FIFA Ultimate Team FAQ

Know the answers to frequently asked questions about FIFA Ultimate Team.


FIFA Ultimate Team FAQ
P: What is FIFA Ultimate Team ?
R: FIFA Ultimate Team is an extension of the FIFA game in which the player manages a fictitious club and all that concerns to it. Learn more here.
P: What is FIFA Ultimate Edition ?
R: FIFA Ultimate Edition is a special and limited edition of FIFA produced especially for FUT fans. With FIFA Ultimate Edition you get some packs for free.
P: What is the best place to find information about FIFA Ultimate Team?
R: Look no further. You have already found. Our website and our Facebook page are the best places to find everything about FIFA Ultimate Team.
P: How can I access to the FUT Web App ?
R: First, you must to be registered. Then,  write in your browser ‘’. You must have installed Adobe Flash on your computer.
P: Where can I learn everything about FUT Web App ?
R: Here.
P: What is EA Sports Season Ticket ?
R: EA Sports Season Ticket is a subscription paid program that offers to subscribers access to several services and discounts. Learn more here.
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FIFA Ultimate Team FAQ
P: Will I be able to keep my team in the next FIFA Ultimate Team version or I’ll have to start all over again?
R: Each version of FIFA Ultimate Team is a different game. As such, you can not import your team and your coins from the previous FUT version . The only things that can move are the name of the team and the level of EXP. For example, even if you have a super team in FUT12, you will have to start from scratch in FUT13.
P: Can I play FIFA Ultimate Team with Wii ?
R: No. FIFA Ultimate Team is only available to XBox 360, PS3 and PC.
P: Can I buy cards from another platform ?
R: No. FIFA Ultimate Team is a different game as well it is being played on XBox 360, PS3 or PC.
P: I forgot the answer to the security question of my account.
R: If you do not remember the answer to the security question, select ‘Forgot Answer’ when it prompted. After answering some details about your account, you can regain access to it and create a new security question. If it doesn’t work for you, try to browse to and ask for help to EA Support Team.
P: What should I do to prevent my account from being hacked ?
R: You should always follow the safety recommendations of EA Sports. Learn more here.
P: What should I do if my account was hacked ?
R: Learn here what to do.
P: There are cheats for FIFA Ultimate Team ?
R: Yes. There is a small group of FUT cheats. However, they tend to disappear. Know them here.
P: Where can I find cards duplicators, coins generators and other stuff like that ?
R: You can’t because it does not exist. Learn more here.
P: What is an autobuyer ?
R: An Autobuyer (AB) is a software that automates the actions of the owner in the market. The gamer tells to the program in which cards he is interested, sets the maximum price he is willing to pay for each of them and also sets the minimum price he is willing to receive for each of the cards. The use of this type of software is not allowed. Learn more here.
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FIFA Ultimate Team FAQ
P: Which levels  cards may have ?
R: Depending on player’s quality, the cards can be of one of the following three categories: Bronze, for ratings up to 64; Silver, for ratings between 65 and 74;  Gold, for ratings between 75 and 99. Learn more here.
P: What do the different coloured cards mean on FIFA Ultimate Team ?
R: There are several cards types in FIFA Ultimate Team with different colors (purple, blue, black, orange, etc …). Find out here which represent each one.
P: What are rare cards?
R: Rare cards are cards less common than the others. Learn more here.
P: Which information can I find on the players’ cards ?
R: Players’ cards have a lot of information. Learn more here.
P: How can I view detailed information about a player ?
R: To learn more about a player, you must select ‘Bio’. Learn more here.
P: Which consumables cards exist in FIFA Ultimate Team?
R: There are consumable training (player, goalkeeper, manager, position and tactics) and consumables development (contract , team talk, fitness and healing). Learn more here.
P: How do I know the quick sell value of a card?
R: The quick sell/ discard value of a card can be known when selecting it. If you are not the owner of the card, you can find out the price here.
P: What is the quick sell value of an orange, blue or purple card ?
R: All of these colored cards are IF cards. So, the discard price is the same to the black cards. Learn more here.
P: What can I do to increase the probability of earning a IF card in a pack?
R: Betting on packs is a matter of luck. Still, to increase the probability of receiving a IF card, you should buy the packs during Happy Hours, especially those that are advertised as ‘2 x Chance ‘.
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FIFA Ultimate Team FAQ
P: How can I make coins ?
R: There are several methods to earn coins in FIFA Ultimate Team. Check them here and choose the one that best suits you.
P: How can I give coins to another player ?
R: Ask him to put a card in auction with a BIN equal to the amount of coins you want to transfer.
P: Can I buy FUT coins with real money?
R: It is not allowed, but you can. Learn how here.
P: What is the 59th minute method ?
R: The 59th minute method is one of many methods to earn coins. Learn more here.
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FIFA Ultimate Team FAQ
P: What is Chemistry in FIFA Ultimate Team ?
R: Chemistry in FUT is an index which evaluates the players’ familiarity with the tactics, positioning and teammates. It is very important in the performance of any team.
P: What do I have to do to get a chemistry 100 ?
R: To get a maximum chemistry, the players should play in their natural positions (or at least in similar positions according to our table), the players/ manager tactics should be equal to the team tactics, the players should relate with teammates regarding to nationality, league and club, and the manager should have the same nationality that most of the players. You do not need to meet all these requirements to obtain Chemistry 100. Learn more here.
P: Which tactics and positions exist in FIFA Ultimate Team?
R: There are 16 tactics and 15 positions in FUT. Find out more here.
P: How can I change the position defined in a player card ?
R: To change a player position, you just need to apply the corresponding training card with the current and the desired position. Learn more here.
P: How can I change the tactics defined in a manager card ?
R: To change a manager tactics, you just need to apply the corresponding training card with the desired tactics. This action only makes sense for the manager that  sits on the bench because he is the only one that influences the chemistry of the team. Learn more here.
P: How can I change the tactics defined in a player card ?
R: To change a player tactics, you just need to apply the corresponding training card with the desired tactics.  Learn more here.
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FIFA Ultimate Team FAQ
P: The physical condition of my players is too low. What should I do ?
R: Reduce time playing, let them out during a match and avoid injuries are ways to maintain good physical condition of the players. Another option is to apply fitness cards, which can be applied to all or just to one player. If your club has fitness coaches, the effect of these cards will be maximized. Learn more here.
P: How owning managers can benefit contracts and morale of my players ?
R: A manager card has the percentage of moral and contracts increase that he provides when a team-talk or contract card is applied to a player. Accumulated, this increase can go up to 50%. Learn more here.
P: The morale of my players is too low. What should I do ?
R: Playing often, winning games and having a good stadium are ways to keep morale high. Another option is to apply team-talk cards, which may be to the whole group or individual. Learn more here.
P: My players ran out of contracts and can not play. What should I do ?
R: To be able to return to play,  simply apply them a contract card. The same goes for the coach. Learn more here.
P: How can I save contracts?
R: The first step to spend less contracts and make the same number of matches is to hire managersto increase up to 50% the effect of contracts cards. Avoiding substitutions is also an important measure. Learn more here.
P: I have a player that is injuried and can not play. What should I do ?
R: If you want to speed up the recovery time, you should apply a healing card to the injuried player. If your club has  physiotherapists, the effect of these cards will be maximized. Learn more here.
P: I have a player that can not play because he was suspended. What should I do?
R: One red card or two yellow worth one match suspension. You can not do anything except to put him in the reserves and make him fulfill the suspension.
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FIFA Ultimate Team FAQ
P: What SIF, TIF, NIF, TOTW, TOTY, MOTM, UP, CHM and other abbreviations mean ?
R: To learn the vocabulary used in FUT, please read our glossary.
P: What is DNF% ?
R: DNF% means “Did Not Finish Percentage”. This coefficient penalizes players who do not finish matches.
P: Can I play FIFA Ultimate Team offline?
R: Yes. It is possible to play FUT offline. The server update your registry the next time you get online.
P: Should I play against computer or online?
R: In the beginning it’s a good strategy to play offline. The prizes to online matches are better. Since FIFA 13 Ultimate Team, you can only play Seasons and Tournaments.
P: Which staff exist in FIFA Ultimate Team ?
R: Managers, head coaches, fitness coaches, goalkeeper coaches, and physiotherapists. Know here what they can do for you.
P: If I have a gold squad, the staff, the items and the consumables should also be gold ?
R: No. What matters is the information shown in the cards. Generally, the consumables of a certain level are more advised to cards of that level. But it does not have to so. Learn more here.
P: The attributes of the players change over the game?
R: In general, no.  But, if in real life a player play very well or very badly, EA could launch cards of that player with attributes revised (Up or Down). You can also increase the attributes of a player, just for one match, everytime you apply him a training card. If your club has  head managers, the effect of these cards will be maximized.  The same goes for the goalkeepers. Learn more here.
P: The star ranking / rating of my team also depends on the substitutes?
R: Yes. The rating of your team depends crucially of the eleven players who start the match. Still, it also depends on the players who sit on the bench.
P: I removed a player from my team. That means he was discarded?
R: No. To discard a player, you have to select ‘Quick Sell’. If you removed a player, you can go back and pick him again to your squad.
P: Can I share my squad so that others can see?
R: Yes. Just press ‘Share’ on the squad menu. Likewise, it is also possible to share your squad on facebook or twitter.

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  1. My player from my squad is on the totw but the color of the card doesn’t change to black on my squad? Pls reply 🙂

  2. What does mean when it’s says that your squad does not meet the following entry requirements for this: max player quality: bronze in the squads starting 11 and subs

  3. So if I delete my fut club and started over. Will I still have a shot at a legends pack?

  4. My account I think was hacked all my players were sold and they took my coins too

  5. will it be possible to carry your FUT13 squad over to FUT14 or do you have to start all over again?

  6. is it possible to have two differnt teams in one fut account and I dont mean make it more brother want to have his own fut so he can play season/ cup matches and each one can have his own match records coins,players, managers… etc

    1. FCC is Football Club Credits. It is the coin that you earn by improving your XP (experience).
      Everything you make in FIFA give you FCC (login, playing a match, etc). You can use them on EASFC Catalogue to buy items.

  7. Can I play with a friend at my place that i will play with my UT and he will play against me with a regular club?

  8. Hi, is it possible to play against a friend online using my Ultimate team? If so, how do I go about setting this up? . Would my friend need to play as their ultimate team or could they be a regular club? Thanks

  9. Hi, I have an Brazilian Squad with some decent players and have around 100k left. I’m having a hard time buying better players for my team, I’m not sure if there is room for improvement, maybe some in forms like David Luiz on Centre Mid? I could use some help! (U guys are really useful by the way!) This is my team 4-3-3: Sirigu; Marcelo, Dede, Thiago Silva, Maicon; Lucas Moura, Carlos Eduardo, Ramires; Neymar, Eto’o (or Pato), Hulk.

    1. It seems a very nice team.
      Unfortunately we never tested some of these players.
      We are now writing a brazilian guide, so please wait one or two weeks and we will publish it. It will be very useful to you.

  10. This is exactly the 3rd posting, of your site I actually read.
    Still I enjoy this particular one, “FIFA Ultimate Team Frequently Asked Questions – FUT
    FAQ | FIFA Ultimate Team” the best. Thank you ,Hans

  11. hi I just quick sold gareth bale by mistake but it wasnt my fault my eas fc app on my phone (galaxy s3) was not responding when I was pressing buy it now and I pressed it about three times then it quick sold him without even asking are you sure you want to quick sell this player? I didnt even know he had been purchased it just seemed to skip straight to quick sell? please help. gutted.

  12. Hi,

    I have a question regarding IF cards.

    I had seen many player selling IF cards ( black or blue ) in trading, I’m wondering how they got these player? Understand that IF cards come from packs, but I have open up at least 30 over packs and always got player that is not good, the best player I got is Kagawa from man-u.( and this is special promotion o the pack and using 15000 coin to purchase ).

    Is it that all IF card needs a lot of luck to have to get even 1 black card player??? So to me is that the only way to get all these cards is trade? Then how those player who got messi in blue card got it in packs???

    Or is it that high level player or EA pro player can have chances to have them when opening the pack? If not, which pack shall I purchase to have better chance to get this kind of black or blue messi or other good play? ( the gold pack? )

    Sorry for the long msg.

    Btw, you r great to provide us and answer all player question. You guys are really great!

    1. Starting by the end: thanks!
      It’s a matter of luck. There are people that opened hundreds of packs and never got an IF card. We always said: investing in packs is a very bad investment. Ckek out here the mistake number 2. If you saved that money that you spent on packs, you now would be able to buy th IF card that you want.
      Who get a blue Messi had very luck. It can happen to you but it is VERY difficult. It hasn’t nothing to do with hgl level player or EA pro player. Just luck…
      There only one thing that can be done: to choose the right time to buy packs. We will publish an article about this on February 6th.
      Here is an excerpt from it:
      “Try to make the purchase when Happy Hour is active, because the cost per card is usually lower. Better yet, if you buy in Happy Hours advertised as “2x Chance“. This means that the probability of opening a pack with a IF card is twice higher than usually.
      Another precaution you can take is to buy packs in weeks which TOTW are formed by top players. It is no coincidence that adherence to the packs is higher for weeks with TOTY.
      There are also those who try to increase their chances of success gathering players who bet their coins together and share the respective prizes.”

  13. Dávid Lehota

    I have 2 team in FUT13, and when I want to play with my 2nd team to rest the 1st team and get back their fitness nothing happens… I bought the 2nd team for this purpose.

  14. ok thanks. i also have another question,do u guys have a guide on how to start out fut 13 because i started fut 13 not knowing what to do so i am going to delete my club and start over again

  15. if i sell all my players in fut 13 and i delete my club do i keep my coins?
    and start over again

  16. may I ask if the squad number 2-12 is a known bug in ultimate team? is there anything I can do about it?

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  18. Hi,
    can i play with my ultimate team against my friend who is at my place?

  19. Hello!

    I don’t fully understand the head coaches and goalkeeper coaches. Do they increase your stats like pace and shot all the time or ONLY when you apply a training card that gives like 15 extra pace?

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  21. Nao consigo jogar fifa ut13 pelo computador porque aparece q nao tenho um time no ultimate.o q devo fazer para poder jogar pelo pc?

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