FIFA Points Now Available for Sale in Playstation Store

FIFA Points Available for Sale in Playstation Store


FIFA Points are not an Ultimate Team store exclusive any more. Now you can also purchase them directly from the Playstation Store without even having to be in the game.


FIFA Points Now Available for Sale in Playstation Store


FIFA Points are the FIFA currency used on FUT 15 Store exclusively to purchase packs. A huge part of EA profit is made thanks to its sales. That’s why it is so important for them, to make it easier for everyone to buy FIFA Points.

It is easy to buy FIFA Points. You just need to go to your FIFA 15, visit the Ultimate Team store, choose how many FIFA Points you want and pay according to the payment methods available. In fact, it is so easy that many young players spend their parent’s money without their knowledge.

Could it be even easier? Yes. Sony and Electronic Arts have announced that FIFA Points are now available directly from the Playstation Store. You just need to go to the official Sony store and buy. They are automatically credited to your Ultimate Team account, where you can use them to buy FIFA packs. As you can see here, FIFA Points can be purchased from the PSN since April 22nd.


There are no price changes. What you usually pay in the Ultimate Team store is exactly the same amount that you will pay if you buy them from the Playstation Store.

Here are the FIFA Points prices (subject to change without notice):


Price [£] Price [€ or $]
FIFA Points Included Bonus Normal Season Ticket EA Access Normal Season Ticket EA Access
100 0 0,79 0,65 0,71 0,99 0,89 0,89
250 0 1,99 1,59 1,79 2,49 2,09 2,24
500 0 3,99 3,19 3,59 4,99 4,19 4,49
750 0 5,49 4,79 4,99 6,99 5,89 6,29
1050 50 7,99 6,49 7,19 9,99 8,39 8,99
1575 75 11,99 9,69 10,79 14,99 12,49 13,49
2200 200 23,99 15,99 21,59 19,99 16,69 17,99
4600 600 31,99 23,99 28,79 39,99 33,39 35,99
12000 2000 79,99 63,99 71,99 99,99 83,39 89,99

The prices and the currency can be different according to gamer’s region

FIFA Points Now Available for Sale in Playstation Store

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9 thoughts on “FIFA Points Now Available for Sale in Playstation Store”

  1. I bought 4,600 fifa points from the store, when i tryed opening fifa 16 it didn’t transfer the points to my account

  2. Lanceuppercut

    I bought (stupidly) points from the playstation store not realising it was only available for Ps4. I’m on PS3. Do you think I stand chance of having purchase refunded to my ps3 wallet?

    1. As soon as possible, try to ask your money back to PSN Store.
      If you have no success, you need to open your Ultimate Team in a PS3 and the FIFA Points will automatically become available in PS4.

      1. Lanceuppercut

        Have a ticket open with Playstation. Fingers crossed I get it resolved. If not I’ll be saving for a ps4 asap. Many thanks for reply.

  3. This might be what I needed. Since I moved to a different country and until now I was unable to buy Points.

    Since my game and account regions don’t match, can you confirm 100% that I’ll be able to buy and redeem the points?

  4. Another useful article Rodrigo, and I liked how you mentioned kids freely spending their parents money on FIFA points -which is a somewhat concerning fact.

    There is still room for improvement in terms of using correct English in your articles and I am still happy to help.

    Email me if you are interested.

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