FIFA Ultimate Team Coins Guide

In order to build a great squad, we must invest a lot of coins. But how to accumulate so many FIFA Ultimate Team coins?The answer is given in this article as a result of extensive experience in this area. Get ready to achieve your dreams in FIFA Ultimate Team.


Methods to make lots of FIFA Ultimate Team Coins

FIFA Ultimate Team Coins Tutorial

There are many ways to earn FIFA Ultimate Team Coins that are disseminated throughout the internet. However, the vast majority only describe them briefly and do not explain exactly how to achieve the promised fortune. If you really want to know how to make lots of FIFA Ultimate Team Coins, you are in the right place.

This subject is very extensive, so in this article we will only list the methods. To find out exactly how to pass them to the practice, please see the articles that we publish about each method.


Method Number One – Buying and Selling Higher


This is by far the most used, most profitable and most comprehensive among all existing. Using the market in an intelligent way is the fastest way to build your dream team. Beyond the simple sale of an item at a higher value than the purchase, there are other very important ways which can be included in this technique:

  • time method;
  •  valuation of the items method;
  • 59th minute method and related;
  • last minute method;
  • monopoly method;
  • enhancement method;
  • exchange method.

High success rate with very good income; varied method.

Need to have a great knowledge of the market and of the game’s rules; very time consuming in some of these methods.

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Method Number Two – Discarding Cards

[dropcapcircle]2[/dropcapcircle]Every time you discard a card, called the quick sale, you get a compensation of a few FIFA Ultimate Team Coins. By ignorance, many people put items on sale for a price lower than the retribution which they could make for a quick sale. Take advantage!

No risk and high success rate.

Time consuming; small income.

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Method Number Three – Earning by Playing

[dropcapcircle]3[/dropcapcircle]There’s a prize for each game you play. If the cost of the players’ contracts who play the game is less than the bonus, then you accumulate FIFA Ultimate Team Coins. The more matches you play, the more coins you earn. But you will hardly be able to make great teams thanks to this method.

In addition to matches, there is another way to capitalize your performance on the field: winning tournaments. It is not enough to participate in tournaments. You have to conquer them. Except for some specific tournaments that are really well paid, most of them are not.

Easy and fun to apply.

Extremely small income.


Method Number Four – Betting on Packs

[dropcapcircle]4[/dropcapcircle]You can not say that buying packs is an effective method. It is a matter of luck. The truth is that you may reach the bankruptcy or even make a few million. Everything depends on the cards assigned to you and the value that you receive by selling them. Within this method, there are some techniques, such as the Bronze packs, that promise to be rewarding. However, the risk remains high.

The success of this method is independent of other players.

Low success rate.


Method Number Five – Changing Coins of other Versions and Platforms

[dropcapcircle]5[/dropcapcircle]If you still play an older version of FIFA Ultimate Team but have coins of the last version, then know that you can exchange them with other players at a highly advantageous ratio. The same is true for the different platforms. If you have coins from another platform than the one that you usually play, you can monetize them trading with other players.

Eventual good exchange ratios; chance to win with something that many consider obsolete.

Difficulty to find players to exchange.


Method Number Six – Buying FIFA Utimate Team Coins with Real Money

[dropcapcircle]6[/dropcapcircle]The most effective but also more controversial method towards to fortune is to exchange real money for coins. The limit is your wallet. There are many places on the Internet where you can buy FIFA Ultimate Team Coins: forums, facebook pages or sites specially produced for this purpose. This method is contested by many players who consider distort the fairness of the game.

Effective and easy; in theory, you can accumulate an almost infinite amount of FIFA Ultimate Team Coins.

Costs real money; it is not easy to find honest sellers; low morally acceptable.

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Method Number Seven – Receiving Coins as a Gift


Often forgotten, this method is based on taking advantage of some coins offers to increase your account. There are contests on the Internet that assign coins as a prize (note that many are scams), but the best way to apply this method is to find those who do not need coins anymore, because they dropped out to play, or because they moved to another plataform or another FIFA version. On some occasions, such as Christmas, EA Sports offers some gifts. Take advantage to make your account bigger!

Simple and easy.

Difficulty in finding those who make offers; possibility of being cheated.


Read the articles carefully where the seven methods are thoroughly explained, to start building the team of your dreams.


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    I was just wondering though, do any of these facebook or youtube giveaways actually work? because my friends won a giveaway team which he said was on youtube.

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