FIFA Ultimate Coins: 59th Minute Method (P2)

For many people, the 59th minute method is the biggest trick to get a lot of FIFA Ultimate Team Coins. But is it really a good method? Learn the advantages and disadvantages and know if this is the right method for you.


Optimize the 59th Minute Method

Most of the players who bet on 59th Minute Method believe that this is the only way to build a good team. They spend some time trying to make a small fortune and most of them just give up. It takes too much time and patience.

If you want to take advantage of the time spent to apply the method, always follow the three golden rules: filter with intelligence, be original and use the variants.

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59th Minute's Method - Example


Advantages and Disadvantages of the 59th Minute Method

It is easy to understand the advantages of applying this method. With it we can buy bargains, which otherwise would not be possible. If we are very persistent, we can even make a great team spending too little. Basically, we go to the right place to wait for bad luck or ignorance of some.

The biggest disadvantage of this method is that it requires lots of time. Firstly, we must get to 59th minute page, which sometimes it may seem like an eternity. There arrived, we have to invest much time to examine all the cards that have just been launched on the market. We can spend hours without getting a single good buy.

If you are considering trying this method, we warn you that you must have much time available and be extremely patient, especially in cases where you loose a good deal by mere seconds.

This method also requires something essential: a deep knowledge of the market. If you do not know the normal price of a card, how could you quickly identify if the item price recently released is a good opportunity or not? If you are familiar with the reference values ​​of the cards then you can avoid the hesitation at time of purchase often responsible for losing the deal. Not know the fair price of a card may result in bad purchases and consequent losses.


In some cases, the profit can be extremely high.

Require a very deep knowledge of the market and of the game rules; requires lots of time to get to 59th minute page and to research the cards; the pressure to act quickly can take to mistakes.


Should I use the 59th Minute Method ?

Among all the methods to make good deals on FIFA Ultimate Team, this is probably the most popular. The reason is simple: the profits can be extraordinary.

In general, we believe that there are other methods more balanced towards the fortune. The 59th Minute Method is especially recommended for those who have too much free time and want to monetize it.


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