Where Are My FIFA Points ?

Where Are My FIFA Points ?


In FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, not always the FIFA Points purchase goes well.

In some rare cases, you purchase the coins but you never get it.


Where are my FIFA Points ?


The FIFA Points are the FIFA currency. They are used to shopping.
With FIFA Points, everything is more simple, fast, easy and even cheap.
Learn more about it here.

But not always everything goes well. Thousands of FIFA 13 Ultimate Team players for PS3, XBox and PC complain of having bought FIFA Points and never have received them.

If it is your case, learn here what you should do.


Firstly, it is important to know that if you receive an error message in FIFA 13 while purchasing FIFA Points, you should not proceed through the Xbox Live or PSN menus. Make sure to exit the purchase process completely by going back to the FUT Main Menu and restart it to receive your FIFA Points.

If you did proceed through the Xbox Live or PSN menus and have not received a FIFA Points purchase on PS3 or Xbox, please contact a Game Advisor.
To know how to get direct support form a Game Advisor, please read our Contact EA Guide.

You should have the following information available to provide to your Game Advisor:

  • Gamertag/ID PSN;
  • ID Origin (EA);
  • Console;
  • Photo / Screenshot of proof of purchase (must have Gamertag or PSN ID clearly on the screen);
  • Approximate time of the purchase.


FIFA 13 Ultimate Team - FIFA Points

If you prove that you were harmed, then you have good chances of being refunded by EA


Even if this problem had never happened to you, it is better to take a picture or screenshot (prt sc on the keyboard) on the next time that you purchase FIFA Points. We never know when we might come to have a problem.


11 thoughts on “Where Are My FIFA Points ?”

  1. I had 12000 FIFA points and now they are all gone for some reason Plz can u explain why this happened

  2. I had like 30,000 coins and i was planning to open pack when good informs come out but the dissapeared . I only had like 56 coins left. I was really pissed off. Is there anyway i could get my coins back ?!

  3. Hi there, thanks for helping me from mediocre to excellent.I never ever play any video games before in my life.I tried fifa 13 and with your articles and answers, I am doing great online, I won more than 786-152-649 games in ultimate team.I have 14 of the top 20 except for messi, ronaldo, ribery, robben, vidic, zlatan.I want to know, what would happen to my ultimate players in 13 when they release the 14, should I sell most or all and can I carry the coins to the 14 version, and any other transitions that I can do now that’s not too late to get ready for the fifa 14?

    1. Hi Richard. Nice to meet you. It is great to know that we help you.
      If you want to buy FIFA 14, you should know that FUT 14 is a different game from FUT 13. You will lose everything (cards, coins, players, etc) except your FIFA Points, XP level, FC Credits and club name.
      You should try to sell your coins now.

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