FIFA Legends: Alexi Lalas, the Lalas

FIFA Legends: Alexi Lalas, the Lalas


The Legends are some of the best players of all time. They’re an Xbox (360 & One) exclusive content due to a contract between Microsoft and EA Sports. Since these cards represent the best moment of a footballer’s career, some of them cost quite a lot. Legends are available on the transfer market and can also be found in packs. The chemistry between players is a crucial point in order for you to overcome your opponent’s team. In that sense, the Legends have a positive impact on your game experience for they represent greater possible team variations, this way you don’t have to worry as much about chemistry.

In several drafts or in the highest online season divisions we come across these Legends in the opponent’s team and many times we end up wondering why is it that they chose that special card in particular. You may have watched documentaries about them, done some researching like me, but we do know one thing about these players: they made history and a difference for football. But what even is this new series’ objective, since after all we have the internet to give us any answers we’d like? It’s simple! Gathering information, discovering new idols and sharing some in game experience.

Here we’ll tell, fortnightly, a little bit of the history of these players. We’ll also make comments on the cards and their squad role possibilities according to attributes, their transfer market values and everything with images, links and videos to show the career of every Legend. It is on! Legends: from A to Z!


FIFA Legends: Alexi Lalas, the Lalas

FIFA Legends: Alexi Lalas, the Lalas


Life and footballer career

And what were the remarkable moments of this player’s career? Alexi Lalas didn’t play for big clubs along his journey in football. He left his mark in the 1994 World Cup, back when Brazil were champions, for his notable appearances with the USA national team. The north american team’s performance was way more relevant outside of the pitch than it was inside of it. Lalas was, by the way, and still is one of the responsible players to build, spread and consolidate the popularity of football (soccer) in the country. Three years before, in 1991, the centre back won the Pan American Games. Initially he played for Rutgers, then Padova signed him and some time later he had playerd for o New England Revolution, Emelec, MetroStars, Kansas City Wizards and o Los Angeles Galaxy. In this last club he won the national league in the years of 2001 and 2002.

FIFA Legends: Alexi Lalas, the Lalas

Did you know?

Curious facts about the player

Alexi Lalas was the first ever north american player to play in the Italian first division. Padova signed him back then.

FIFA Legends: Alexi Lalas, the Lalas

FIFA Legends: Alexi Lalas, the Lalas

Polemical declaration

Famous declaration by the player

Day 1 in Rio. I still haven’t been robbed and my organs are fine here with me

In 2014, just as Lalas arrived in Brazilian territory to watch the World Cup, he caused quite some indignation with such tweet. As a justification the north american said his intention was to show people that these stereotypes are nonsense. Was that really just a joke?

FIFA Legends: Alexi Lalas, the Lalas

Where are you, Alexi Lalas?

Find Alan Shearer on Twitter and Instagram

FIFA Legends: Alexi Lalas, the Lalas


Player characteristics

Having just one attribute that’s essential for the position over 90 leaves the centre back in a questionable situation, to say the least. On the other hand, Lalas is proof that legends in FIFA are not just there for their ability, but because of their contribution at some point in the history of football. Acceleration (78), height (1,91cm) and low work rate for attack and high for defence are some characteristics that might make you gain interest in him.

FIFA Legends: Alexi Lalas, the Lalas
Alexi Lalas on FIFA 16

Strong points (in attributes for the position)

Strength: 93
Acceleration: 78

Weak points (in attributes for the position)

FIFA Legends: Alexi Lalas, the Lalas

Value on the transfer market

How much the player costs in FUT

Alexi Lalas’s Price Range goes from 26k to 480k. In a last verification, his BIN was at 153k. Whether he’s worth the investment or not, it all depends on you. If you’re a fan of this player, go ahead, buy him. If you just wish to test him out, don’t hesitate as well. If you’re looking for a centre back with this many coins, for example, there’s TOTS Barzagli going for 150k or less on Xbox One and 160k on PS4. On September 30th, 2015, Lalas was going for 373k, while on July 11th of this year his card was worth 134k, that’s right, 239k coins cheaper than before.

FIFA Legends: Alexi Lalas, the Lalas
FIFA Legends: Alexi Lalas, the Lalas

Image gallery

Photos of the player
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FIFA Legends: Alexi Lalas, the Lalas


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