FIFA Ultimate Team Players’ Cards – Part 1

As you may imagine, the most important cards of the game mode FIFA Ultimate Team are the players.

If your club has that type of cards, that means you can control those players on the pitch.

In this article we show you everything you should know about the FIFA Ultimate Team players’ cards.


FIFA Ultimate Team Players’ Cards

Like most items in this game, the players’cards are split into three major groups, called levels: bronze, silver and gold.

You can hire hundreds of players for your club. Just buy the corresponding cards. There are many cards with the same player but you can only have one of each. That is, your eleven can not be formed exclusively by Messis and Ronaldos. Additionally, the cards of a specific player may differ from each other in various aspects which will be explained below.
The players’cards have a lot of information that you must pay attention to raise your chances of victory.



To know the quality of a player, the attribute that you should pay more attention is what most stands out on the player’s card: its rating. This attribute shows, generally, how a certain player is good, allowing to compare it with the others. However, we advise you to seek out those that best fit your game system without using quality as the only selection criteria.

This attribute is so important that it is responsible for the star rating system of the teams.

Depending on their rating, players may belong to one of the following groups:

  • Bronze, for ratings up to 64;
  • Silver, for ratings between 65 and 74;
  • Gold, for ratings between 75 and 99.


Technical Skills

To the Ultimate Team game mode, the quality of any player is defined, generally, from his six technical attributes:

  • Speed;
  • Shoot;
  • Pass;
  • Dribbling;
  • Defense;
  • And heading.

Each one of these is set numerically on a scale ranging between 1 and 99 (99 correspond to the perfection). Such information are listed in the cards of all players. When you hire and dismiss players, it is very important to consider this information.

Depending on your kind of game, your tactics and the attributes of the others players in the squad, it may be advantageous to bet on stronger players on certain attributes. For example, a team in which the wings are key components of the tactical scheme, players should be faster in those positions and in turn could be weaker in respect to the heading attribute.


FIFA Ultimate Team Players' Cards - Wayne Rooney (view 1)
FIFA Ultimate Team Players' Cards - Wayne Rooney (view 1)



A crucial information when you are creating or arranging your squad is the preferred position of the players. You can choose to place a goalkeeper on striker position but, as you may expect, the performance will be almost zero. You should therefore try to respect the information that the player card contains about its preferred position. Doing the opposite may have negative effects on the chemistry of the team.

Cards of the same player may have different positions. If you have a card whose position does not fit into the tactical scheme of your team, you may have to make one of the following:

  • Trade the card on the market by another identical but with the desired position;
  • Sacrifice a few points of chemistry of the team and keep the player adapted to the new position;
  • or buy and use training cards that modify the position indicated on the player’s card.



The morale of a team directly affects its performance on the field. Therefore it is important to keep your players motivated.

If you are experiencing a moment of good results, this index will be at least close to the desired. However, if some losses in row occurr, your players will feel discouraged and it will be more and more difficult to reverse this trend. In these cases it is recommended to acquire and use cards corresponding to lectures of motivation that have the effect of raising the confidence of players.

The players’morale is also shown numerically on corresponding cards ranging between 1 and 99.


FIFA Ultimate Team Players' Cards - Wayne Rooney (view 2)
FIFA Ultimate Team Players' Cards - Wayne Rooney (view 2)


In the second part of this article, we will continue to analyze the characteristics of FIFA Ultimate Team Players’ Cards.


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