football until you’ve done well once in a World Cup: your club performances work as your basis, but a player only wins the fans’ hearts, including those from other clubs, when he represents his country”, declared Alessandro Nesta in the book “Football in phrases: 1001 best and definitive sentences by intellectuals, journalists, directors, managers and players

Are Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar in this list? Is winning a World Cup the definitive achievement a player needs to enter the hall of history? What’s your opinion?

Lendas de FIFA: Alessandro Nesta

Where are you, Alessandro Nesta?

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FIFA Legends: Alessandro Nesta, Sandro


Player characteristics

The amount of crucial attributes for the position over 90 that Alessandro Nesta has shows how well tough to beat he is. His medium work rate for attack and high for defense makes it easier to keep your defense line intact. Nesta tackles his opponents especially well when combined with his high strength attribute. The Italian defender isn’t very tall (1,82m), but his tactical awareness makes up for that. Try choosing other players to start a counter attack with for he has only three stars of skill and 62 of passing. For what I’ve seen him play, I think these points are quite contradictory. He is very prone to suffer injuries, so be careful going for challenges. Another weak point of his would be his agility (also contradictory), nothing new for a defender in general, though.

FIFA Legends: Alessandro Nesta, Sandro
Alessandro Nesta on FIFA 16

Strong points (in attributes for the position)

Strength: 91
Marking: 94
Sliding tackle: 92
Standing tackle: 9

Weak points (in attributes for the position)

Agility: 38

FIFA Legends: Alessandro Nesta, Sandro

Value on the transfer market

How much the player costs in FUT

Alessandro Nesta’s price range goes from 30k to 550k. In a last verification, his card was being sold for 145k buy now. Whether he’s worth the investment or not, it all depends on you. If you’re a fan of this player, go ahead, buy him. If you just wish to test him out, don’t hesitate as well. If you’re looking for a centre back with this many coins, for example, there’s IF Godín (90) who’s going for 120k or less. On October 1st, 2015, Nesta was going for 637k, while on June 1st of this year his card was worth 148k, that’s right, 489k coins cheaper than before.

FIFA Legends: Alessandro Nesta, Sandro
FIFA Legends: Alessandro Nesta, Sandro

Image gallery

Photos of the player
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FIFA Legends: Alessandro Nesta, Sandro


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