FIFA Ultimate Team Players’ Cards – Part 2

Knowing how to use the information contained on FIFA Ultimate Team Players’ cards is important to ensure the success of your club.

In the first part of this article, we explained what FIFA Ultimate Team Players’ Cards are and we analyzed some of its attributes.

In this second part, we will continue to show you the information contained on the cards.


Physical Condition

Besides the morale, there is another attribute that is even more variable: the physical form of a player. As can be easily understood, it depends of the playing time, of the effort spent on the game, and of the injuries that eventually he might suffer. This information is present on the player’s cards and could be a number that ranges between 1 and 99.

It is important to pay attention to this parameter because a group of good moralised players and with good chemistry will have no use if their physical condition is weak. To fix these situations, you may make them rest in some games, providing a rotation of your squad, or bet on the purchase and use of physical training cards.


FIFA Ultimate Team Players' Cards - Wayne Rooney (view 3)
FIFA Ultimate Team Players' Cards - Wayne Rooney (view 3)


Over the matches, players can suffer injuries that remove them from the following matches. The duration and nature of injury are information provided by the players’ cards. Both are important for you to know how to manage your squad or speed up the recovery of the player.

There are cards that reduce healing time by up to four games. However, knowing the information whether the injury is on the foot, leg, knee, arm, shoulder, head or back, you can buy and use specific cards for these ills and reduce downtime by up to five games.


Tactical Scheme

Players not only have a preference for a position but also for the tactical scheme of the team. The situation is very similar to the position, with negative effects on the chemistry of the team if it contradicts the player’s preferences.

If you have a card whose favorite player’s tactical scheme does not match the tactical scheme of your team, you may have do one of the following:

  • Trade the card on the market by another equal but with the tactical scheme of the team;
  • Sacrifice a few points of chemistry of the team and keep the player adapted to the tactical force;
  • or buy and apply training cards which modify the tactical choice on the player’s card.



Every game that a player plays corresponds to a contract that he spends. The only way to prevent a player from running out of contracts and being unable to play, apart from not using him, is buying contracts. That is why it is recommended that you reserve some coins in order to keep your players available.

These investments are basically the cost that you have to take part in matches. In order to generate profit, the trade balance between the bonus game or tournament and the cost of losing a contract for every player who played must be positive. The number of contracts of a player is also expressed on the player’s card as a number between 0 and 99.



The chemistry of a team is not the direct result of the sum of the parts of each player’s chemistry. However, its weight is overwhelming. Expressed on the card player as a number between 0 and 9, the chemistry of a player is a parameter that evaluates how well he identifies himself with his teammates and the team. It is determined by the tactical scheme and the preferred position, as well as nationality, league or club of teammates who play beside him.



FIFA Ultimate Team Players' Cards - Biographical, Statistics and Item Details
FIFA Ultimate Team Players' Cards - Biographical, Statistics and Item Details


Biographical Details

The players’cards have some biographical information about them that has a merely informative interest. In addition to a photograph of the player’s face, it also includes his name, surname, nickname, nationality, club and country where he plays, date of birth, height and foot preference. These last three details are only available if you are the owner of one of these cards.



On the players’ cards of which you are the owner, you can see some statistics about performance of those players. In particular, you can check how many games he played, how many goals he scored and how many yellow and red cards were shown to him.


Item Details

It is also possible to check three details of a specific card player if you are the owner of that card: the date you purchased the card, the value of this acquisition and the cumulative number of owners.


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