FIFA on Mobile

If you want one of the most authentic football experiences that you can possibly have on mobile phones then Fifa 13 by EA Sports is the app for you. With this well-crafted and graphically beautiful app you can build an ultimate team of some of the greatest football players from around the globe. Furthermore, the latest instalment of Fifa on the mobile phone has stepped up once more to deliver the best visual and realistic match experiences that fans of the franchise could want. In addition to the improved aesthetics, the navigation and control of the app has been further enhanced, meaning that you have a much more responsive interaction.

All this means that, when you create your ultimate team of internationally respected players, you can really see the fine attention to detail. So when you select the kit, play style and much more you’re really designing a football experience on mobile phones which is completely your own. Once you’ve fine-tuned your teams you can take part in tournaments and earn coins to then buy other players or equipment to keep your Fifa success on a roll.

For £2.99 you can install the latest version of the game from iTunes, or you can pay £4.99 to install Fifa 12 for your Android phone. In either instance you will have a fantastic Fifa experience that is bound to whet your appetite in anticipation of the upcoming Fifa 14, which has received some fantastic ‘reviews’ already because of the further progress and additions that have been included. With an impressive four and a half star rating, there’s no reason to not give this app a try; for such a small amount of money you can have access to real players, real teams and make your mark on the football world. If you’ve ever sat and disagreed with your real-life team’s decisions then this app is the ideal one for you to do things your way.