FIFA U Team Giveaway 2

The first FIFA U Team Giveaway was a success: we offered 150k PS3 FUT12 Coins to our Facebook page fans.
FIFA U Team Giveaway 2 is coming and now we have 200k coins to distribute. Learn how …

Between 05 and 09 September 2012, you will earn 5k for every friend you bring to our Facebook page. Be sure to read the rules!


FIFA U Team Giveaway 2 Rules

  • 1. FIFA U Team will assign, during September 2012, FIFA Ultimate Team Coins. The FIFA U Team Giveaway 2 is part of this campaign;
  • 2. FIFA U Team owns all rights to cancel or change the assignment, with no right to claim;
  • 3. The coins attributed are to FIFA Ultimate Team 12 and PS3 platform;
  • 4. The prizes to be awarded at the FIFA U Team Giveaway 2 are as follows: 5k coins for every new fan, more taxes, with unlimited number of followers referenced by each participant;
  • 5. The winners will be announced on the FIFA U Team Facebook page on September 9, 2012;
  • 6. All participants who meet the following requirements win the prize described in 4.:
    6.1. Be a fan of the FIFA U Team Facebook page;
    6.2. Have referenced the FIFA U Team Facebook page to a friend;
    6.3. This new fan has an active profile on Facebook;
    6.4. This new fan has referenced the participant after the phrase “FIFA U Team Giveaway 2” that will be posted on the FIFA U Team Facebook page on September 5, 2012;
    6.5. The limit of 200k coins in prize has not yet been delivered;
  • 7. The attempt of any kind of fraud, such as using fake profiles, will result in avoidance of participation in all future FIFA U Team giveaways;
  • 8. In the absence of winners, the prizes transit for the next Giveaway;
  • 9. If any winner do not exercise their right to the prize, it will be assigned to first fan who meet all 6. except 6.5.;
  • 10. Any further information can be requested via our Facebook page or through our website.


Good luck!