FIFA Ultimate Team Consumables (Part 1)

Knowing the rules of this game mode in its fullness is a halfway walk to success. Many people think that they know everything but small details can make a huge difference.

In this article, we explain what FIFA Ultimate Team Consumables are and how to use them in this game mode.


What FIFA Ultimate Team Consumables are

FIFA Ultimate Team Consumables are all the game items that applied to players, managers or even the whole team, improve certain features of these.

Consumables can be applied from the menu “Team” and we can not have simultaneously more than 50 items of this type (not counting the trade pile). We can use consumables of any of the three levels (gold, silver or bronze) independently of players’ or coach’s level  where the cards are applied.

There are nine different types of FIFA Ultimate Team Consumables divided into two major groups:


  • Training Items






  • Development Items


Team Talks




FIFA Ultimate Team Consumables – Player Training Card

Each player training card can only be applied to one football player. Its effect is reflected in the following game, expiring after that. Basically, this card corresponds to minister one specific technical training to the player. Depending of the card type, we can increase one or all six player’s technical attributes.


Consumíveis em FIFA Ultimate Team - 1
Example of the player training card effect: all the attributes increased three points


It is very common to find beginners buying these cards thinking that its effect is permanent. It is not. This type of card is essentially useful for the most important matches and when there are high prizes involved.

There are 21 different player training cards corresponding to seven of each one of the three levels. Its effects are shown in the following table:


FIFA Ultimate Team Consumables - Player Training Cards
Effect of the 21 player training cards in attributes


FIFA Ultimate Team Consumables – Goalkeeper Training Card

The goalkeeper training cards are very similar to the player training cards, but only applicable to goalkeepers, so the rules are the same. The only reason to exist a different type of card is because the technical attributes of goalkeers are different from the technical attributes of other players.

There are 21 different goalkeeper training cards corresponding to seven of each one of the three levels. Its effects are shown in the following table:


FIFA Ultimate Team Consumables - Goalkeeper Training Cards
Effect of the 21 goalkeeper training cards in attributes



FIFA Ultimate Team Consumables – Manager Training Card

The manager training cards allow you to change the preferred tactics of the manager to the one that is written on the card. For each card that you spend, you can change tactics once. Can be applied to any manager that you have on the roster. The great interest of these cards is to match the team’s tactics with the manager’s tactics. This will give you a very substantial increase in the team’s chemistry.

These cards exist only at gold level and at 16 different types, as many as the tactics of FIFA Ultimate Team.


Consumíveis em FIFA Ultimate Team - 4
Example of the manager training card effect:the manager's preferred tactic came to be the 4-4-2


FIFA Ultimate Team Consumables – Position Training Card

One of the most important factors in the team’s chemistry is if players are playing in their preferred position. Although they could play at any position, the team’s chemistry is strengthened if they are placed in the position written on their cards or at least in similar position. As it is not always possible to make these positions match, there are position training cards that help us to solve this problem. These cards are equivalent to trainings to adapt to a new position in the field. By applying one of these cards to a player, we are changing the preferred position written on his card.

However, it is necessary to have in mind that the position training cards contain informations about the old and the new positions. If a player’s favorite position is not equal to the old position written on the position training card, we can not apply  that card to him. In practice, this means, for example, that we will never be able to become a central back in a striker.

There are 17 different types of position training cards, all of the gold level.


Example of the position training card effect: the preferred position of the player changed from center forward to striker


FIFA Ultimate Team Consumables – Formation Training Card

All players have written on their cards in which tactics they prefer to play. If the player’s tactics and the team’s tactics match, the chemistry will gain some points. Otherwise, one of the fastest solutions is to purchase and implement a formation training card.

As it happens with the manager training card, by applying one of these cards in a player, the preferred tactic become to be the tactic written in the formation training card.

These cards exist only at gold level and at 16 different types, as many as the tactics of  FIFA Ultimate Team.


In the second part of the article, we will explain the development consumables.


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  1. How do i apply a position changer to my players in the ios version ?
    Please help 🙂

  2. xXvatsmonroeXx

    I agree, having this features would add a more meaningfull purpose to the game tan just the leaderboards, why not bring it closer to reality, after all it does simulate real life football in a way.

  3. It is a shame that the training affects aren’t permanent. I definitely bought a bunch of cards assuming that they were. It would be nice if the game allowed you (in some way, maybe not necessarily the training card, but just playing game after game) level up players in a sense. Even if there was a ceiling. This would make trading players far more interesting. Right now the only thing that’s interesting about buying a player is that you can see their performance history on the other teams (in aggregate). So you can tell how many goals someone got with a certain player, how many owners, etc. It’s neat, but I think it really misses the entire point because it doesn’t actually matter. The difference between mattering and not is a really important concept the game developers missed.

    1. I totally agree with you! Level up players depending on their performance overtime. Maybe level down them too? That way you can buy a Kun Aguero with a lower level for cheap and level him up over time with good performances.

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