FIFA Legends: Andreas Brehme, The Andy

FIFA Legends: Andreas Brehme, The Andy


The Legends are some of the best players of all time. They’re an Xbox (360 & One) exclusive content due to a contract between Microsoft and EA Sports. Since these cards represent the best moment of a footballer’s career, some of them cost quite a lot. Legends are available on the transfer market and can also be found in packs. The chemistry between players is a crucial point in order for you to overcome your opponent’s team. In that sense, the Legends have a positive impact on your game experience for they represent greater possible team variations, this way you don’t have to worry as much about chemistry.

In several drafts or in the highest online season divisions we come across these Legends in the opponent’s team and many times we end up wondering why is it that they chose that special card in particular. You may have watched documentaries about them, done some researching like me, but we do know one thing about these players: they made history and a difference for football. But what even is this new series’ objective, since after all we have the internet to give us any answers we’d like? It’s simple! Gathering information, discovering new idols and sharing some in game experience.

Here we’ll tell, fortnightly, a little bit of the history of these players. We’ll also make comments on the cards and their squad role possibilities according to attributes, their transfer market values and everything with images, links and videos to show the career of every Legend. It is on! Legends: from A to Z!


FIFA Legends: Andreas Brehme, The Andy

FIFA Legends: Andreas Brehme, The Andy


Life and footballer career

And what were the remarkable moments of this player’s career? Andreas Brehme played for 5 clubs as a professional footballer: 1. FC Saarbrücken (80-81), 1. FC Kaiserslautern (81-86), Bayern Munich (86-88), Internazionale (88-92), Real Zaragoza(92-93) and 1. FC Kaiserslautern once again (93-98). There were two particularly emblematic moments along his journey: Andy won the Italian national league playing for Internazionale in 88-89 and won in two consecutive years two divisions of the German league for 1. FC Kaiserslautern. The first title got the club out of a 9 years period without titles and also gave Andreas Brehme the award of best player of the year in the Serie A. Then, his biggest achievement: winning Germany’s third World Cup title. One crucial goal to level up the semifinal and one converted penalty in the final were enough to carve Andy’s name in the history of football.

FIFA Legends: Andreas Brehme, The Andy

Did you know?

Curious facts about the player

His great appearances for both Internazionale and the German national team in the 89-90 season got him on the third position for the Balon d’Or award, hosted by France Football magazine.

FIFA Legends: Andreas Brehme, The Andy

Polemical declaration

Famous declaration by the player

I’ve found no particularly interesting phrase by him to go into the article. In case you’ve read or heard something, be sure to share it with the community. Thank you!

FIFA Legends: Andreas Brehme, The Andy

Where are you, Andreas Brehme?

Find Andreas Brehme on social networks

The player in question isn’t in any of the social networks we’ve been using as reference for this topic. In case you’ve found something, leave a comment. Thank you!

FIFA Legends: Andreas Brehme, The Andy


Player characteristics

Andy is a full back that can be used on both sides of the pitch, for he’s a player with 5 stars of weak foot. However, his work rates are a bit preoccupying, high for attack and medium for defence. Therefore be careful on what type of formation you choose and also the instructions you’re giving Brehme. Precise long shots, effective crossings and tackles are three of his exceptional qualities. With his 176cm of height and 81 of jumping, he’s not a very good option for air balls, so you might want to just leave the counter attacks for him. Andreas is also a remarkable penalty taker. If you don’t already have a long distance free kick taker, don’t ever think twice before selecting him.

FIFA Legends: Andreas Brehme, The Andy
Andreas Brehme in FIFA 15 and FIFA 16

Strong points (in attributes for the position)
Acceleration: 91
Crossing: 94
Stamina: 91
Interceptions: 91

Weak points (in attributes for the position)
Long passing: 82
Marking: 85

FIFA Legends: Andreas Brehme, The Andy

Value on the transfer market

How much the player costs in FUT

Andreas Brehme’s Price Range goes from 26l to 370k. In a last verification his BIN was at 212k. Whether he’s worth the investment or not, it all depends on you. If you’re a fan of this player, go ahead, buy him. If you just wish to test him out, don’t hesitate as well. If you’re looking for a full back with this many coins, for example, there’s TOTY Marcelo (89 rated) going for 145k or less on Xbox One and 189k on PS4. The Brazilian left back has different characteristics and costs less than the legend. On October 1st, 2015, Brehme was going for 494k, while on July 24th, 2016, his card was worth approximately 216k, that’s right, 278k cheaper than before.

FIFA Legends: Andreas Brehme, The Andy
FIFA Legends: Andreas Brehme, The Andy


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