FIFA U Team TV is back with the best FUT videos

Weak Foot on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team


FIFA U Team TV is back. Here you can find and watch the best FUT videos.


The best FUT videos are on FIFA U Team TV


From now on, you can watch the best FUT videos on our freshly released FIFA U Team TV.

The quality of the channel is assured after we have guaranteed a very special exclusive agreement.
We are proud to be able to start presenting the fantastic videos of the most promising FIFA YouTuber of our days: ARC8393.

Watch here in first hand to his introductory video.



If you liked, do not miss the next videos. You can learn how to make each of these skills and much more. A Must See…

This addition represents a great effort from our team to continue to bring you the best of FIFA Ultimate Team. So, do not forget to subscribe to our FIFA U Team TV channel, the ARC8393 channel and his Twitter channel. He really deserves it. Thanks.