FIFA Ultimate Team to Beginners

 FIFA Ultimate Team is an extension of the FIFA games. A completely new and addictive game mode.

The player takes on the management of a club and the goal is to make it the most competitive and successful. FUT, as it is also commonly known the FIFA Ultimate Team, is not restricted to what is happening on the pitch. The player also takes the skin of coach – choosing the eleven and the squad, of the president and especially of the negotiator in a real global market, which is probably the greatest added value of the game.


Starting Point

FIFA Ultimate Team starts with the choice of the club’s name and with the assignment of a random package consisting of several items. Among them are several players in order to begin to play games but also to fill the bench. [pullright]The most sucessful FIFA Ultimate Team feature is how the exchange market has become so comprehensive, global and real. [/pullright] At the beginning, the player has zero coins (currency for the purchase and sale of items) but with time he will collect some more and may invest them on improving the squad. But it isn’t enough to have a team full of good players. To be successful, those players should be moralized, pleased by the tactic, supported by a competent technical staff, have longer contracts, know each other, be in good physical condition and, if possible, subject to specific training.


How to Earn Coins

Coins are the object of exchange that has value in the market of the FIFA Ultimate Team. In other words, it is with coins that we buy items and it is for coins that we sell. There are basically two main methods of collecting coins:

  • Playing matches;
  • and selling items.

In the first, the more natural, we are rewarded for performing full games, winning them and playing well. In the second, more strategic, the player should try to make gains that empowers his account and equips its club with  better items. There are also other methods to earn coins that are covered in other articles.


Matches and Tournaments

The player can compete with its team in matches against the computer, against a friend or against another team in FIFA Ultimate Team from anywhere in the world.
In addition to matches, that can be online or offline, there are also tournaments. By competing in these, the club continues to be paid depending on the performance. However, the winner of the tournament, which takes place in form of ‘head to head’ from the eighth-finals to the final, there is the appeal of a final prize. These tournaments also take the form offline and online, and both could be permanent or with admission requirements and limited duration. This last mode is the most well-paid.


How to Have Sucess With a Team

Each FIFA Ultimate Team club can have up to 15 teams. Each team is comprised of 23 players. Before the start of each game, 11 must be selected to play, 7 to the bench and 5 to the reserves. Depending on the quality of the substitutes but mainly of the holders, the team is valued between one and five stars on a scale of half star. This rating, which is presented next to the history of wins-ties-losses and the number of tournaments collected, suits not only to measure the quality of a team but also to help select teams of similar level.
In addition to the star rating, the other decisive factor in the performance of the team on the field is its chemistry. In other words, it is not enough to have good players. They need to play well together. Each player has a position and a tactical squeme preferred. It is desirable that the team is as close as possible of such preferences, including the coach. It is also important that players relate to each other with at least one of these featues: same nationality, club or even the same league.
There are two other factors with direct influence on the players performance: their physical condition and their mental state. The first is guaranteed through good management of the squad and the second at the expense of victories. In the case that it is not possible to apply these best practices, there are items corresponding to the physical recovery and motivational lectures that fix these two problems.


How FIFA Ultimate Team Market Works

[pullleft] FIFA Ultimate Team is the future of football simulation games. [/pullleft] The most sucessful FIFA Ultimate Team feature is how the exchange market has become so comprehensive, global and real. It is possible to search for itens that are needed to  make our club more competitive, but also discard itens that no longer interest us. The market works mainly in an auction system of limited time, in which the highest bid wins the item. However, there are other ways of making purchases, such as the direct negotiation (in which we are allowed to trade items) or the payment of a fixed value previously set by the seller. For better management of the items of interest, the player also has available a list of preferences.


Essential Staff in a Club

A club needs more than players. It is also necessary qualified staff that helps them. In particular:

  • Leading coaches, which will be in charge of  the game tactics,  the morale and  the contract management;
  • Assistant coaches and goalkeeper coaches, which will maximize specific attributes of athletes;
  • Physical Trainers, which will help to maintain high physical levels of players;
  • and Physiotherapists, wich will be responsible for speeding up the recovery of injured players.


Consumables and other items

In this game mode, all items take the form of personalised cards with its attributes. In addition to players and staff, there are many other tradable cards with specific functions. In general, we have:

  • Stadiums, that can benefit the team morale;
  • Balls, which are better suited to certain types of game players;
  • Equipments and badges, which assume no influence on the performance of the club;
  • Consumables of training, that improve some or all player attributes in the next game or that change definitively the tactical scheme or positioning;
  • Consumables of development, which prolong the contracts, raise morale, improve the physical condition or help the healing of injured players.


Why is Fifa Ultimate Team so Desirable

FIFA Ultimate Team is the result of a fantastic work of the EA Sports team. They realized that the consumers do not want a stagnant product, not enought innovative. In addition to allowing players to create a customized club, giving them the strategic power also outside the field, they created a system of global trade. But the dynamics of the game did not stop here. They created a dedicated team that is providing constant updates, such as the launch of new special cards according to the performance of the players in the real world. For all this and much more, FIFA Ultimate Team is the future of football simulation games.


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  1. Hi Rodrigo
    How are you?
    Even after 3 days of constant trading, my player just did not sell.
    I needed money(coins) to buy contracts for my squad. So I went for
    quick buy.
    Is that ok? or should I have waited.
    How long should I wait to sell a player or any other item.
    Your advice is appreciated.

    1. Hi.
      If have spent 3 days trying to sell them and it didn’t work, it’s OK to quick sell them.
      Usually I don’t have any card on my transfer list more than 2 days.
      Regards and good luck

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